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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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A Packing List for New Zealand – Top 5 things to take with you

Heading to New Zealand for the first time and wondering what you should be packing? Here are some tips on the five more important items to pack for your trip to New Zealand.



You will be surprised how much the weather changes in New Zealand within a couple of hours. You will experience chilling weather one minute and then experience extremely hot sweaty weather in the next hour or so. In order to be able to handle the weather in New Zealand, it is important to dress in layers. Having some casual tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, and linen pants are good. You should also have some foldable jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and hoodies for when you might be facing cold weather. Remember that clothing is pretty expensive in New Zealand and you don't want to spend your money on coats and hoodies on your vacation.



Similar to clothing you need to have a variety with you so you are prepared for whatever the New Zealand weather throws at you. Ankle boots, hiking boots, slippers, sneakers, and walking shoes are a must along with several pairs of socks to accompany them. It is not an uncommon sight to witness Kiwis walking around barefoot in the city, Avani Auckland Metropolis Residences, and other hotels, and sometimes even at cafes and restaurants so you can skip the slippers and sandals if you wish to. If, however, you are planning on exploring the great outdoors you should definitely pack your hiking boots and walking shoes because purchasing a pair from New Zealand will cost you a few excursions you have planned in your itinerary.



Toiletries can be bought in New Zealand but once again it is best to carry your own since the prices are quite high even at supermarkets. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, body wash, razor, hair comb, or brush are a few of the essentials you can bring with you to cur down extra costs. You can also look at bringing your own menstrual cup which is a sustainable and cheaper option if you are on your period. Two main items you must pack are sunscreen and insect repellent. Many an Auckland city hotel is located near supermarkets which are open till late which makes it easier for you to buy any essentials you may have left behind.


First Aid Kit

Apart from the basic first air that you might need, such as plasters and pain killers you should also be mindful to pack your own medication if you are on any daily medicine. You should also pack any allergy medication and first air for small cuts and bruises so you do not have to worry when you are hiking or going outdoors. Remember to pack a scissor, a piece of paper and a pen along with the medication so you have them at hand in case of an emergency.


Electronics and travel essentials

Packing your electronics the charging cables and other accessories is a must. Purchasing these will be taxing on your wallet as it will only be a waste of money to be doing so on a trip. Pack these in advance along with your travel documents such as your passport and ticket so you do not need to worry about them at the last minute.