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Updated by Poorna Stefan on Mar 16, 2021
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Top E-Learning Technologies for Specialised Learners

There are various challenges that learners with disabilities face. Some learners have physical disabilities or long-term illnesses that predominantly pose the challenge of accessibility where they are unable to travel to classrooms or other locations for training.


Top E learning Technologies

Top E learning Technologies

Increased Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more involved in every aspect of our lives. It has penetrated the functions and features of almost every piece of technology we use today.
The most widely recognized use of AI is its inclusion in various voice-assistant software, such as Alexa or Siri. AI helps companies personalize the user experience on smart devices, but it could also help improve LMS platforms’ teaching capabilities.

IoT Has Brought eLearning To The Learner

This is simply going to escalate in the future. This has also transformed eLearning content, which too, has become highly visual, as modern learners have become accustomed to seeing such content every day on the internet and can’t engage with anything less than that.
The IoT will soon make it so that we have 24X7 access to the internet across a number of wearables, like sneakers, glasses/shades, pens etc. With such 24X7 access available to every student, teachers will have to resort to changing the learning format from “remembering and writing down things”, to “finding things on the internet and expanding on them”.

Augmented Reality (AR) Makes Classes More Interactive

Augmented Reality technology helps teachers get the attention of students in no time and it increases engagement levels as well. It brings to life abstract topics, such as set theory and logical reasoning, and makes learning more effective than ever. Let students scan images from their textbooks and learn with 3D models.

Augmented Reality
lets teachers and trainers act as a guide in the classroom. When teachers become mentors, classes become fun and interactive. Modern students are more engaged in learning when technology is used in some form or the other. Augmented Reality in education has been proven to improve teacher-student collaboration in classrooms. This is because it makes use of game-based digital elements that have the power to intrigue students.

Cloud Analytics

Cloud computing as an exciting development is a significant alternative today’s educational perspective. Students and administrative personnel have the opportunity to quickly and economically access various application platforms and resources through the web pages on-demand. This automatically reduces the cost of organizational expenses and offers more powerful functional capabilities.

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The world-renowned scientist Stephen hawking’s is an apt example of someone who utilized assistive technology. Zoondia is looking forward to implementing these applied sciences into their apps to ensure that technology provides its real advantages to all sectors.

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Impact of Learning in 2021

Impact of Learning in 2021

Technology now implants classrooms with digital learning tools, and it has made it more accessible than the way it was a few decade before. We help you enhancing learning with new systems and also our offering can renew your education requirements.The education and learning industry has certainly come of age. Websites of educational institutions not only require vast inflow of information but also innovative showcasing. Besides they need to be easy to navigate and the ability to provide answers to all questions that the audience of the new millennium may have.

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Impact of Mobile app

Impact of Mobile app

In order to be successful in any business, you’ve got to always keep your finger on the pulse.

Stay updated with industry trends in addition to researching your competitors. It’s no secret that our world is moving in a mobile direction.

That’s why every business, regardless of the industry, needs to stay updated with new mobile trends. This is especially important for companies with a mobile presence, such as an app or mobile site.