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Headline for Top 10 Articles in Week 24 2013
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Top 10 Articles in Week 24 2013

Another weekly reading list of the best articles I found cruising the world wide web this week.
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Bundlepost 2.0 Launches Today - Get Enough Social Media Cars on The Road

Remember that post I did in March called " Quality Content + Conversations + Relationships = ROI" about the interview with Robert Caruso? He said "Social Media is like a Freeway - You have to have enough cars on the road every day.

Infographic: Is social media the biggest distraction in the workplace?

The other day I had an interesting Twitter conversation with a fellow who thought it was ironic that I sent out a tweet about time management, because social media was a "time waster."

Why You Need A Bio In Your Personal Branding Toolbox

The more you invest in developing your personal brand, the more you need to create a professional bio. Since a bio describes you and your experience in a casual way, it's a useful and flexible element to add to your personal branding portfolio. Why a bio is useful Let's say you've got a speaking engagement.

Social Media ROI: Two Truths And A Lie

Remember the icebreaker game Two Truths and a Lie? It's where you give three facts about yourself, only one of them is false. The other players have to go around the circle and guess which statement isn't true. It's fun finding out little tidbits of information about people - especially when something shocking shows up!

STUDY: The State of Social Marketing - Vision, purpose and value drive a new era of digital engagement

In an era when media is largely created and broadcast by the few to the many, social media emerged to facilitate the co-creation of media in addition to creating it. While difficult to trace its origins, the philosophy of social media dates back to the mid-1990s.

Social Media Pet Peeves

Social Done Right

Infographic: The definitive photo size guide for all social networks

This infographic is as self-explanatory as it is awesome. Definitely share this one with your fellow social media enthusiasts (at least the ones you like).

Own your content!

Submitted by Mike Allton on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 4:00pm I often consider sharing a post or some thoughts on social media, particularly Google+, where I know I will get some instant feedback and discussion. If it's on a personal interest topic like Game of Thrones, I will run with it.

How to Create Free Content That Offers Value Part 1

We all know that offering free content is a fabulous way to generate interest in your business, establish yourself as an authority, and create trust with your prospects. Let's get real for a minute. According to, over 2.5 million blog posts are being published each day.

Anti-comment spam alternatives to Akismet

Last week our agency launched a shiny new custom site for an academic think tank. I showed my mom the new site. "It's so nice Miriam!" said my ever-objective Mom. She dutifully scrolled up and down the home page and clicked through to some articles. And started reading.