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US 111 - Physiotherapy Ultrasound Machine

US 111- a physiotherapy machine is a best machine to get instant relief from body pain. It is provider of the ultrasound therapy in this digital and technological world. The ultrasound energy thus generated, penetrates into the skin to the soft tissues causing micro vibrations and deep heat among them. This therapeutic effect of US 111, fastens the healing process by increasing the blood circulation, oxygen flow, tissue relaxation & scar tissue breakdown for improving mobility in the ligaments and joints.


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A Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit is a device that sends a small electrical current to a specific part of the body.

These currents are used to relieve pain. Some TENS units is specially designed for use in hospitals or medical facilities and recommend by doctors. This device is easily operated and home with proper guidance.

TENS therapy suppresses hyperalgesia, which is sensitive to pain. Pain can be localized anywhere in the internal part of the body.

What is the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Unit used for?
The TENS unit sends an electrical vibration through the skin. These vibration control pain signals in the body and produce temporary or permanent pain relief. They can control abnormally excited nerves and release endorphins.

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UltraCare Pro is one of the top leading** ultrasound therapy machine** provider in India. It cures muscle, connecting tissue, ligament & tenders, joints and fascia pain.

Are you sufffering from joint and muscle pain?

The best way to get rid off from this physiotherapy machine. It control pain signals also control abnormally excited nerves and release endorphins and produce permanent pain relief. For more information visit us:

Get ready to forget your body pain with modern technology.

Presenting a new physiotherapy machine- A Sonictens. it is a combination of ultrasound and tens machine for pain relieving to treat a wide range of pain like shoulder pain, wrist pain, back pain, leg pain, and heel pain. For more information visit us:

Get ready to get muscle pain-relieving treatment modalities at home.

Presenting a Combo3plus(IFT, TENS, EMS). Ideal for professionals, individuals, and sports person a multi-function stimulator. The 42 preset programs make it easier to operate for a layman. Any individual can make use at home without any guidance from a medical professional. For more information visit us:


Keep Moving- No Pain Can Stop You

Keep Moving- No Pain Can Stop You

If you are suffering from muscle pain, joint pain. You can use our ultrasound and tens machine to relieve pain naturally.

5 Easy EXERCISE for Shoulder Pain Relief at Home by UltraCare PRO

Shoulder pain can be naggy and can create problems in performing tasks in day-to-day life. There are a few ranges of motions to ease up the stiffness of the shoulder, and it should be pain-free when you perform them.
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​Best Treatments of Swelling at Home - UltraCare Pro

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in the treatment of the swelling. From Ultrasound to TENS therapy machines, you can simply deal with mild cases of swellings at the comfort of your home. These therapies are widely used and are considered to be effective in the treatment of the swelling.

Best Treatments for Arthritis Using Physiotherapy Machines - UltraCare Pro

If you have rheumatoid arthritis and are looking for the ideal treatment, physiotherapy has got you covered. With rheumatoid arthritis, the body’s defense system mistakenly attacks the joints. This leads to a major swelling in the joints. To know more visit us-

Top 4 Portable Physiotherapy Machines in India - UltraCare Pro

How to get relief from back pain? No one can do anything to change the barometric pressure; we could put more effort towards defending ourselves by defending ourselves with heat. Taking hot baths, using heat packs, and keeping the house warm will all contribute to a reduction in swelling and stiffness.

How do I manage truly intense chronic pain without narcotics? - UltraCare Pro

Physiotherapy machines, especially which are intended for personal use can be carried on and used according to your needs because chronic pain can occur anywhere at any time. Thus, you can use it instantly to relieve your pain so that you live a quality life.

What is the best non-surgical solution for lower back pain? - UltraCare Pro

Lower back pain is one of the most common medical problems affecting almost 80% of all adults at some point in their lives. The lower back is the lumbar region of the spine which carries the weight of the upper body and biomechanical stresses that occur with movement.

What are good treatments for acute lower back pain? - UltraCare Pro

Physiotherapy is the most favorable method of treating acute lower back pain. The use of physiotherapy machines like ultrasound therapy machines, TENS physiotherapy machines, EMS machines, and IFT machines that help relieve acute lower back pain without the side effects of medicines, or the risk of surgery, or the high costs of medication, surgery, and physiotherapy. All of these physiotherapy methods employ machines that are portable in nature.

What is the best drug or treatment for chronic pain? - UltraCare Pro

TENS therapy is a non-invasive method of treating chronic pain with no side effects. It is also portable so that you can use it whenever and wherever you want.

What is the best non-surgical solution for lower back pain? - UltraCare Pro

Lower back pain has become common in current times because of lifestyle and work. Most of them are acute back pains that last for a few weeks with the right kind of treatment. Medicines and home remedies have been the age-old solutions but with emerging technology, physiotherapy machines have become an optimum choice in most cases to get rid of back pain.

Avoid These Exercises If you have Sciatica Pain | Home Remedies by UltraCare PRO

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Top 7 Drug Free Remedies for Chronic Pain - UltraCare Pro

Even though medication is useful, it has its side effects that not only make you dependent but also cost you a fortune in the longer run. Other forms of therapies are either too expensive because of these repeated costs or rarely available or even both.

How IFT Can Give a Quick Relief To Your Pain? - UltraCare Pro

Physiotherapy can be expensive so many patients are considering IFT to be a far better option for their regular treatment. It is more convenient and saves you the hassle of travelling back and forth to the physiotherapists.

Get Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain Naturally

Hectic schedules, improper postures, irregular food habits, accidents and injuries or any other reason can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

Top 9 Reasons for Leg Pain | Home Remedies by UltraCare PRO

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Top 3 Exercises to get Instant Pain Relief from Sciatica | Home Remedies by UltraCare PRO

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Driving and Back Pain

You must have suffered back pain notably while driving for long hours and as you must have noticed, it puts a strain on your spine, lower back, shoulder, and neck. Just to inform you, you are a not alone person but there are many other people who suffer back pain while driving. People like truck…

​Arthritis – A disheartening knee problem in India - UltraCare Pro

Treatment such as replacing joints particularly complete joint replacement surgery is commonly done. High-tech, cementless implants,

​Arthritis: Common Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Arthritis is often defined as join inflammation and stiffness, causing pain. Usually people associate this condition with old age, however, this is not the case. In this day and age, arthritis can strike a person of any age-group due to poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.