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What to Pack for the Maldives – Getting Ready for the Tropics

Are you planning that much-awaited holiday to the Maldives? Wondering what to pack for a holiday of sun, sand, and surf? Well, you won't need those sweaters or boots; what you will need are swimsuits, sunscreen, and other stuff listed in this Maldives packing list!


Sunscreen – the Must-Pack Essential for Your Maldives Trip

Sunscreen has to be the most important item on your packing list. You will need loads of your favourite brand as the Maldives is a tropical archipelago blessed with sunny days all year round. And you certainly will spend a majority of your time on the water, the beach, or the poolside of your luxury Maldives resort. Make sure to choose a good water-resistant sunscreen because Maldives resorts like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort offer a variety of water-based activities and you certainly won't want to miss out on the fun.


Essentials to Pack for the Maldives

A sun hat will keep your head cool as you explore, zip around the ocean, or chill on the beach of your resort or terrace of your over-water villa in the Maldives. You'll thank yourself later for packing your sunglasses as the glare can be quite tough on the eyes, especially when you're by the ocean. Next is a good dry bag to keep your sensitive and expensive tech products such as phone and camera safe from damage caused by sand and water. Wet bags for everyone will be a convenience when you have to carry your wet towel, swimsuit, or even mud-caked slippers back to your resort in the Maldives. All these items are best taken from your home country, as goods in the Maldives can be quite expensive since just about everything, except for the sun, sand, and surf is imported to the country.


Invest in an Underwater Camera

Home to some of the world's top scuba diving spots, the Maldives is favoured by professional scuba divers hankering for a chance to discover the coral reefs and the myriad of marine life there. Even novices can easily earn their PADI diving certificate via dive centres located at top resorts in the Maldives. Hence, an underwater camera will be perfect to capture the beauty of the marine world when you are scuba diving or snorkelling across the verdant house reef of your Maldives hotel.


Snorkelling Gear is a Must When Visiting the Maldives

One of the best places for snorkelling, the Maldives is blessed with over 1000 coral islands. And just about everyone, young and old, will be able to enjoy the thrills of snorkelling there. It is a treat not to be missed, so make sure to pack your snorkelling gear when visiting the Maldives.


Essential Items of Clothing to Pack

You are going to be spending a holiday in the tropics. Therefore, take along plenty of comfy cotton t-shirts and shorts. Make sure the shorts are long enough to not offend the conservative culture of the Maldives. You also need a few dressy clothes for those lovely evening dinners offered at the luxury resorts in the Maldives. Take along two swimsuits; one for actually swimming and one for sunbathing at your resort. A shawl or long-sleeved shirt and long skirt or capri pants will be ideal for times you visit the local islands and decide to explore the mosques.


Shoes to Pack

The Maldives is an archipelago; hence, you will be treading sand or water at any given time. Flip flops are the most practical while water shoes will keep your feet safe when exploring the reefs. But, do make sure to not walk on the coral and damage their fragile structure. You may want to pack a pair of strappy sandals and casual loafers for those evening dinners as well.