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Modern Apps - Cloud-native, APIs, Microservices, QA automation, web and mobile apps

Legacy IT systems can increase problems such as IT debt, user-friendliness, poor customer experience, where Modern Application can solve these issues with the help of AI, ML, and cloud. Follow this list to stay up to date with modern technology.

Significance of Cloud-Native Apps Security in Microservice Environment

To improve the security of Cloud-Native Apps, consider these four essential things. The cloud-native apps approach is fresh and requires constant rendering of the security protocols to ensure the data's safety.

Top 9 benefits of Intelligent Applications that increase user engagement

Intelligent apps are AI-based apps that work smartly on your behalf. There are several benefits of intelligent applications. Read more here.

10 Common Misconceptions about eCommerce Development

Unfortunately, most startups fall for the ‘It is not a big deal going online’ trap and end up with not-so-happy results. Yet eCommerce is an emerging and evolving industry, here’s an attempt to help you distinguish between misconception and reality. Read more

Modern Application Design and Development Services | Web and eCommerce Portal Development

Anblicks’ application design and development service allow businesses to bring their ideal app to life that makes business market-friendly.

Custom Web and Mobile Application Development Company | Modern Applications

Anblicks is a Custom Web and Mobile Application Development Company. It uses advanced technology for creating Modern Apps.

8 Problems of Legacy Systems That Can Hamper Your Business

The world of technology is growing very fast. If any business wants to compete or beat the competitor, legacy system modernization is the only option. Find out eight significant challenges of legacy systems that can hamper your business.

Cloud Native Application Development Services USA - Anblicks

Anblicks provides enterprise-grade Cloud Native development services for large organizations. We have years of experience working on large-scale cloud infrastructure. We specialize in modernizing ecosystems with best-in-class solutions.

Five Key Benefits of API Management for your Business

APIs Management has several benefits, but in this article, the author has covered five key benefits of APIs Management that help businesses grow faster and increase customer experience.


How does Enterprise Applications Integration Improve Business Performance?

How does Enterprise Applications Integration Improve Business Performance?

Enterprise application integration has become an exceptionally significant concern in this hyper-competitive world. The comprehensive approaches and ideologies around this idea prove that enterprise application integration is extremely important. Click here to read how does Enterprise Applications Integration Improve Business Performance.


Understand the difference between Microservices vs APIs

Understand the difference between Microservices vs APIs

Many of them have misconceptions between Microservices and APIs. They are not equivalent and play a completely different roles in web applications. In this article, you will clearly understand the difference between Microservices and APIs.