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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
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5 Top Attractions to See in Hefei - Points of interest!

Hefei may not be a popular tourist destination in China. This does not mean you must not pay a visit. There are many historic parks in Hefei that will be worth your while. Here are the top five attractions in Hefei you must not miss out on for the world!


Lord Bao Park

This park has a beautiful and solemn environment with the lake besides making it all the more glorious. Some of the locals visit this park to pay their respects to their ancestors and famous people. The park has three main attractions which are the Lord Bao's tomb, Qingfeng chamber and the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao. There are two public scenic spots in this park you should not miss out on. There is the floating village and the footprint of Lord Bao. In fact, it is famous as a very popular scenic spot in the country. Therefore, do not miss out on it for the world!



This region is popularly known as Lord Bao's Academy which was built in 1983 and then recently renovated back in 2000. This place covers over 20 acres of land and it is located adjacent to the temple of Lord Bao and Qingfeng Chamber. It comprises a group of interesting buildings like pavilions, bridges, pools and houses. The architectural styles combined with the landscaped gardens make this place a point of interest when in Hefei! If you are looking for hotels or apartments in Hefei, from where you can access most of the tourist attractions, then you can check out properties like Somerset Swan Lake Hefei.


Mt Jiuhua

If you are the kind of traveller who would love to enjoy breath-taking sceneries and serene beautiful landscapes, then this is a 'must visit' place. In fact, the visual beauty and melodic music of nature make this place unlike any other. This trip to this mountain is going to be an unparalleled experience that you are bound to never forget. It is considered to be a top tourist destination in Hefei.


The Memorial Temple of Lord Bao

This temple was constructed in memory of Lord Bao Zheng. He was an honest and upright official in the Song dynasty. In fact, the Emperor at that time gave him a posthumous name called Xiaoshu for his contributions to China. This temple comprises a central building that has two wings that are attached perpendicularly. At the central building, which is called Lord Bao Hall, you will witness a massive statue of the Lord. You will also get a great insight into the history and traditions of the time when you visit this memorial temple.


Xiaoyaojin Park

This park spans over 31 hectares where the river takes around 11 hectares. After years and years of tedious maintenance and construction, this park has retained a fan-shaped structure. It divides the water system into the western and eastern parts. It is regarded as a must-visit historical site in Hefei and is widely known as a battlefield from the Three Kingdoms period. There is a lot of interesting facts you can uncover when you visit this gorgeous park.

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