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For Parents & Kids

In this list, you can find articles related to parenting and interesting topics related to wisdom & morals which will helpful for children.


Ways To Encourage Children

Ways To Encourage Children

It is a reality that if the foundations are solid, so is the building. Likewise, if children are brought up with nobility, they become eminent persons in society. Dear Parents, encouragement plays an important role in preparing children to become talented, although some children do not need encouragement, however, other children need it. To encourage these children, read the following helpful tips:

  • If a child does a good deed, accomplishes something great, or helps someone, encourage them by praising them and saying, “Well done”. You can also present a gift that would make the child happy and increase their enthusiasm and interest in doing well again in the future.

  • If the children are doing a difficult task or doing a job that takes a lot of effort, let them know that you are satisfied with their work, as this will lead them to embark on similar projects in the future.

  • Set a goal or challenge for your child and, when completed, present a reward commensurate with its accomplishment. In this way, the child will perceive that his family is close to him and involved in his life, and he will not feel alone.

  • Explain that poor test performance should not be a cause for despair, since capacity is the main factor; if it is present, then everything is present. (Read more words of encouragement for kids)

Dear parents, keep in mind that children are like wet sand. They will adopt the way they are treated. To increase their confidence. Rather than constantly scolding and discouraging them, encourage them as this will build their confidence and they will be successful in their progress.

Illnesses In Children

The behavior and habits of infants are observably distinct from older children. However, when an infant’s behavioral patterns suddenly change, it can be difficult for parents to ascertain the exact cause; it may be an illness or it could be a natural part of growing up. In this article, we will list fifteen signs that could signal possible illnesses or health issues in children in general and infants in particular. If your child suffers from any of these symptoms, immediately contact your doctor.


Kalma and Dua

Kalma and Dua

Dawateislami has launched numerous mobile applications to spread the message of Islam in the world. Recently they developed a mobile app called Kalma and Dua. It is one of the best educational apps for kids through which they can learn 6 Kalma and daily Duas. It has a Sunnat o Adaab section too through which kids can learn Islamic manners of certain things like How to greet someone? How to eat food? How to drink water? etc.


How to deal with a stubborn child?

How to deal with a stubborn child?

Childhood is a beautiful part of life. During childhood, the proper education of children and the transformation of their bad habits into good ones in an excellent way makes them productive members of society. Stubbornness is one of the habits of children which must be reformed. Children are often stubborn, but this habit is too ingrained in some children. Parents should read much-needed information on how to treat stubborn child? So that they can understand children's behavior and improve their personality.

Message to Parents - Do not make Children Coward

Due to the lack of knowledge or being unaware of how to raise children, some parents scared their children in every situation. For example, when children don't eat, study, or refrain from being mean, they try to scare them from ghosts, witches, etc., and try to make them obey.
Dear Parents! cowardness is detrimental to the children's personality. If the fear of something develops once in their heart, it would be very difficult to get rid of it.

Buying Lottery - Moral Story for Kids

It's a story of a kid who bought a lottery to increase his money, but he didn’t win any prizes. Read the complete story to find out what happened next.


How to Prepare your Child for Exams??

How to Prepare your Child for Exams??

No doubt exam preparation is important, but children's cheerfulness and joy are important too. Parents should take special care of their children's physical and mental development during exam days.
Dear parents! you should not consider yourself to be free from the responsibility by leaving everything up to children’s teachers, but rather help your child prepare for exams. Read few valuable points about how you can help your children prepare for exams?

Mistakes Made in Raising Children

The desire of all who attain the status of father or mother is to be successful in bringing up their children in a satisfactory manner. However, parents unknowingly make mistakes that have a negative impact on children, and in the long run, these mistakes prove to be detrimental to children. Read more valuable information from here on Mistakes in Parenting.