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Unknown Facts About Oman – Learn about a Unique Country

Many nations in the Middle East have been already visited by tourists. Yet, shouldn't something be said about Oman? Some tourists don't have the slightest idea about the existence of this splendid country – but it is indeed one of those countries that should be explored at least once in a lifetime.


Oman is a great destination for wild camping

If you are someone who gets pretty excited at the slightest mention of camping, travelling to Oman would be a dream come true. Wild camping is quite legal in Oman so head over here soon to make that dream a reality. Don't forget to bring your tents and related equipment to create a liveable space for you and wholeheartedly immerse in this wonderful experience. Be it on the beach, the desert, or even in the mountains, you will be able to have such mesmerising camping opportunities that you wouldn't want to leave these place for months! But, make sure that you don't litter here and bring everything back with you.


Oman has Splendid Beaches

With a pristine coastline that runs for approximately 1,700 kilometres, Oman is blessed with spectacular coastal views. You'll come across some of the most scenic beaches that you'd ever see during your life here – one captivating example is Ras al Jinz Beach. Apart from its breathtaking beauty, tourists also love to explore this beach due to it being a popular breeding ground for turtles. There are many beautiful and intriguing beaches like this scattered across the long and immaculate shoreline some of which offer excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities.


Oman offers great opportunities for off-road driving

Many roads that wound in and around Oman are simply fabulous for off-road driving. This is especially true for the road via Wadi Bani Awf. As the road gets steeper, you'll get better views. A drive through this road shouldn't be missed by those who love a good surge of adrenaline through their veins. It is truly an exhilarating experience and all you need for a perfect off-road driving experience would be an informative guide book since you aren't really familiar with these roads and the rules of the country.


Omani deserts are truly some sights to behold

True, deserts are one of the best Oman attractions although they aren't the only landscape that this country offers its visitors – Oman is rich with several landscapes and its desert is just one of them. However, the Sharqiya Sands desert area is a spectacular region to explore and its red sand dunes hold a massive beauty that will make any visitor fall in love with Oman over and over again.


Oman offers amazing hospitality

If you decide to spend your holiday in Oman at a property such as Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara, you will immediately understand that their hospitality could be rivalled by only a few others in the world. Even if you meet a local on the road, most often than not, you will be readily helped even if it's the first time that person is meeting you.