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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 23, 2021
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5 Beautiful Temples in Chennai You Must Visit - The untold historic tales of Chennai’s temples!

Chennai is peppered with some of the most magnificent ancient temples. Some of the temples are known to be thousands of years old. And in this article, we take a quick look at the most beautiful temples you must not miss out on when in Chennai!


Kapaleeswarar Temple

According to local history, this temple is believed to be the first built near the coastline where it was either destroyed by sea erosion or Portuguese explorers. The present-day temple was built in the 16th century by Vijayanagar Kings. The entire temple as well as its front gopuram is a great example of the Dravidian architecture. Legend says that the Goddess Parvathi had worshipped Lord Shiva who took the shape of a peacock at this temple. Some of the most famous festivals in Chennai take place at this temple which attracts and gathers thousands of people from right across the country!


Parthasarathy Temple

This temple has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is at the heart of Chennai. It is believed to be built back in the eighth century by Pallavas. What strikes the visitor is the ancient aura that it has retained throughout the centuries. Then sunlight hits all the intricate patterns inside which makes it glisten quite astonishingly. This temple also has some interesting sculptures, mirrors and inscriptions that are dedicated to a mythological war called Kurukshetra. If you're going on a pilgrimage to visit all temples in Chennai, make sure to book accommodation from where you can easily access the temples. For instance, you can check out service apartments in Chennai OMR the likes of Citadines OMR Chennai that is centrally located.


Parrys Jain Temple

The Sri Chandraprabhu Jain Naya Mandir which is located in Sowcarpet is one of the most beautiful places you can visit when in Chennai. As the city does not have a long-standing historical period with Jainism, this temple is quite new compared to other old Dravidian architectural structures. It has a beautiful white facade that has an intricately worked exterior and a unique architecture. As a result, you can expect this temple to stand out due to its grandiose. The temple has been dedicated to Sri Chandraprabhu Bhagwan, the eighth Tirthankara. The architecture has been mostly inspired by the Dilwara temples of Rajasthan. And it is indeed stunning!


Karaneeswarar Saidapet

The main gopuram of this temple is seven stories high, which astounds its visitors. This temple is an old-world marvel and beauty. It has an extremely beautiful temple tank called the Gopathi Saras. This temple has a very interesting story that involves the holy cow Kamadhenu and Lord Indra, the King of Lords. You must head over here to hear it firsthand from the local people! The temple itself is built in traditional Dravidian styles, which has retained in its old-world charm even today!


Marundheeswarar Temple

This temple has been spread over a massive one-acre land and is dedicated to the venerated Lord Shiva. Marundheeswarar literally means God of medicine which describes Shiva as a healer of all ailments. It was also one of the most beautiful temples in Chennai, and among the Trinity seashore temples of Tamil Nadu.