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Updated by Rebecca Carlisle on Jun 16, 2013
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21st Century Learners

Here is a list of the top ten most helpful videos about 21st Century education.

Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation

In an ever changing world, how do you engage students of the 21st century? By helping the students gain the skills and tools to become the creator of the content through the latest technology and this education system does that.

21st Century Skills: What Do We Do?

What do we do with an outdated education system that is producing a work force that is irrelevant? We have to change the way we approach education to reach and well-prepare this 21st century generation through teaching them literacy through technology and helping them develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Teaching the 21st Century Learner

This video helps teachers become more aware of the type of student they're trying to teach with outdated methods. It encourages teachers to recognize who they teach and become aware of what methods they need to begin to use.

Pay Attention - Final Final Cut

This video helps educators recall what it's like to be a student and encourage them to use that memory to help them better engage their 21st century students in the classroom.

21st Century Learning Matters

The move to 21st Century teaching and learning is clearly supported and encouraged by our Library of Congress and leaders as their website provides materials and tools to assist educators in the effort to effectively teach 21st century students, also known as "Digital Natives". This video looks at a school system in Colorado that is implementing 21st Century teaching and learning well.

Engage Me!

From the mouths of the 21st century kids themselves... these students are helping teachers understand who they are and where they are coming from to help teachers have the knowledge of how to better engage them in the 21st century classroom.

Did You Know?

This video is very well done and offers very interesting facts about the state of our education system in comparison to the rest of the world. These facts should motivate the educators of today to help make tomorrow better.

21st Century Literacy

This video is addressing the issue of the changing concept of literacy. 21st century education has to prepare students to be literate in a global context as they prepare to become part of a workforce that is internationally conncected through traditional ways of communication as well as 21st century forms of communication such as through social media and text messaging. Students have to be given the tools and skills to properly communicate in this new world.

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

This video helps teachers, again, understand who they are teaching today and with this realization, create an environment in their classroom that enables them to gain the skills and tools needed to become a vital part of an international workforce.

A Vision of Students Today

This is a well-thought out video about the students of the 21st century to help teachers of the 21st century. It presents many facts but not a lot of practical tools. Regardless, the information presented is important for all teachers to have a knowledge of when creating lessons to engage and well-prepare these students.