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5 Beautiful Religious Buildings in Singapore – Discover Racial Harmony

Singapore's multi-racial culture is its biggest lure. And this fact is best reflected in the diverse religious shrines that depict different faiths, practised across the tiny island nation. Thus, this article educates you on where to find 5 of the most beautiful religious buildings in Singapore.


St Andrews Cathedral

This is Singapore's biggest cathedral. Located at the corner of North Bridge Road and St Andrews Road, it displays Neo-Gothic architectural styles. It was aptly deemed a national monument in 1973, since the building is a historic landmark built in 1861. The cathedral is named after Scotland's patron saint, St Andrew, in honour of the Scottish people who helped fund the construction of the iconic shrine. Inspiration for the shrine came from the 13th century Netley Abbey, the vestiges of which are located in Hampshire, UK. An even more interesting fact with regards to the building is that it was built by Indian prisoners, on land leased from a Muslim merchant. One of the more interesting things to see in Singapore, St Andrews Cathedral is a fine example of racial harmony. Learn more about fascinating attractions in Singapore by exploring sites such as My Singapore Travel, which are ideal for those planning to visit the quintessential holiday hub.


Armenian Church in Singapore

Located on Hill Street, this is Singapore's oldest church. It is dedicated to the patron saint of the Armenia Apostolic church, 'St Gregory the Illuminator'. The shrine was established in 1836 as a place of worship for Singapore's first resident Armenians. Besides being declared a national monument in 1973, the structure's design is an amalgamation of British Neo-Classic designs and solutions to Singapore's tropical climate. For example, the classic lines of the church are enhanced with long wide verandas typical of Singapore's colonial homes, along with interiors consisting of rattan pews and windows that are designed for cross ventilation. Hence, the designs are carefully constructed to combat the humid environs while keeping to classical design. A must-see for all culture buffs, this building will intrigue you.


The Exotic Sri Mariamman Temple

Head over to Chinatown for a view of Singapore's oldest Hindu temple. The Goddess Mariamman, to whom the temple is dedicated, is the deity for curing illnesses, and the deity of rain. A revered goddess in Tamil Nadu India, her temple is an exotic structure. For instance, the temple's main tower or gopuram located at the entrance has been constructed as per Dravidian architectural styles. And in this type of design, the tower is inlaid with figures of gods, animals, and other enhancements.


Temple of Heavenly Happiness

This is Singapore's oldest Taoist Hokkien temple. It is officially named Thian Hock Keng Temple and is dedicated to the Sea Goddess Ma-Zu to whom the people pray for protection. This intricate and beautiful shrine was declared a national monument in 1973. This is due to its vintage value; the complex was constructed between 1839 and 1842. The temple, which received several facelifts over the years, has even won several accolades.


Masjid Sultan

To see this vintage mosque, you must head out to Kampong Glam, a pretty locale in Singapore. And indeed, the Sultan Mosque is a grand sight; its golden, onion-shaped dome glistens in the sunlight. The original complex was constructed by Sultan Hussain Shah, who used funds given by the East India Company. However, the structure that stands today was constructed in 1928 and has undergone a few minor repairs. In 1975, the mosque was declared a national monument.

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