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Updated by Stephanie Harper on Mar 27, 2021
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10 Coolest Marvel Fighting Teams

Some of Marvel's best and fiercest squads.


Stephanie Harper

Stephanie Harper

People who love reading comic books and watching superhero movies know quite a bit of what there is to know about Marvel superhero teams. Some teams are stronger than others! Some Marvel teams are made up of villains while others are made up of heroes who want to fight for peace and justice. Marvel fighting squads work together to achieve a common goal, regardless of what that goal is.

What all of these Marvel superhero teams have in common is the fact that they consist of individuals who have interesting and diverse superpowers. In some cases, these superhero teams consist of members who wear costumes with symbols that allow fans to easily recognize who they are. Here are Marvel's superhero teams ranked by strength and power.


The four natural elements in existence on earth are air, earth, water, and fire. Thinking of these elements reminds most people of Avatar: The Last Airbender which includes the characters of Aang, Katara, and Sokka. The Elementals is a fictional fighting squad from the MCU created by Tony Isabella and Val Mayerik. The first time readers ever saw The Elements was in a comic book called "Supernatural Thrillers #8" which was published in August of 1974. The members of the squad include Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum, and Zephyr.


Starforce is a Marvel fighting squad that is pretty robust. The leader of Starforce goes by the name of Yon-Rogg and the notable members of the team are Yon-Rogg, Att-Lass, and Bron-Char. This team is filled up of villains which means they are not a group of individuals comic book readers are rooting for. The first time comic book readers saw them was in "Avengers #346" which was released in 1992. It was part of the "Operation: Galactic Storm" storyline.


Between November 21, 2017, and December 13, 2019, Runaways premiered on Hulu for three seasons. The Runaways exist because a group of teens figured out that their parents were actually evil. They realized that they needed to step up for justice by making sure their evil parents didn't take over. The leaders of the group? Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru. Other notable members include Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, Gert Yorkes, and Molly Hernandez. The way these teens step up to take their parents down is commendable.


The Defenders are a Marvel fighting squad that includes Matt Murdock who is also known as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand who is also known as Iron Fist. The show that starred actors Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, and Finn Jones only lasted for one season in 2017. Each of these heroes is a worthwhile member of the group and they all have each other's back when it comes to fighting back against enemies and bad guys. When Defenders the TV show was canceled, fans were disappointed.

Agents Of The SHIELD

Agents Of The SHIELD as a TV show stars actors Elizabeth Henstridge, Clark Gregg, and Chloe Bennet. It also stars actors Henry Simmons, Iain De Caestecker, and Ming-Na Wen. The TV show ran for 7 seasons between September 24, 2013, and August 12, 2020. Plenty of superhero shows don't get the chance to run for so many seasons but this one did. This superhero squad is a great one to consider from Marvel which is why they have landed in 5th place.

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is a super squad from Marvel that consists of Susan Storm who is also known as invisible Woman, Reed Richards who is also known as Mister Fantastic, Jonathan Storm who is also known as Human Torch, and Benjamin Grimm who is also known as The Thing. Back in 2005, Jessica Alba stole the show as Invisible Woman but Marvel remade the movie in 2015, ten years later. The remake did not do too well but people still reflect on the films from the early 2000s when they think of this particular hero squad.


It is easy to understand why a superhero squad from Marvel like The X-Men would land in third place. The members of X-Men are all so vastly different yet also wildly powerful. Members of the squad have so many different powers ranging from the ability to control the weather like Storm to the ability to grow clause from their knuckles like Wolverine. There have been so many X-Men movies starting back in the year 2000. Most recently, Dark Phoenix was released in 2019 starring Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is one highly impressive Marvel superhero fighting squad. Star-lord is the leader of the group but the squad also includes members like Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Mantis, and Groot. One of the coolest things about the Guardians of the Galaxy is the fact that they spend so much time in outer space. Fighting for justice is their ultimate goal and even though they have a lot of comical moments, they are serious when it comes to taking down their evilest enemies.

The Avengers

The Avengers is easily Marvel's strongest and most powerful fighting squad. From superheroes like Iron Man to the Hulk, it is really hard for any villains to stand up against this team. They also have Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Wanda Maximoff. When people think of The Avengers, they commonly think of Iron Man but he does not have to stand alone. He is part of The Avengers group and they have an uncanny way of having each other‘s back when it comes to battling against villains like Thanos and Loki.