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Using technology for good in Cambodia - Unravel

The ASEAN Digital Master Plan 2025 was adopted by member states during the ASEAN ministers’ meeting on 22 January 2021. The plan reinforced the use of digital technologies across the region and supports the post-pandemic economic recovery.

Impact of COVID-19 on SDG implementation in Asia-Pacific - Unravel

COVID-19 dealt a devastating blow to economies, businesses and individuals alike. As a result of border closures, lockdowns and supply chain disruptions, earlier progress made in meeting sustainable development goals (SDGs) backstepped. A recent UNESCAP report details the pandemic’s impacts on Asia-Pacific countries’ ability to fulfil their SDGs.

How the pandemic could change architecture - Unravel

This article originally appeared in Knowable Magazine on 1 March 2021. Knowable Magazine is an independent journalistic endeavor from Annual Reviews, a nonprofit publisher dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge for the progress of science and the benefit of society. Sign up for Knowable Magazine’s newsletter.

Pandemic disrupts FDI into Asia, but prospects remain positive - Unravel

The pandemic hit global foreign direct investment (FDI) hard, with flows falling by 35%, to $1 trillion in 2020, the lowest level since 2005. However, while performances differed significantly across the region, the Asia-Pacific region overall remained an attractive destination for foreign investment. Led by China, inflows rose by around 6%.

After two years of decline, global insolvencies to rise - Unravel

Despite sparking a slump in global GDP and trade in 2020, the COVID-19 shock did not translate into a wave of insolvencies. In fact, our Global Insolvency Index not only ended 2020 with a -12% year-on-year (y/y) drop, but the decline remained steady and broad-based all along the year. Thirty-five of the 44 countries in our sample (80%) recorded a decline for the full year.

Unfolding the value of a big data ecosystem - Unravel

The world is one big data problem. Every human being generates around 1.7 megabytes of data every second. This information can help generate economic benefits by transforming this data into new revenue streams by extracting better insights to design tailor-made financial products and streamline risk management.

COVID-19 vaccine distribution highlights global inequality - Unravel

Eighteen months and counting, COVID-19 continues to impact the world. At the time of writing, WHO reports more than 230 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, including more than 4.8 million deaths.

A hobbled recovery along entrenched fault lines - Unravel

The global recovery continues but momentum has weakened, hobbled by the pandemic. Fuelled by the highly transmissible Delta variant, the recorded global COVID-19 death toll has risen close to 5 million and health risks abound, holding back a full return to normalcy.

Weak growth limits inflation worries in Asia - Unravel

Inflation has refused to take a backseat even as more virulent COVID waves have taken a toll on recovery and pushed growth forecasts lower. Thanks to the massive economic stimulus, especially in the advanced economies, global demand remains resilient.

The underrated importance of women leaders - Unravel

Diversity and inclusivity are key elements of a successful business and society. Yet, female representation tends to fall in leadership roles. With the pandemic exacerbating this situation, it will now take 135.6 years to reach gender equality from an already dismal 100 years predicted previously.

An ageing India will impact some more than others - Unravel

India’s demographic profile is a young one compared to most other countries, but it will soon be showing more grey around the edges. The over-60 age category is expected to nearly double as a share of the total population within the next three decades.

The ‘97% climate consensus’ is over. Now it’s well above 99% - Unravel

Despite the overwhelming evidence, it’s still common to see politicians, media commentators or social media users cast doubt on the role of humans in driving climate change.

Blockchain’s role in a post-truth world - Unravel

Blockchain technology can help arrest the decline in truth and establish greater trust in health policy, trade and democracy written by Danny Phan, the chief strategy officer of Wachsman and managing director of Wachsman Singapore with over 20 years of experience across Asia-Pacific and the US.

The digital transformation caused by the pandemic can be a powerful tool for inclusive city planning

People make cities and should be the planners of the spaces they live in. As we move forward into a transformed “normal”, participatory planning takes on an increased value to ensure an economic recovery that includes all elements of society. written by Ramola Naik Singru (Senior Urban Development Specialist, Central and West Asia Department at ADB)

Regulation and security key to improving digital connectivity in Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific is witnessing a spurt in digital transformation driven by the growing trends in mobile, satellite and broadband connectivity. Asia-Pacific trumps all other regions in terms of revenues earned from digital platforms. Of the total global revenue of $3.79 trillion from digital platforms, Asia contributed $1.81 trillion or about 48% of the share. An Unravel editorial

The rise of right-wing disinformation in democracies while regulations lag - Unravel

Political polarisation has reached critical levels across many parts of the world, sometimes even leading to political violence and the undermining of democracy. There has been a gradual escalation in polarisation, nurtured by rapid technological change in social and political spheres, particularly with social media growth, write Dharish David, associate faculty at the University of London - SIM -Global Education, and Benjamin Boulud, a graduating student

The promise and perils of life lived online - Unravel

The pandemic has immersed us faster and deeper in immersive communication technologies. It’s a disrupted, confusing, sometimes exhausting world — but shifting both the tech and our expectations might make it a better one, writes Nicola Jones via Knowable Magazine

How can we build food system resilience? - Unravel

The ongoing pandemic has shone a spotlight, among other things, on challenges relating to food security and the resilience of the global food system. Over the past 18 months, disrupted supply chains and reduced incomes have become part of a larger confluence of factors such as natural disasters, weather patterns, water challenges and climate change, resulting in acute food insecurity among vulnerable populations globally.

Putting women ahead is the need of the hour - Unravel

We often hear women are better off today as many of them perform job roles traditionally considered the preserve of men alone. Even women working in factories or at call centres are happy to narrate their experiences at the workplace as both liberating and empowering due to the impact of earning a regular wage. 

How SDG bonds can accelerate a green recovery from the pandemic - Unravel

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on Southeast Asia’s achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, the international effort to improve the lives of people around the world, with various studies especially identifying the millions being pushed back into joblessness and poverty.

Beyond connectivity: the evolution of mobile carriers - Unravel

In what almost feels like a ‘once upon a time’ era, voice and text services were a telecom operator’s revenue mainstay. But how things have changed. And rapidly.

Climate change risk: near a tipping point - Unravel

In this first part of a two-part interview, Arup Chatterjee, Principal Financial Sector Specialist, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department at the Asian Development Bank, speaks with Siddharth Poddar and Shivaji Bagchi of Unravel about how growing climate-related risks will impact infrastructure in the region. He also speaks about the impacts on financial market stakeholders – both from the public and the private sector. 

Advancing women in STEM requires more than a seat at the table - Unravel

I’ve been working in the technology industry for more than 25 years, and across my career, I have often found I was the only woman at the table. Initially, I accepted that this is the way it was – that I should be grateful to have the seat, and count my lucky stars that I was the woman sitting there.

How is the insurance industry responding to climate change? - Unravel

In this second part of the interview, Arup Chatterjee, Principal Financial Sector Specialist, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department at Asian Development Bank, speaks about how the insurance industry is coping and innovating to respond to the growing number of extreme weather events. He also speaks of strategies being used by insurance companies to better manage extreme weather events.

Australia’s pension system: no reform can replace financial literacy - Unravel

Countries are going to be hit in varying degrees by demographic change, not only in terms of the increase of the shares of older people in their populations but also with respect to the pace of change. According to pre-COVID population projections, Australia’s old-age dependency ratio was expected to increase rather moderately from around 25% today to roughly 38% in 2050.