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Everything you need to know about waxing as a hair removal method

7 At-Home Waxing Tips + 3 Top Products

At-home waxing is not only affordable and convenient but with these 7 at-home waxing tips it's also simple and you will have silky smooth skin each time you wax

Top 5 Best At Home Waxing Kits for Hair-Free Skin 2021

The best at home waxing kits are the first step to having successful waxing sessions at home, saving a lot of money on salon waxing and getting smooth skin

3 Best Facial Wax Strips to Try Out in 2021 + An Alternative

I love using the best facial wax strips to remove my upper lip hair, I wouldn't trade them for another method, they're so cheap and easy to use, simply perfect

DIY Brazilian Waxing At Home: Brazilian Waxing in 4 Steps

DIY Brazilian waxing at home takes some courage and a little know-how but I'm going to show you in 4 steps how you can achieve the perfect waxing experience

How to Wax Your Armpits: 2 Best Underarms Waxing Kits (2021)

Waxing your underarms (armpits) is not difficult at all, it can be done at home without too much expense and little to no effort if you follow these simple tips

Waxing Vs Threading Face And Upper Lip: Which is Better?

Both waxing and threading are amazing methods that offer hair-free facial skin for at least two weeks up to a month and that's what makes them so popular

Waxing for Men: Should Men Wax? (Yes, If They Want To)

Are more and more men consider waxing? If you have thought about it but don't know where to start, here are my all you need to know 5 steps about waxing for men

Hair Removal Methods at Home: Top 4 Options for At-Home Hair Removal

: I will introduce you to the pros and cons and cost of the 4 most popular hair removal methods at home, you will be able to choose the right at home method for you

Is Shaving Better than Waxing? The Pros and Cons for Shaving & Waxing

Is shaving better than waxing? As you're going to discover, they're both very popular hair removal methods, each with its own pros and cons

Waxing vs Sugaring: Everything You Need to Know

When talking about waxing vs sugaring we're talking about two very similar hair removal methods but still sugaring has the advantage of being cheap

Waxing Benefits: The Main Advantages of Waxing

There are many waxing benefits but the most important of them all is that you get smooth skin for up to 4 months and there's less of a chance of ingrown hairs

What Is a Brazilian Wax? The Complete Guide and Tips

What is a Brazilian wax? Is it painful? Which wax is best? What should you do before and after a Brazilian waxing?Find the answer to all these questions and more

Ideal Hair Length for Waxing + More Info on Waxing at Home

The ideal hair length for waxing is at least 1/4 inches long up to 1/2 inches long but there is a lot more to know about waxing at home

How to Use Wax Strips for Face & Body: The Ultimate Guide

There are just a few simple instructions that you need to follow in order to know how to use wax strips perfectly, guideline for face & body

How to Wax Legs at Home in 7 Steps: Best Wax for Legs & Aftercare

My guide on how to wax legs at home is comprised of 7 steps that cover pre-waxing preparation, best waxing kits for legs & post-wax aftercare