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6 Good reasons to visit Sri Lanka – A holiday in a tropical paradise

Lying south of India, Sri Lanka is an island nation that offers an array of things to do and see. The country's rich culture, history and tropical climate attract thousands of tourists each year.


Why visit

Sri Lanka transitioned into a tourist destination in a short period of time. The country has many attractions, including beaches, historical sites, national parks and religious sites. Its rich culture can be witnessed everywhere; the tokens left behind by the bygone monarchical era can still be seen. The country's climate is particularly alluring to tourists. The country also offers a good set of accommodation options, including the likes of Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy.


Yala National Park

For a Sri Lankan style safari experience, visit Yala National Park. The park is bordered by the Indian Ocean on one side, and it has various ecosystems from beaches to rainforests to grasslands. Yala National Park provides a habitat for a range of animals. Leopards, elephants and crocodiles are the most common sights. This is also home to many bird species, and some of them are migratory.


Colombo Lotus Tower

One of Sri Lanka's newest creations, Colombo Lotus Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in Southeast Asia. With a staggering height of 368 meters, the tower offers stunning views of the area. At the top is a revolving restaurant that's popular with couples. The shopping mall found at the base is another highlight. The elevators are super-fast, and they will whizz you up to the observation decks in mere seconds. LED lighting covers the exterior of the building; the site is famous for hosting light shows in the evening and on holidays.


Temple of the Tooth

Easily reached from any resort in Kandy, the Temple of the Tooth is a sacred site revered by Sri Lankans. The site is visited by both locals and foreigners, and it is often crowded. This is where Buddha's tooth relic is housed. In ancient Sri Lanka, the tooth relic had political importance as well. It is said that whoever had the tooth relic was the rightful ruler of the nation. The temple sits in the royal palace complex. There are daily rituals held at the temple. On Wednesdays, the relic is bathed, and the bathing of the relic is a ceremony.


Sri Lanka National Museum

This is where you can learn about Sri Lanka's culture and history. It unravels the fascinating story of the country and its people. The museum holds a large collection of artefacts, including coins, crafts, jewellery and old money. There are multiple levels to the building, and each level is stocked with valuable historical artefacts. Every item is displayed in chronological order. The museum is housed in a purpose-built Victorian-style building.


Pinnawalla Zoo

Sri Lanka has two zoos: Dehiwala zoo and Pinnawalla zoo, both are run by the government. The first zoo was Dehiwala zoo, but as it was landlocked, a second zoo was opened in Pinnawalla. Pinnawalla Zoo has plenty of space for animals to roam around. The large group of leopards is the unmistakable feature of the zoo. You'll also find a large compound where deer live. Feathery inhabitants of the zoo are turkeys, ducks, peafowl and swans. Rabbits and turtles are among the other residents of the zoo.


Galle Dutch Fort

A large tourist highlight, Galle Dutch Fort was the work of the Portuguese rule. It came into being in the 16th century, but the Dutch added many sections to the fort in the 17th century. Though called a fort, it's more like a village with shops, homes, a church and a mosque. The site offers many shopping opportunities, and there are plenty of boutique hotels to choose from.

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