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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 29, 2021
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5 Reasons why Namibia should be on your bucket list – It's not for the faint of heart!

At first glance, Namibia seems a desert landscape with apparently nothing to offer but vast stretches of dry terrain near completely inhospitable but take a deeper look and you'll realise everything this precious land has to offer! Here are 5 reasons why you must not miss out on this adventure!


Its surreal landscape

In the local Nama language, the word 'Namib' appears to refer to a 'vast place of emptiness' – and from everything we saw, there is no saying the name does not fit! This coastal desert is believed to have been in existence for over 55 million years and is said to comprise over 80, 000 km2 of terrain sweeping across South Africa, Namibia, and Angola. The Sossusvlei of Southern Namibia is wildly famous for its opulent red dunes piling up 400 meters high occasionally. Another one of Namibia's most outstanding landmarks is the salt and clay pan and attracts many hundreds of visitors every year who mostly make it a point to hike up the famous dune at the crack of dawn to witness some spectacular sunrises. Other remarkable landscapes that you can observe are the Namib-Naukluft National Park and the Sesriem Canyon, among many others.


Undisturbed location for soul-stirring stargazing

Being one of the least populated countries in all of the world (only 2.6 people/km2), their levels of light pollution are virtually non-existent. Meaning that it has some of the darkest night skies to be found anywhere on earth and therefore makes for a perfect location for astrophotography. Even without an actual high-powered telescope, stargazers are wildly amused to be treated to a skylight up with its thousand jewelled stars spread wide across the open skies for miles as far as the eyes can see! It is said that the Namib Desert is one of the very few places on earth whereas many constellations can be viewed with the naked eye! In addition to the Milky Way, there is also the chance that viewers may catch a glance of Southern Cross, Jewel Box, Omega Centauri, Tarantula Nebula, or perhaps even Eta Carinae spread across the star-decked Namibian skies one night or the other!


Its priceless Culture

Although the rugged lands of Namibia make for some of the toughest living conditions on earth, it is worth noting that several indigenous tribes have survived here for centuries no questions asked. As some of the only remaining descendants of the hunter-gatherer societies of the world, the Himbas, Hereros, and Sans fiercely safeguard their homeland, their culture, and their rituals. Each of the tribes has its own unique specialities and interacting with them certainly proves to be an exemplary way to gain better insights into their undisturbed way of life amidst the surge of cosmopolitan influence whirling about the world at present.


The incredible wildlife

Despite being less popular than East and South Africa for its wildlife and as a safari destination, the Etosha National Park offers its viewers a unique game viewing experience. This 22,000+ km2 park is home to the largest population of rhinos to be found within this close proximity in all of the world. Furthermore, it also houses large herds of elephants, zebra, and giraffe on top of another 100 species of mammals and 400+ species of a different bird. The hostile environment has certainly brought about a variety of evolutionary changes to make life sustainable, both physically and behaviourally. Given the lack of trees and other civilisation, the chances of spotting different creatures are much greater than they would otherwise have been. Not to be missed out on – the evening gather of all the creatures down at the watering holes!


It is paradise!

Between its thrilling cultures, incredible night-skies, and astounding wildlife, everything about Namibia is unique and is the best experience to be had as a family. With numerous Windhoek hotel offers running at non-peak periods around the year, hotels such as Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino have some truly irresistible deals which surely are going to be the final nudge you need to get your tickets booking!