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Headline for 5 Amazing Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage - Top 5 Reasons Why Thai Massage is Good for Your Well-Being
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5 Amazing Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage - Top 5 Reasons Why Thai Massage is Good for Your Well-Being

Regarded as the world's spa capital, Thailand is the perfect location to indulge in a traditional Thai massage session. Apart from relaxing and rejuvenating the body, here are some of the other known benefits of enjoying a traditional Thai massage.


Relieves Joint and Muscle Pain

Whether one is suffering from chronic muscle pain or joint-related discomfort or simply feeling aches and pains due to being too active during a holiday, a traditional Thai massage can dispel these less than comfortable sensations effectively. Thai massage is known for the various techniques and pressure levels it exerts on the body as motions such as applying static pressure, kneading the muscles and rocking the body back and forth are all part and parcel of the experience. These naturally alleviate the tension and constriction in the joints and muscles and ease the pain by stretching them gently. Those with mobility issues will also see a marked improvement in their movement after a Thai massage due to this releasing of tense muscles and joints.


Improves Circulation and Boosts Lymphatic System

A Thai massage session can do wonders to improve the general blood circulation in the body for those who are suffering from poor circulation or simply combating issues such as high blood pressure. Better circulation of blood throughout the body also means that one has more energy as there is more oxygen present in the blood stream to detox the body of toxins. Draining the lymph nodes is another positive side effect of a Thai massage as the cardiovascular system will be under less stress after the blood pressure has been lowered and returned to a healthy state. This is why Thai massages are ideal to beat jetlag and tiredness after a long day as well as heat exhaustion. Those based at Pathumwan Princess Hotel and other venues can also look for the best Bangkok spa for lymphatic system related massages.


Promotes a Positive Mindset

It is no coincidence that everyone feels more relaxed and calm after a massage session and this is even truer for those who opt for a traditional Thai massage. Releasing pent up emotions, stimulating the muscles and allowing one to relax in a safe environment causes the serotonin neuro-transmitters in the body to be activated. These are what are known as the happy hormones so spa goers are likely to feel less tension and stress following a massage.


Proper R&R

Those who are looking to unwind and reset their mental and emotional state will find no better option than getting a Thai massage as lying still in a scented and dimly lit environment can relax the senses instantly. The methodical and slow movement of the masseuse can also help one reach a restful and even blissful state as the concerns of the day melt away.


Energy Detox

Regardless of whether one opts for a simple shoulder massage or a full body massage, any Thai massage session will cause the Sen lines in the body to come in to alignment and eliminate the sluggishness and trapped negative energy to release naturally.

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