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Automotive Tools


What Do The Metric Size Labels Offer?

What Do The Metric Size Labels Offer?

Metric Size Labels for Toolbox have got more to offer than you think. These small labels are enough to get the workflow going smoother. With them being put on your different accessories of the same family, you can easily denote every item by their serial number or structural description. Buy these from Toolbox Widget at affordable rates today.

Why Do You Need Modular Angled Wrench Organizers?

Wrenches are one of the essential hand tools required in projects that involve working with nuts and bolts. Yet we find many DIYers, or sometimes, even professionals hopping around the workshops finding their misplaced tools. Fortunately, we can help you end the troublesome practice of looking for gadgets. Toolbox Widget offers you various wrench organizers…

3/8" Socket Size Stems SAE

SAE size stems for 3/8" drive sockets Includes 17 Modular SAE Size Label stems for 3/8” drive socket widgets. Size Labels stems plug right into the orange hole on the top of the socket organizer. Grabbing the correct socket is super-fast with these size label stems. Easily see what socket is where or what socket is mis


Where Can We Find The Best Angled Wrench Widgets?

Where Can We Find The Best Angled Wrench Widgets?

No more shuffling wrenches and no more surfing internet. Fulfill your organizing needs by logging in to the official website of Toolbox Widget. What we have is a complete solution to the ugly dispersal of tools in your workshop. Our angled wrench widgets, screwdriver widgets are some of the best in the mechanic world. Buy one today.

Spot The Right Tool Quickly With SAE Socket Size Stems

While organizing is done to spot the required tools right away with the naked eye, but it still gets daunting when it comes to smaller items. Half of which are engraved with the sizes, and hence…

Modular Plier Organizers by ToolBox Widget

Modular Plier Organizers100% modular and expandable plier organization.Add, remove, or re-arrange organizers how you want and when you want.Includes 12 organ...


Do We Have An Automotive Tool Organizer?

Do We Have An Automotive Tool Organizer?

The mechanical world of today has more tool organizing innovations than there ever were. Yes, we do have an automotive tool organizer and this is present at your very reliable brand, that is, at Toolbox Widget. Our official website holds the entire list of products we sell. Visit today and order one for you.

The Home To Best Tool Organizers

Tool organizers are flexible, feasible, essential, pivotal, and way more functional than one thinks of them. Ask a professional about efficiency build-up and the first lecture you are going to receive is on Tool Organizing. So, what made you take so long to reach here? Isn’t your workshop all messed up by now? Nevertheless, now that you have asked for the best tool organizers, we have one reliable name for you.

Free Up The Clotted Space In Your Workshop

Why do we have to call our workshop clotted? Well, that’s what it seems like when you don’t put a single effort towards organizing it.

What Are Socket Stems Used For?

Sockets are so very important for workshops. In fact, fasteners may require more than one socket set to arrange them orderly. If you have already drained quite a few hours in locating which socket size is where then perhaps you should start saving your time now. As they say, “Time is Money”, then why not…


No More Losing The Sockets Now

No More Losing The Sockets Now

Tool misplacement damages your work and enhances your loss statement. If you have had an encounter with missing sockets more than once then this is what you should be doing right now. Buy modular 3/8” Socket Organizers and set your sockets properly in them. To know about the wide array of benefits they carry, log in to Toolbox Widget.

What Is The Perfect Way To Store Wrenches? by Toolbox Widget - Issuu

While formulating the perfect way to store wrenches may be tough but we do know the way you keep them is not the ideal one! A common bag for every accessory, one shelf occupying dozens of small gadgets, or a drawer filled with tools. Neither of these...

Toolbox Widget August Giveaway with a Texa Automotive Scan Tool

August 2021 giveaway with ToolBox Widget. The prize is a Texa Automotive scan tool. See for more details and how to register.

Make Your Life Easier With Angled Wrench Organizers

 Angled Wrench Organizers sort multiple purposes at workstations for all the professional engineers and mechanics. The wrench organizers are modular and flexible. So, you can expand the size of the wrench organizer to keep more wrenches in it.   

The Best Tool Box Organizers for your ToolKit

If you are a Mechanic or someone who works with a lot of tools, you know that it is very easy for our toolkit to get disorganized. A disorganized toolkit is very common, and this happens to everyone…

Remove Oil & Grease from your hands effectively?

f you notice that your manly hands are usually greasy and filthy, it would be great if you experimented with some particular cleaning techniques designed to get rid of your greasy hands.

Modular Toolbox Organizers Are The Simplest Hack to Organize Your Toolbox.

Modular Toolbox Organizers Are The Simplest Hack to Organize Your Toolbox.Most people have a toolbox that is an unorganized mess of tools, screws, and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. When you...

Must Have Mechanic Tools for A Newbie or An Experienced Auto Mechanic

If you're a newbie mechanic or planning to do some auto maintenance yourself, here are some essential tools you'll need to get started.

Knuckle Scrubber, the best soap for mechanics! Soap with a built-in scrubber. No More Dirty Hands.

With the full-size built-in scrubber, this bar soap can easily clean the grease, oil, paint, grime, dirt, and more off your hands with a few scrubs.Tired of ...

The underrated benefits of using tool box organizers

The Underrated Benefits of Using Tool Box OrganizersThe benefits of keeping tools organized are numerous. Organizing your tools can reduce frustration and wasted time. Whether you work in your garage...

How To Get Your Mechanic Shop Or Garage Looking Like A Pro?

There are many steps involved in creating content for your blog post or website - planning out the topic you want to cover, doing research on related topics so that you have sources lined up in advance, and structuring your article so that it flows from point to point. While all these tasks might seem…

Modular Screwdriver, ratchet and extension organizers by ToolBox Widget

Modular – Add, remove or re-arrange screwdriver organizers anytime you want.Includes 12 organizers and 8 spacers Holds small and large screwdrivers, ratchets...