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Top 5 Must-Try Food in Mui Ne – Exotic Flavours of Vietnam

Mui Ne is a scenic coastal city in Vietnam. It is the perfect place to enjoy a laidback holiday, some rest and relaxation, and good food. Just like the coastal allures of Mui Ne, from kite surfing to swimming, the area is noted for its cuisine. And here is a list of must-try food in Mui Ne!


Banh Canh – The Famous Thick Noodle Soup of Vietnam

'Thick noodle soup' is famous across Vietnam. And as the name suggests, the dish is just that! A wholesome soup made with thick rice noodles. The broth is made by slow boiling minced pork and pig bones for an extended time. Once done, the broth is flavoured and added to the noodles. You eat it with steamed or fried fish cakes and a slice of bread, which is used to soak up the sweet and savoury soup. The best of Mui Ne restaurants serves this popular dish, which you can even order at luxury resorts. Some like Anantara Mui Ne Resort offer specialised local restaurants for guests to savour area specialities.


Lau Tha – The Comforting 'Hot Pot' Special

Boasting the freshest and tastiest seafood in the area, Mui Ne is famous for its hot seafood pot drop or Lau Tha. The main feature of this dish lies in its presentation and how each ingredient is highlighted. They consist of scrambled eggs, vermicelli, fried rice paper, boiled herring, and vegetables, which are arranged on the red petals of a banana flower. Pork bones are the base of the broth and it's enhanced with fried peanuts and spicy chilli along with a good dollop of fish sauce.


Cactus Cake – Not Prickly but Delicious

Banh Quai Vac, otherwise called cactus cake, is a popular street dish in Vietnam. Despite its name, the finger food does not represent its prickly nemesis. Instead, it's a mix of pork and shrimp, flavoured with fish sauce, sugar, and salt, which is wrapped in wheat-flour dough sheets. It becomes see-through (showing the delicious mix inside) when boiled. You eat the tasty bites by dipping them in a sauce made with lemon juice, fish sauce, shallots, garlic, and sugar. This street food is sold by just about every street food vendor in Mui Ne. It is a must-try food when you leave your Mui Ne resort for a day's exploration.


How About Trying Some Grilled Teeth of a Squid!

Grilled squid teeth is a dish worth trying because the delicious flavours will certainly have you hooked. However, if you go looking for 'teeth' on the squid, you won't find any, since the name is for the round tip of the squid head, which is put on skewers and grilled to a golden brown until it gives out a mouth-watering aroma. This is a popular street dish and the perfect bite (pun intended) to enjoy with a glass of cold local beer.


Goi Ca Mai or Fish Salad

Mai fish salad is a signature dish in the coastal town of Mui Ne where seafood dishes are a staple. Mai in Vietnamese refers to something thin or slender. Likewise, the fish used in this dish is slender with lovely silvery skin. The fish is stripped of its spinal bone and put in iced water, after which it's garnished with lemon juice, garlic, peanuts, basil, and carrots. You eat the salad dipped in a delicious fish sauce or peanut sauce.