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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Things to Do in This Vietnamese Capital During Winter - A tropical winter wonderland!

Hanoi is home to serene countrysides that features traditional villages, grassy mountains and lush parks!! It does not matter what season it is; Hanoi is a city in Vietnam that is vibrant right throughout the calendar. Here are some attractions you cannot miss out on when in Hanoi in winter!


Annual Flower Festival

During the last week of December, there is a dazzling festival you can be a part of. This is the Annual Flower festival that you cannot miss on! Hoan Keim becomes decorated with vibrantly coloured flowers. This arrangement is perfected by keeping a cultural theme in mind. This is a major tourist hot spot that is inundated with tourists coming in crowds to admire the beauty! To get around the tourist attractions and activities easily, it is recommended that you look for Hanoi Serviced Apartments in the Old Quarter. For instance, properties like Somerset Grand Hanoi is centrally located giving you easy access to most tourist attractions and activities.


The Halong Bay

This is the heart of Hanoi which deserves your time and a place in your itinerary. It was very popular among water sports enthusiasts and was a renowned kayaking spot. However, the local government has banned this activity due to the environmental damage that ensued due to travels and tours. You will be able to enjoy the picturesque natural sceneries during the winter season. It cannot get better than this in Vietnam!


Cruise Ride

Do you love cruises? Will you like to join one when in Hanoi? Well, it will take you only around $450 to enjoy an epic cruise! You will be a part of a 3 days and two nights cruise. And guess where it is? In Halong Bay! This promises you a scenic tour that is going to be etched in your minds forever. Apart from that, you will be experiencing all the luxury and amenities these types of cruises offer too. You can unwind, relax and enjoy a whole other side of Hanoi and its waters!


Hanoi Cathedral

Christians make up only 7 per cent of the Vietnamese population. However, the churches in Hanoi are celebrated with respect and enthusiasm. This is why it deserves a place on this list! A number of tourists and locals gather here at St Joseph's Cathedral to marvel at its artistic beauty. You can witness extravagant exteriors and interiors where it's bathed in historic ancient architecture which dates back centuries. A sight you do not want to miss out on when in Hanoi!


Pho and Hot Egg Coffee

It is customary to catch a cold and a runny nose during the winter seasons when in Hanoi. And locals enjoy this bowl of noodles and coffee to keep them comfy and warm. So, where do you obtain this local speciality? You can check out the streets to get yourself mouth-watering local Pho noodles. You will be able to easily share tables outside little vendors with other tourists. And to pair it up with the noodles order a cup of hot egg coffee. As it is manually whisked, it is even more delicious.