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5 Traditional Handicraft Villages in Hoi An Old Town – Treasure of Vietnam

Hoi An Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage Site and an ancient port city where much of its past artefacts are well-preserved. So, is the ancient way of life and skills passed down over generations. As such, you will love exploring these traditional handicraft villages of Hoi An.


The 400-Year-Old Phuoc Kieu Bronze Casting Village

Established over 400 years ago, this is one of Hoi An's oldest craft villages. This traditional craft village was initiated by the followers of Nguyen Hoang, who was known as a feudal lord. Thus, the village was developed to turn out weapons that were used during royal ceremonies and to make government seals. The village blacksmiths still keep the forges lit and visitors explore the place to look at the bronze gongs, ceremonial gear, and other artefacts. The bronze products are sold by streetside vendors and you too can take back a memento – after bargaining for a good price, of course! You can even try your hand at creating bronze work, although the process requires a high level of talent and experience.


Visit the Carpentry Village of Kim Bong

You need to travel across the mighty Thu Bon River to get to the Kim Bong Carpentry Village. Located just 10 minutes from places like Anantara Hoi An Resort, this place lets you experience the beauty of the river and its surroundings. Plus, some of the best hotels in Hoi An are located facing the river. This traditional craft village has been providing the nation with superior quality wooden products for over 600 years. Their products extend to royal tombs as well as parts of the huge multi-storey buildings in Saigon and Hanoi. The traditional style of craftsmanship practised at Kim Bong Carpentry Village is thought to be an amalgamation of traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Cham Kingdom workmanship. You can shop for the intricate wooden items carved by the skilled artisans of this village at stalls along Main Street.


The Lantern Village of Xa Duong is a Colourful Treat

The most highlighted aspect of Hoi An Old City is the hundreds of colourful lanterns seen dazzling outside shops and homes when evening comes. The beautiful paper lanterns are made at Xa Duong Village and the place is thought of as the nation's ancestor for lantern making. Existing for over 400 years, the artisans of lantern village have perfected their craft and even introduced new designs to keep up with changing times. These lanterns make for perfect souvenirs to take back for family and friends. You can shop the variety at Xa Duong Lantern Village.


The Fascinating Pottery Village of Thanh Ha

Located about 2 kilometres from the Hoi An Old Town area, this village is less visited but well worth the short bus ride from your Hoi An hotel to get there. Visit the place to see how the local artisans turn out items of beauty, according to traditional methods and skills passed down over the generations.


The Herb Village – Tra Que

The name Tra Que translates to Cinnamon Tea. And this village is over 300 years old, having been set up at a time fishing was the people of Hoi An's way of life. The herbs grown here are said to be the freshest and of the best quality in all of Vietnam. The secret lies in the seaweed manure made from seaweed taken out of the Tra Que lagoon. A village of over 200 families, this place is certainly pleasing to the senses to explore.