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5 Ways Dental Crowns Can Improve Your Smile

A beautiful smile is an essential aspect of your appearance that can also boost your self-confidence.


5 Ways Dental Crowns Can Improve Your Smile

5 Ways Dental Crowns Can Improve Your Smile

A beautiful smile is an essential aspect of your appearance that can also boost your self-confidence. Various dental treatments can help reshape and recover your smile. However, dental crowns are considered to be among the most effective restorative dentistry treatments. Dental crowns are caps that are fitted on top of your damaged teeth. They’re used to restore the shape of your teeth and fix damage caused by wear and tear, tooth decay, or dental injury. Dental crowns can be produced from different types of material including porcelain, zirconia, composite resin, and metal. Hence, you can always choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Continue reading to discover the five amazing ways dental crowns can improve your smile.

1. Repair chipped teeth

A chipped tooth is one of the most common dental injuries that typically occurs due to improper dental hygiene, poor snack food choices, and trauma. This problem can seriously affect the aesthetic appearance of your smile. A severely chipped tooth can leave the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues inside your tooth susceptible to further damage and infection. A dental crown is a great option to protect the remaining part of your tooth, prevent sensitivity, and restore its function. Firstly, a dental specialist will take an impression of the affected tooth to design the permanent crown without waiting too long. This process typically takes from about one to two hours. After designing a crown, the dentist will fill the damaged tooth with it.

2. Get straight teeth without braces

Do you have teeth that are crowded or crooked? If so, you’ve most likely considered getting braces to straighten your teeth. However, dental crowns are a less costly and time-consuming alternative to unsightly metal braces. If it’s only one or a couple of your teeth that are uneven, dental crowns can help you achieve the appearance of a perfect alignment. Why wearing unsightly and discomforting metal braces for months if you can improve the appearance of your teeth with just brief appointments with a dental specialist?

3. Replace a missing tooth

A gap in your smile can cause discomfort while eating or speaking and even lower your self-esteem. If your missing tooth still has healthy roots, it can be successfully restored with a dental crown. Replacing your missing tooth with a crown is much more affordable than opting for invasive treatment like dental implants. Crown restorations can be permanently attached to the roots of your missing tooth, helping restore its proper function and enhance the appearance of your smile.

4. Protect your tooth after a root canal

A root canal is a treatment aimed at eliminating the infection in the pulp of your tooth. It involves drilling the infected tooth and removing its soft center. After this procedure, most people are left with a fragile, sensitive, discolored, and vulnerable tooth. Installing a dental crown after a root canal is a great way to protect your tooth from further damage and recover its proper function and appearance. If you constantly clench and gnash your teeth while sleeping, installing a dental crown after a root canal is even more necessary. The immense pressure clenching and gnashing puts on your freshly operated tooth can lead to irreversible damage if not prevented with a dental crown.

5. Cover up severely stained teeth

If your teeth are severely discolored due to infection or side effects from certain medications, they probably are impossible to be treated with teeth whitening. In that case, dental crowns can hide deep stains on your teeth, helping you achieve the smile you’ve always desired.