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Be My Boyfriend

I feel like I'm dead most of the time. Actually, that's too harsh of a word. "Going through the motions" would be a more accurate thing to say. Less dramatic. Less of a cause for alarm, right? The "hilarious" part is that I don't even really know that I'm going through the motions until something wakes me up.

11 Things To Do When Your Crush Doesn't Want You Back
  1. Delete them off of all social media, because you know that, at least for the near future, all of your interaction with their profiles is going to be purely unhealthy and masochistic, and there is no reason to put yourself through that.
The Power Of Red Lipstick

Just as a superhero has their signature item they use when in battle, I put on my red lipstick before I step outside to face the world. Red is a dominant colour, and paired with full lips it acts as my power source. My own signature item wielded as both a shield and a weapon.

5 Signs You Are An Option, Not A Priority
  1. They magically appear when they need something. I have too many acquaintances that do this, honestly. It's the "hey, you want to have dinner?" friends who are basically saying, hey, I don't have anybody else to eat with, and you're a viable option for human companionship, so whaddaya say?
Falling For Someone Is A Car Crash

Falling for someone is a car crash: sudden, unforeseen, accidental, and sometimes damaging to both sides. Even people on the sidelines can get involved as you spin out of control. It leads to follow that falling for someone when someone else has fallen for you is like an interstate pileup.

How To Write A Love Letter

In the age of Facebook and email, the love letter may seem awfully antiquated, but not to pseudointellectual lovers with underutilized English degrees. Me, I prefer to fully articulate my intentions well in advance so there's no confusion, no "Hold on, is this a date?" or "Why is your face so close to my face?"

The Difference Between Being In Love And Being In Love With Love

It's a scary thought, isn't it? When that little voice creeps up in your head and makes you question whether you really want your significant other or you just want love. You'll dismiss it the first few times. No, no, I obviously care about them. But do you?

BFF = Boy Friend Fancying: Can We Really Just Be Friends?

Every girl has their go-to guy, AKA their best boy friend or brother from another mother. He is straight. He is cute. He is totally platonic. You cuddle up and watch movies. You dish over nice dinners. You simultaneously write blogs side-by-side at cafes (see picture above of current blog-in-progress, plus boy-in-question).

How To Want Someone You Can't Have

Meet someone new and hit it off right away. After five minutes, feel as though you've already known him five years, so good is your chemistry. Immediately wonder if this could be the guy you've been not-so-patiently waiting for, if he's the one who's about to make everything worth it.

A guide to Malmö [The Conference]

Many of the participants to Media Evolution The Conference doesn't live in Malmö. Some has travelled long, some has travelled short. To make your stay as pleasant as possible we want to share with you what we think are best places to hang out during your stay.

Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen: Proof of concept that low-car streets work

Living in the U.S. it can be difficult to keep the faith in the bicycling vision. The incessant marginalization of cycling by our national transportation culture, reluctant media, and timid leaders can introduce doubt into the minds of even the most fervent bicycle believers.

9 Helpful Tips For Traveling Europe Alone As A 20-Something Female
This summer I packed up a Rick Steves' backpack,
8 challenges for today's ESL teachers (and how to handle them)
  1. Contracts What sometimes happens: a. You fly into a new country on a one-way ticket and are expecting to find someone waiting for you at the airport to take you to your single apartment for a few days off before starting a trial period with the outgoing teacher.
The Clayman Institute for Gender Research

Home " News " Why literature matters for social justice

See the World on the Cheap with These Awesome Travel Tips

One of the best things about college (or just-out-of-college) life is the dedicated periods of time (spring break, what?!) where you can jet off without worrying about how many vacation days you have left this year. The flip-side to having the time is maybe not having the money to take your dream trip...or is it?