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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 advantages that co-living offers to millennials – The New Best Way To Live

If you are a millennial, you probably have the urge to be independent as soon as possible, work hard and live on your own for a while...but not quite on your own. You like people around you as well, so the best option is the growing trend called co-living!


Low key money

Even in normal circumstances, when renting an apartment or any other living space, you will need to make a down payment to ensure that you are going to be renting the place. Deposits such as these are quite daunting to students or young individuals who have just started up their career. The advantage of shared community living is that landlords do not expect you to pay about a year's key money. Some places will give you the option of paying for just 3 months before you move in. Keep in mind that this may change according to who may be involved.


Greater freedom

If independence and freedom are what you dreamed of, then co-living at lyf by Ascott is the answer! Simply go out whenever you want, come home at your own time too (no curfews). Eat, drink, sleep or work whenever and whichever way things are convenient for you. This is the beauty of co-living! Yes, it also means that you get to hang out with the right crowd as well.


Social living

Hang out with the right crowd? Now, what does this mean? Well, you are bound to feel lonely after your first few weeks of independence, but the concept of co-living simply eliminates this! You'll be able to make new friends and connections with the other occupants of the accommodation. This could help relieve stress and keep your mind fresh while you work or play!


Extra facilities

Apart from the aforementioned facilities, most organisations that offer co-living facilities often offer add-ons as well. Events that allow you to showcase your talents will be arranged. You'll find yourself involved in activities which are more fun and social to help you strengthen connections. Are you ready to make the most of your youth?


Co-living is also healthy living

To start with, co-living spaces are almost always equipped with well-appointed gyms for you to work out at any time you please! Yes, you can always stay fit and the best part is that there is no need to go out of the complex. It's all at your doorstep. This is only the physical part of it. But co-living also offers mental wellbeing. This concept ensures that you will be around like-minded people each day making it possible to make better connections. You will be exposed to so many different ideas and opinions which will in turn inspire you.


More facilities

While renting out a normal apartment or house will mean that you get just the empty shell of a home, co-living offers so much more. Expect to have a common area filled with life where you can watch tv along with the others. Laundry services, food, cafes and even fast wifi networks will be easily accessible now. Don't forget the gaming area as well! How awesome could it get!

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