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5 Hangzhou Foods - A gastronomer's destination!

The Hangzhou cuisine in China features light, tender as well as fresh food. The most popular dishes here include the Westlake fish served with sweet-and-sour sauce, Dongpo pork and shelled shrimp cooked with Longjing Tea. Here are some of the famous Hangzhou cuisine you must not miss out on!


The West Lake Fish

This Westlake fish served with sweet-and-sour sauces is one of the most popular food in Hangzhou. This fish is obtained from the Westlake and is very tender and fresh making it extremely delicious. The sweet-and-sour sauce is that a poured over the steamed fish makes it all the more appetising! If you would like to try authentic dishes like this when in Hangzhou, you can check out Hangzhou apartments near the metro from where you can head to the popular restaurants easily. For instance, you can check out properties like Somerset IOC Hangzhou to book accommodation.


The Dongpo pork

This is another popular dish among the locals and tourists alike. This dish is, in fact, named after a well-known poet in the country known as Su Dongpo. This is how this dish got its name. The dish is cooked while braising finely skinned and thin slices of bacon with wine. It is then sealed in a pot and cooked for hours. The dish is deemed to be ready when the bacon becomes red and moist. It has a sweet smell that resembles the fragrance of rice wine.


Fried shrimps served with Longjing Tea

Fried shrimp served with the famous Longjing tea is a popular traditional food in the city. Fresh river shrimps are fried by adding Longjing Tea, rice wine and tea leaves. This brings a sweet fresh fragrance which in itself makes your mouth water. The combination of Longjing tea leaves and fresh shrimps looks absolutely exotic when the dish is presented! The dish is both light and fragrant.


Sister Song's Fish Broth

This dish was created during the Song Dynasty that lasted from 1127 to 1279. It is a popular traditional food in the city. It is made by incorporating fish with mushrooms, chicken soup, ham silk, bamboo shoots and the likes. It tastes fresh, chilly and soft. Just like crab meat. Therefore, when in Hangzhou, do not miss out on the opportunity to taste this delicacy.


Beggar's chicken

The name catches the interest of one. It gets its name because it was created by a beggar who used to cook chicken in a special way. This special cooking method involves first wrapping chicken meat with lotus leaves. Afterwards, covering it in mud and then roasting over a charcoal fire. When this mud gets baked dry, it will be cracked open and pieces of charcoal will be broken off and removed. The aroma of the chicken and lotus leaves beautifully merges together making a heavenly dish!

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