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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 23, 2021
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8 Tips for Travelling in Jakarta - For the first-timer visitors of Jakarta!

Navigating Jakarta for the first time might be quite overwhelming. This is why this article aims to highlight some of the best tips you must know when travelling to Jakarta.


Be aware of your belongings

When you are strolling across this city looking at its numerous tourist attractions and activities, do not ever be mindless of your belongings. Do not carry large sums of cash if you do not have any particular need for it. Pickpockets are one of the major nuisances in Jakarta and you will find plenty of them in public transport and places.



Want to try out tropical authentic food? Well then, there are several places to check out. Although it's always considered best to head to street stalls for authentic food, you can try it out in most of the well-known restaurants in Jakarta. Why don't you select a hotel residence in Jakarta that serves good food? For instance, you can check out properties like Citadines Rasuna Jakarta.


Fruits in Jakarta

When in Jakarta, you must never miss out on an opportunity to try out all its different tropical fruits! However, you have to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned. When you are choosing to eat ready to consume food in markets or supermarkets, you must be a bit careful. It has to be well packed and be fresh!


Sun protection

As you might have already guessed, this tropical destination requires extreme sun protection. Do not ever forget to stock up on sun protection, hats, sunglasses and other special creams. These are the items that local skincare specialists devote their lives to. If you are an environmentalist, you might want to purchase an insect repellent spray and have it in hand at all times.


The right-hand tule

Remember, it is customary here to use your right hand for everything, from eating to even offering money. It is considered unclean to use your left hand even to give money to a seller. This rule applies to almost all etiquettes, which would include passing food at a table too. All these actions should incorporate your right hand and never your left!


Avoid tap water

If you do not want to risk getting acute travel sickness, always avoid tap water for drinking purposes. Although the drinking waters here is not particularly dangerous for your health, it tends to worsen as it accumulates in your body. Bottled water can be easily found in grocery stores and is always a healthier option!



You are not allowed to smoke in public places when in Jakarta. Therefore, you should always be aware of the prohibitory signs that are set in such places. As a general rule, you can find specially designated places at shopping malls, restaurants and major government agencies where smokers are allowed.


Power supply voltage

You can expect the supply voltage in most hotels to be at around 200 V. In smaller hotels, that use industrial generators, the voltage can be around 110 V.