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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Water Safety Tips for Kids of All Ages - Prioritising kids safety!

Families usually play a pivotal role in teaching their children how important it is to learn swimming and behave safely around the waters. Having knowledge of water safety and skills are essential today. In this article, we will look at a few resources on how to help kids learn about the importance of water safety while they have fun in and around the waters when travelling and at home!


Protecting your kid from water hazards at home

Drowning can happen at any time at any given place if you are not too careful. It is quick and silent making it all the more dangerous for your children. Never even for a single moment should you leave young kids by themselves or with the care of other children when close to swimming pools, bathtubs, spas, wading pools, ponds, irrigation ditches or standing water. During swimming times, you should designate a responsible adult who can act as a 'Water watcher' who will be at arm's reach when the children are in the waters. Remember you must be within arm's reach to your children. You must never leave children by themselves in bathtubs even for a single moment.


Start swimming lessons as early as possible

Every kid should learn to swim. There are many things to do with family, and this should be prioritised. When you should start these lessons would be decided by their parents which are primarily dependent on the development of the child. You can talk to your paediatrician at which point your child will be ready for swimming lessons. Remember, only swimming lessons will not be enough. Even if your child can handle themselves in the waters, you should not ignore other drowning prevention methods. For further details and information regarding family travel and water safety, you can check out blogs like The Family Travel Blog.


Protecting curious toddlers

Toddlers and little kids are always curious which is a wonderful trait. You must always nurture that curiosity but that does not mean you let them be all by themselves to learn on their own. You should always make sure that they are safe by making sure that they are at arm's reach when around waters. This does not mean just for swimming pools. Kids can even drown in water that is only a few inches deep. Therefore, install bathroom door locks and even toilet latches and empty all tubs, pools and buckets in case they get curious!


Helping teenagers to be water smart

Your teenagers will need a good role model. This means you should be the one to teach them as they develop by example. They should learn to swim from qualified instructors and only swim in places that are safe. They should know how to recognise rip currents and hidden obstacles. You should be advising them about swimming after drinking alcohol and its dangers. And you should make them aware of the dangers involved when swimming alone.


Do you have your own pool?

When you have your own pool, rigid pool covers, and pool alarms will provide certain layers of protection. But this won't be enough. The most effective strategy to prevent drowning will be a four-sided fence. It has to be at least around 48 inches in height that come equipped with self-latching gates and self-closing gates.

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