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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Things Not to Do in Sri Lanka if You Wish to Have a Hassle-Free Holiday – Cultural Awareness

Located off the southern coast of India is a small island called Sri Lanka, offering blissful scenery and incredible experiences for visitors. If you're travelling from Europe, you'll need to educate yourself on certain cultural boundaries and take precautions to ensure a hassle-free holiday here.


Don't Eat with Your Left Hand

Sri Lanka has got some really delicious cuisine – its seafood dishes, in particular, are rather tempting, many of which you could enjoy at one of the hotels in Negombo, Sri Lanka the likes of Amagi Aria. But, no matter how irresistible your food looks, don't resort to eating them with your left hand – even if you're left-handed. The reason behind this table manner is the culture of Sri Lanka, which considers the left hand as unholy and unclean. The same goes for handing over someone something; make sure you do it either with both hands or the right hand, or you might simply risk offending someone superior or superstitious.


Leave PDA for the Bedroom

Public Display of Affection is strictly frowned upon in Sri Lanka. However, this is only true for most people of the older generation who take after a more traditional outlook in life. Many millennials are more accepting of a dynamic culture and quite fine with people enjoying their freedom. But, just to be on the safe side, make sure you restrict PDA to your hotel room – you might never know when you would encounter a conservative and traditional Sri Lankan! Nevertheless, you may encounter young couples conveying their affection for each other by holding their hands in public.


Don't Wear Clothing with Religious Depictions

Now, this is a deciding factor for spending a hassle-free holiday in Sri Lanka. If you're seen out and about in public wearing clothing that depicts images of Lord Buddha, you run the risk of not being allowed to enter public venues and religious buildings. If you're really unfortunate, you might even be threatened for wearing such garments, as it is considered highly insulting for Buddhists (and Sri Lankans in general) in the country.


Do Follow and Respect Traditions

Cultural sensitivity is something that you should embrace when travelling across time zones. When entering a Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, make sure that you always take off your footwear and place them neatly near the temple. Keep in mind to wear white (or light-coloured) clothing with sleeves and a hemline that falls past your knees when you look forward to entering these religious establishments. This would convey your respect for the culture of the country.


Do Take Precautions to Avoid Getting Mosquito Bites

Just like any other tropical destination, Sri Lanka is a haven for various types of insects. The mosquitoes, in particular, are quite irksome creatures. And if you aren't used to insect bites, you might have a bad itch if a mosquito bites you. However, what you should keep on your mind is the fact that Sri Lanka has completely eradicated Malaria (contrary to popular belief) and you should only worry about dengue. Make sure you pack enough insect repellent spray (or you could purchase brands such as Soffell here) to keep away these insects.

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