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The state of global freedom - Unravel

Democracy has been in decline around the world. Civil unrest, violent conflicts, uncertain economic conditions and the pandemic’s effects collectively strained the past year.

Figuring out the China strategy: From soundbites to substance

As other countries still look to terms with how to deal with China’s growing economic and political clout, Andrew Cainey, senior associate fellow at Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), provides six pointers that are helpful in developing a substantive China strategy.

Two fragile superpowers struggle for dominance

The prospects for a stable relationship between the US and China-based on confidence and competitive interdependence look very slim, written by John West, executive director of the Asian Century Institute, he is also an adjunct professor at Tokyo’s Sophia University

Unravel latest developments in geopolitics and globalisation, and public policy developments, trends and analysis

Unravel the impact of latest geopolitical developments through in-depth analysis on trade and supply chains trends by way of interviews and opinions from experts

Is a Chinese invasion of Taiwan on the cards? - Unravel

There are many reasons for China to avoid attacking Taiwan, but the likelihood that it will try is now higher than ever since 1949, writes Robert Wihtol, adjunct faculty at the Asian Institute of Management, who has worked on development issues in Asia and the Pacific for nearly four decades, as both an international civil servant and an academic.

Converting mines to vines for peace - Unravel

In this interview, Unravel speak with Heidi Kühn, CEO of Roots of Peace, whose lifelong mission is to eradicate fields of landmines and replace them with agricultural projects that bring families in war-torn regions relief from conflict and a way out of poverty.

Enabling access to vaccines is key to win the race against COVID-19 - Unravel

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to turn up in fresh waves globally, supply chains must be ready to support the quick rollout of vaccines, writes Leonora Lim, VP of Life Sciences & Healthcare Asia Pacific, Customer Solutions & Innovation division at DHL

The Chinese Communist Party celebrates – but for how long? - Unravel

Lavish centenary celebrations marked 100 years of the CPC, but they mask several internal tensions and insecurities, writes John West, executive director of the Asian Century Institute

“NATO for trade”: a bad answer to a good question? - Unravel

The establishment of a NATO for trade amounts to extrajudicial "trade vigilantism". But, it focuses political attention on the need for improved responses to trade coercion, writes Jeffrey Wilson, research director of the Perth USAsia Centre at the University of Western Australia