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Updated by Yorinda Wanner on Jun 15, 2013
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TED videos

Manal al-Sharif: A Saudi woman who dared to drive | Video on

There's no actual law against women driving in Saudi Arabia. But it's forbidden. Two years ago, Manal al-Sharif decided to encourage women to drive by doing so -- and filming herself for YouTube. Hear her story of what happened next.

Some highlights of day 2 at TEDGlobal 2013: Think Again

The second day of mainstage talks at TEDGlobal 2013 offered four densely packed sessions full of the possibility for natural, geopolitical, social and artistic change, both improvised and well-considered -- and more than one magic moment. Here are just a few of the best. Brain soup.

The neuroscience of sleep: Russell Foster at TEDGlobal 2013

Neuroscientist Russell Foster opens a session of TEDGlobal all about ... us, asking the question: Why do we sleep? Thirty-six percent of our lives are spent asleep, which means, if you live to 90, you'll have slept for 32 years. But we don't appreciate sleep enough, says Foster.

The world of tiny things | TED Playlists | TED

Zoom in -- way, way in -- to look at the world from speck's-eye view. Learn about very tiny insects, the world at the nanoscale, and sculptures so small it's best to hold your breath while viewing.

Turn arithmetic into mathemagic: Arthur Benjamin at TEDGlobal 2013

Live from TEDGlobal 2013 Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin says that there are three reasons we learn math: calculation, application and inspiration. Yes, inspiration. Arthur Benjamin does "Mathemagic"Math is the science of patterns, and learning it teaches us not just logic but creative thinking, says Benjamin.