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LED Lights

Here you can get information regarding all types of LED lights.

Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lights – BUILDMyplace

The parking lot is always where a visitor's interaction with an establishment begins. If the standard is poor, parking lot lights usually go unnoticed. If you believe it or not, there is a correlation between how well a parking lot structure is lit and the reputation of a company or organization. Drivers and pedestrians can…

Advantages of Led Pole Lights for Commercial Use

When we talk about LED Pole Lights, we're talking about the pole-mounted lights that are common in parking lots around the country. If converted to light emitting diodes (LED), these outdoor light fixtures will offer significant benefits to both building owners and facility managers.


LED Pole Lights to Brighten your Surroundings

LED Pole Lights to Brighten your Surroundings

Street lights, shoebox lights, and area lights are all available in addition to LED pole lights. It's used to light up areas like highways, parking lots, building entrances, gardens, hotel walkways, and any other outdoor space that require adequate illumination. It facilitates pedestrians and drivers in navigating the lane. When done in this order, it aids in the reduction of crime and accidents. It assists pedestrians and drivers in navigating the road. When done in this order, it aids in the reduction of crime and injury rates. BUILDMyplace is your one-stop shop for all things related to outdoor lighting. Pole lights from BUILDMyplace are made of long-lasting materials that meet industry standards for IP ratings.

LED Pole Lights: Making a Difference | by William Miler | Mar, 2021 | Medium

Pole lights are also known as street lights, shoebox, and area lights. LED Pole lights illuminate a given outdoor space and keep our home and facilities safe at night. One or more lights in the walkway or garden area work as an effective crime deterrent and keep thieves and prowlers away from your property.
In the residential areas, singular pole lights illuminate porches, garden, and patio areas to provide ambient lighting and remove dark spots. Choose from various shapes and styles of LED pole lights to redesign your space as per your mood..


LED Parking Lot Lights: Money & Energy Savings

LED Parking Lot Lights: Money & Energy Savings

LED parking lot lights are a low-energy alternative to conventional lighting. There are flood, post top, and solar street light styles to select from. As a result, you can pick the right ones for different outdoor lighting requirements. Since LED lights use very little electricity, you can reduce your everyday energy consumption by up to 70%. LED parking lot lights are available from BUILDMyplace in a range of wattages, color temperatures, and lumen outputs. Choose the right ones for your outdoor lighting project and you'll be maintenance-free for years!


LED Pole Lights: Waterproof & Dust Resistant

LED Pole Lights: Waterproof & Dust Resistant

LED pole lights from BUILDMyplace are available in a variety of colors for a better and clearer night. LED Pole Lights for street lights are usually referred to as Shoebox lights and are used for a range of outside applications including sidewalks, parking lots, building exits, parks, and hotel walkways. LED Pole lights assist in the safety of the streets by providing a visual cue to drivers for easier navigation. Using Pole light to aid people in walking in the sun and following directions in the dark, minimizing the number of injuries.
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Led Pole Lights: Best Invention Ever

Led Pole Lights: Best Invention Ever

When it comes to lighting, there is nothing wrong if we say LED Pole Lights are the best invention ever. LED Pole Lights give you the best experience of lighting ever. Pole Lights can be used in outdoor premises including parking lot areas, street lights, building entrances/exits, commercial complexes, parks & grounds. LED Pole Lights contain photocell which save you energy and money as a result.


LED Pole Lights: Photocell & Motion sensor

LED Pole Lights: Photocell & Motion sensor

LED Pole Lights with photocell and motion sensors are one of the best inventions ever in the field of Lighting. Pole Lights take the sun as a trigger to make them turn on and off and also make themselves on after detecting any activity under them. It saves us money and energy as a result. LED pole lights are basically designed for the best lighting experience ever. They also replace heavy metal halides with very low energy consumption

LED Pole Lights: Reduce your Power Bills with Smart Generation – BUILDMyplace

LED pole lights are mostly outdoor lights that are generally mounted on poles and located in parking lots and driveways. They provide optimum brightness for vehicle and visitors’ use.
Most of the existing parking area lights use high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps such as metal halide and high-pressure sodium, which generally consume much power. Another reason is that LED pole lights are primarily active in the nighttime and are not cost-friendly.


LED Pole Lights: Rebate Eligible

LED Pole Lights: Rebate Eligible

Searching for the best lighting solutions for the outdoors? introduces LED pole lights to brighten your outdoors. Sturdy build and IP rating make these lights strong and weather resistant. Equipped with photocell sensors, these lights increase your energy savings by 75% and are easy to install. DLC and UL certification makes them rebate eligible in many states. So, switch to savings with new generation LED pole light solutions.


We all enjoy taking night walks, going to a late-night movie, or just stealing a few moments in an open garden room. However, without sufficient outdoor lighting, one would be unable to thrive in the urban conditions in which we live. LED Pole lights can help to reduce the likelihood of collisions, whether on the road or from being bitten by a mosquito at night. Pole lights are specifically designed for outdoor use in order to provide adequate illumination that is uniformly distributed and does not leave any dark areas.

Purchase Guide: Different Types of High Bay LED Lights

Thanks to low energy consumption and efficient brightness, high bay LED lights are available in various sizes and wattages. These fixtures are eco-friendly and deliver better lighting to the surroundings. The fixtures are mounted from the ceiling height and provide uniform lumens to the given area. These LED fixtures are seen in warehouses and large godowns where uniform brightness is required. Proper lighting increases productivity and safety for the employees.

Why Are LED Pole Lights Perfect For Outdoor Installation?

If you want to keep your business safe and secure, perfectly illuminated buildings, outdoor spaces, and parking lots are extremely crucial. The LED pole lights will fade the darkness and will help drivers todrive safely

The Benefits of LED Pole Lights

LED lights are always better alternatives for HIDs. Effective LED lighting speaks volumes regarding business establishments. LED lights keep the visitors and employees safe from unwanted accidents and mishaps. A good volume of brightness is required for any establishment and LED pole lights to deliver the Lumens effectively.