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Web design and development in Mysore

GSS Webtech is the professional web design and development company in Mysore. We develop various kinds of professional websites at affordable prices.

GSS Webtech - Strategic IT Solutions | Web Services For Businesses

Multivendor IT Consulting Services from GSS Webtech provide technology support for all business models which helps in revenue growth for business.

Search Engine Optimization for Business | Introduction to SEO

A brief introduction to search engine optimization will surely help you to know about, how it helps businesses to generate more customers to maximize sales.


Although the #options are many, the result is the #same - better audience targeting and thus better business inflow!

Although the #options are many, the result is the #same - better audience targeting and thus better business inflow!

Although the #options are many, the result is the #same - better audience targeting and thus better business inflow!
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A website is made attractive and functional using a great design so that any visitor would want to browse the website for longer and with ease.

Other than a bad deign, there are also other factors that would affect a user’s browsing experience on any webpage and perhaps drive them away. One such factor is the cumulative layout shift (CLS).

Cumulative layout shift is the sudden shift of webpage layout while a user is on the webpage. Even though CLS is not caused by user interaction with the website in any way, it surely does cause the user to lose patience.

The user may really want to click one particular button but may end up clicking another button due to the element having shifted on the webpage. It takes patience to even wait for images to load in an email that you receive – you can imagine how annoying it would be if the same happens on a webpage!

Currently, CLS is only considered with respect to user experience and is a Core Web Vitals metric. Google will even consider CLS for ranking your website – in fact it will be one of the main ranking factors for Google’s algorithm – supposedly starting sometime in 2021. When you have great SEO-friendly content, you don’t want to take chances of a bad CLS score to ruin your chances of a higher search engine results page (SERP) ranking. While this does not affect any adverts that you have paid for, it definitely affects showing up in organic results. Organic results have always had played better on the front of the trust factor of users.

There are certain elements that cause cumulative layout shift:
Web fonts (which causes delay in loading)
Images (when dimensions are not specified)
Adverts (again when dimensions are not specified – this is one of the major factors that causes CLS)
The main way to minimise cumulative layout shift is to first measure it. Thankfully, there are ways to measure CLS and optimize it before it becomes a bigger issue for your website. A good user experience is provided by web pages with a CLS score of less than 0.1.

Two ways to measure cumulative layout shift are:
Impact fraction
It is calculated using the impact area or impact region (includes both horizontal and vertical shifts).

Impact fraction is calculated as follows:

Area of impact/area of the page

Distance fraction
This is the distance that an element on a page has shifted (from when it is rendered first vs. its final spot on the webpage). This impacts the overall look of the webpage.

Distance fraction is calculated as follows:

Distance moved/height of the page

We hope that this blog helps you find and minimize cumulative layout shift for your webpage. GSS Webtech has an experience of many years in providing IT solutions with happy clients all over the world. Contact us for consultation!

12 reasons why social media marketing is powerful!

Social media is a very powerful tool for marketing and businesses ought to consider implementing their marketing strategies likewise.


Ever heard of the term ‘going digital’? The word ‘digital’ has become one of the most used prefixes in the last decade and has become the talk of the town. We hear about digital media, digital processing, digital data, digital marketing, digital education, digital transformation, etc., being used colloquially. Everybody is either going digital or wants to go digital, including companies, businesses, corporations and organisations. So, what is this talk about going digital or going home?

For the sake of not stating the obvious, let us begin with understanding digital transformation. Or digital business transformation as some people would like to term it. It can be defined as the advancement of business processes, activities and competencies along with the business models to influence the available changes and opportunities of digital technologies so that it impacts the business in a strategic and prioritised way. To put it in simple terms, digital transformation is the driving force that moves a business forward.

The strategies, more often than not, are usually helpful in driving the business aspect of transformation in the companies and hence some call it digital business transformation. These transitions are leveraged by several factors like technology innovation, customer behaviour, business demand and other external factors. However, it does not mean that business transformations are always helpful. It usually depends on how the company adapts and uses the applied transformation techniques that prove the worthiness of the entire process. In other words, implementing digital technologies to all walks of business to build more sustainable relationships and better understand the customers are vastly dependent on how the company/business and its employees take to the new methodology.

The Importance of Digital Transformation Strategy
Very well, now that it’s clear, let us look at the logic behind going digital. To begin with, it enhances the interaction with the customer for any business and company thereby improving the customer experience and engagement. In addition to that, opting for digital transformation also helps increase the efficiency of the operations of the organisation and helps improve decision making. Besides, there is a lot of scope for improving the innovation in the company in all teams to help truly transform the business.

Technology has made a significant impact on human lives. Furthermore, digital transformation has transformed how businesses interact with their clients, their e-commerce trading and marketing among other factors. This inevitable advent of digitalisation in every sector of business has had a significant contribution to how the business operates. However, this inevitability has its advantages as it helps businesses gain an edge over their competitors. This has made digital transformation crucial for corporate survival.

In simple terms, going digital for a company could become a key factor in its growth. Off late, potential employees are seeking digitization as one of the main reasons that they consider while joining a company. However, companies going digital without proper planning strategy yields next to nothing. To get caught with the flow and not make strides of improvement with it would be meaningless.

The Need for Digital Transformation
A digital strategy for any company should help transform the business, streamline the working process and make use of the existing technology to better the customer relations and experience. In a private study, it was found that 55% of the start-up companies and businesses adopted digital transformation during their inception while only 38% of the traditional and established companies adopted digital transformation at later stages. Here are some of the reasons that highlight the importance of digital transformation for companies.

Accelerated Growth of Business – With more and more companies opting for digital technologies to ease their task, digital transformation has picked up the pace all over the world. This changeover has resulted in an accelerated growth to businesses that have given them a position of leadership in their respective sectors.
Digital Competition – The era of internet and technological advancements has put an increasing pressure to compete digitally. As a result, long-established business models that involved conventional methods are being disrupted by the start-ups that adopt digitisation from their inception. However, adopting digital transformation aims to overcome digital competition or at the least, hold the ground.
Customer Expectation & Satisfaction – Customers expect a good experience across all products and services. It becomes the duty of the companies to ensure smooth interactions with a seamless experience and exceptional response. Digital transformation helps companies achieve the same with minimal resource expenditure.
Things to Remember
Given below are some quick points to remember when opting for digital transformation.

Quick Implementation of Innovation – As the saying goes, “Change is the only permanent thing.” Refusing to budge or adopting the necessary changes can be detrimental to the growth of the company. Change is the only thing that people can be sure of. Striving for constant innovation and greatness in operation helps in gaining an edge over the competitors.
Accepting the Internet of Things – The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought about significant and drastic changes. IoT has become a key factor in creating an innovative experience with everyday objects and devices, which has enabled it to create new opportunities for businesses in various sectors. Companies, businesses and customers will only benefit from it in the coming future.
Embrace the New Trends – New trends have taken over businesses in almost every sector. Not surprisingly, they have taken over marketing as well. The invention of digital marketing has slowly decreased the demand for traditional marketing, which will eventually phase out in a couple of years from now. Utilising the new trends will only add to the benefit of the company/business.
Cater to The Needs of The Customer – Ignoring the customers’ needs can result in them ignoring the company. A good product alone cannot suffice the customers, good after-sales service is equally important if not more. Catering to the needs of the customer becomes easier with the implementation of digital transformation due to the availability of tools that help ease the process.

To define in simple terms, branding is a marketing practice in which a company makes a name, sign or design which can easily be identified as a part of the company. This allows a product to be identified and distinguished from other services and products. Branding is important not only because it makes a memorable impression on consumers, but also because it allows your customers to know what to expect from your business. This is a way to differentiate yourself from the competition and to make clear the choices it offers. Your brand is designed to represent who you are and how you want to be understood.

There are numerous areas in which a brand can be developed, including publicity, customer service, promotional goods, reputation and logo. All these elements work together to create a single, (hopefully) meticulous profile.

Importance of Branding
Branding is essential to a company due to its overall impact on your company. Brandings can change your brand perception, promote new businesses and increase awareness of your brand.

It Fetches Recognition
The main purpose of branding is because it is how a company is recognized and made known to consumers. In particular, the logo is the most significant branding component, because it is mainly the face of your business. Therefore, a professional logo design should be powerful and easily remembered to give a first-look impression on a person. Printed advertising materials are often the most common means of making this happen.

It Increases the Business Value
In attempting to build future business, branding is significant. A heavily defined brand can boost the value of a business by providing the firm more market leverage. Due to its firm position in the market, it provides an attractive investment opportunity.

It Generates New Customers and New Business
A good brand has no difficulty in pursuing reference companies. In general, strong branding implies that the company has a favourable impression amongst customers, and they can do business with you because it is familiar and reliable to use a name that they can trust. Once a brand is established, word of mouth is the best and most efficient advertising technology for the company.

It Improves Employees’ Pride
If an individual works for a strong company and is genuinely behind the brand, he is more satisfied with his job and is more proud of the work he does. From the perspective of an employee, working for a renowned brand that helps the public show high respect is more pleasant and satisfying. A branded bureau can be created by using promotional goods for your desktop and often helps staff to feel happy and to feel like they are part of the business.

It Creates a Trust in the Market
A professional look and well-strategized branding will help the company build confidence with consumers, potential customers and customers. It is most probable that people do business with a polished and professionally portrayed company. Being correctly branded provides the feeling of being industry specialists and provides the public the feeling of being able to trust your company, the products and services it provides and how it manages its business.

It Supports Advertising
Another component of branding is advertising. Advertising strategies will specifically reflect the company and its intended representation. Advertising methods such as using promotional products from trusted firms make it simple to develop a workable and attractive advertising strategy that fits your branding objectives well.

It Builds Customer Loyalty
If a brand is trusted by clients, they will remain faithful to the brand or the company. For that to happen, the business must be known to outperform customer expectations in order to build a loyal customer base. As a result, it gains customers who will spend more on buying what the business sells but only when the business achieves enormous success.

It Sets Some Baseline Expectations
A reputed brand is bound to create some expectation. When customers buy the product or use the services, they expect something out of it. They can only know what they can expect from the images that get put up before them constantly.


We believe in you and your business and together we shall make your business a success with our uniquely catered digi...

We believe in you and your business and together we shall make your business a success with our uniquely catered digi...

We believe in you and your business and together we shall make your business a success with our uniquely catered digital marketing services

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