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Mental Health

This is a list of articles connected to mental health, therapy, health, fitness, invisible disabilities, dyslexia, psychological theory, and other related content. To stay tuned for some really great content


Unwanted Life | Mental Health Blog

Unwanted Life is an invisible disability blog that discusses mental health, physical health, and dyslexia to reduce stigma and promote wellbeing

What You Need To Know About The Menopause And Mental Health

Around 50% of the population will experience the menopause and its effects on mental wellbeing, but not many people are aware of this

ARFID: A New Eating Disorder You Need To Be Aware Of | Unwanted Life

ARFID is a lesser-known and relatively new eating disorder that takes picky eating and turbocharges it, it's also common among those with ASD

Do I Have BDD? Making Enemies Out Of Mirrors | Unwanted Life

BDD is a surprisingly common concern, especially in a world where you're pressured to look a certain way, to be Instagram beautiful

A Lack Of Grief: Is There Something Wrong With Me? | Unwanted Life

Unfortunately, we'll all experience grief at some point during our lives, but do we need to feel bad for the way we grieve?

Snapping Rubber Bands: The Ills Of Old TV Tropes | Unwanted Life

Snapping rubber bands was a fair common thing I saw on TV and in movies as I was growing up, but is it actually good for your mental health?

Hearing Voices: Invasion Of A Foreign Voice | Unwanted Life

This article will discuss how we can end up hearing voices because although it might not seem like it, hearing voices is surprisingly common

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How To Enjoy Dating With Disabilities | Unwanted Life

Online dating has made dating more accessible to those with disabilities, so how can you make sure you enjoy your romantic day/night out?


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How Anime Brings Mental Health Into The Mainstream | Unwanted Life

Anime is a form of entertainment that doesn't shy away from tackling the taboo, with mental health being a common feature for anime characters

Zoom Meeting Anxiety And How To Effectively Overcome It

Covid19 has made avoiding Zoom meeting anxiety impossible, but luckily for you, this article contains the best tip on how to overcome it

12 Self-Harm Substitutes Inspired By The Harm Minimisation Theory

Self-harm is often a subject people try to avoid talking about, especially in the context of harm minimisation. This article will change that

The Link Between Nature And Better Mental Health | Unwanted Life

More and more studies are showing us the importance of embracing nature for our mental health, so what can we do to tap into that?

EDS And HSD: Why Awareness Is Important | Unwanted Life

It's Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder (HSD) Awareness Month so this article will shed light on the conditions

How To Avoid Fitness Boredom With 'The Dice Man'

This article outlines how you can adapt The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart for your exercise routine to avoid fitness boredom

Weaponizing Mindfulness: Wellbeing In The Workplace

There are genuine organisations that use wellbeing ideas for the betterment of workers, then there are ones weaponizing mindfulness

Are Hobbies Important And How Can They Make You Happy?

Today's work/life balance is heavily skewed towards work, but if you want to bring joy into your life then you need to find time for hobbies

Feeling Unwanted And How To Overcome That Emotional State

It's awful to experience that feeling of feeling unwanted and the negative thoughts that come with it, so what can be done to overcome it?

The Heart Breaking History Of LGBTIQ+ And Mental Health

How the dark history of LGBTIQ+ discrimination is still with us today and what effects that can have on their mental wellbeing

What Is The Strange World Of Smiling Depression? | Unwanted Life

Smiling depression might be one of the worlds most dangerous forms of depression with people hiding behind a smile instead of getting help

Music And The Amazing Mental Health Benefits Of Songs

Music has a wonderful ability to tap into our souls and affect the way we feel on a fundamental level, so how can it help with mental health?

Fall In Love With A Yoga App Today | Unwanted Life

Want an easy way to add some yoga exercises into your day? Then check out this yoga app review of Yoga for Weight Loss-Yoga Daily Workout

Dichotomous Thinking And BPD: What You Need To Know | Unwanted Life

Dichotomous thinking is a thinking error we're all prone to, but for those of us with BPD, this type of thinking error can be very dangerous

Loneliness: coping with the gap where friends used to be | Loneliness | The Guardian

Friendships can be difficult, and lockdowns have made them even harder to maintain. But we should cherish them

4 Ways to Recover from Disappointment | Psychology Today

Disappointments don’t have to stop you. They can even make you better.

Staying Healthy With Shift Work - Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Managing a mental condition can be challenging for anyone, but working a shift outside the typical 9-5 Monday-Friday can make it even more difficult.