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Standard Thesis Format Guide for Master’s Degree


Aria Carina

Aria Carina

Are you intimidated by the thought that you have to write an Essay Writing Service? Well, writing a thesis is a cumbersome task for many students but it won’t look too hectic if you knew where to start and what to write in the thesis. If you have some writing skills, it might not be a problem at all for you. Regardless, every graduating student has to write a thesis for their master's degree. Students put in a lot of hard work in writing a thesis but many of these students fail to format their paper according to the standard guidelines.

If you think nobody will judge your thesis by its appearance, you are a fool. I agree that the arguments you presented in your thesis and its content are the most important thing about your research paper. However, people will only read it if your thesis looks professional. To attract the readers, you will have to format your thesis according to the standard guidelines. Moreover, your supervisor and members of the research committee will reject your paper without even reading it if it is not professionally formatted.

The thesis format is even more important than the content of your thesis. The faults in the content of your thesis may escape the eye of the supervisor but faults in the thesis format would be identified immediately. If you do not know how to format your thesis, here is a standard thesis format guide. You can follow the following steps to format your thesis:

Title page

It should be formatted according to the respective style that you are following. However, generally, a title page contains the thesis topic at the top of the title Essay Writer. It is followed by the name of the author (student, who has written the thesis). It is not a compulsory part of the research paper, but students should add it if asked by the supervisor. You can also add the name of the university or your department. You might want to check the guidelines of your department for the cover page. You might have to add the name of the supervisor and your student id, and course code, etc.

Abstract with a thesis committee

After the cover page, you have to provide a brief overview of the thesis on the abstract page. Moreover, you have to provide the names of all members of the thesis committee. With names, you also have to mention the degrees of the committee members. The abstract must be very clear and concise.
Copyright page**

On this page, students are to provide their official names, which are recorded with the registrar’s office. It is followed by the year of publication or graduation and the universal symbol of copyright or simply the word “copyright.”

Academic history

On this page, you have to provide information about all the degrees that you may have amassed. You do not only have to provide information about the current degree but also about other degrees that you may have earned in the past. Moreover, you have to inform about your academic connections and occupations.

Dedication and Acknowledgements

Not compulsory but one can add a dedication page and an acknowledgment page in the thesis. Both are added separately and numbered in lower-case Roman numerals.

Table of content

If your thesis is lengthy, you should provide a table of content. You should write all the main heading along with their page numbers, to help the readers in navigation through the thesis.

List of tables and figures

If you have added any tables or figures in your Write my essay, you should separately enlist them on the list of tables and list of figures page, respectively.

Body of the manuscript

Here your thesis properly starts. You have to provide the main text of your thesis. You should number the starting or introduction page with an Arabic numeral (1). In addition to the main text, illustrations, bibliography, and appendices are included in this portion.


All of the figures, graphs, tables, or any such material used in the thesis must be numbered and should also have a page number. One should also ensure that these are conforming to the margin specifications of your thesis.


This comes after the final chapter of your thesis. You have to enlist all sources, which you may have used in your thesis, in this section. If it is longer than two pages, you must divide the sources into various sections, either according to their types, or time.


Not compulsory, however, it appears at the end of the thesis. The table of contents needs to include this section.