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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 28, 2021
Headline for 4 Best Travel Tips when visiting Quy Nhon – The ‘martial-arts land!
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4 Best Travel Tips when visiting Quy Nhon – The ‘martial-arts land!

Quy Nhon- lesser well known as the 'martial-arts land, is a true delight of a city to visit if at all you come down to Vietnam. Seeing as many popular martial arts of the country originated here, it was respectfully named as such. Here are 5 tips for you if you plan to visit Quy Nhon any time soon.


Best time to visit Quy Nhon

To make the most of your visit to Quy Nhon, we would recommend that you plan for anywhere between January and March. During this time, temperatures reach the higher twenties with a very little chance for any rain. You may want to make all your reservations well ahead of time, however, as prices can sky-rocket for this duration. The later in the year that you wait for, the hotter it gets! However, of course, if you are not too worried about the heat, the summer months make for a great visit to seeing as the crowd drops considerably! Between September and December, the chances of your perfectly planned out days getting paraded upon is much greater than throughout the rest of the year combined seeing as heavy downpours are expected around this time of year. That being said, you may catch an occasional day or two without a damper (pun intended), however, our advice is, bring in the cavalry!


Transportation – getting to Quy Nhon

There are three main ways to get into Quy Nhon – by air, by train, or by bus. Qui Nhon is serviced by Phu Cat airport located northwest of the city. Vietnam Airlines operates a shuttle bus to and from the city and airport with a shuttle departing every 2.5 hours before an incoming or outgoing flight into/ out of Quy Nhon. Qui Nhon also does have a train station but it's at the end of a spur that connects to the mainline over 15km North of Quy Nhon at Dieu Tri. Since there is only one train direct from Quy Nhon to Saigon, you are going to want to really pay attention to the timing and arrive well in advance to catch the train the easy way! Quy Nhon's bus station has multiple buses in and outbound to and from major cities of Vietnam on a regular basis. Depending on the level of comfort you are looking for, there are options to choose from, but the frequency of availability might hinder your plans. As for getting around once you have arrived, most beach resorts in Vietnam the likes of Avani Quy Nhon Resort would gladly help you out!


Accommodation – Staying in Quy Nhon

If there is one thing Quy Nhon is famous for more than its beaches, it is quite possible for its show-stopping selection of accommodation spots to choose from on your travels. From budget back-packing lodges to mid-class luxury accommodation to over-the-top accommodation, Quy Nhon has a maddening lot of spots to choose from without ever having to dent your bank!


Attractions in Quy Nhon

Your choice of attractions to visit when in Quy Nhon really completely depends on the objective of your visit. For instance, if you are looking for some fun times with your best buds, the Ky Co Beach is one of the best recommendations we could possibly make- it's basically a day (or a couple of days) of fun all jam-packed into one waiting to happen! Perhaps, you would prefer that to a hike to the Eo Gio Beach. On the other hand, if your objective is to revel in some art, history, and culture, there is a whole other set of places you could choose to visit, for instance, the Thi Nai Stronghold and Undersea Wall, the Banh It Tower, Long Khanh Pagoda, etc.