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5 Tips when travelling for business to Bangkok – What you need to know

Bangkok is a popular vacation city, but it also attracts many individuals who come to the city on business matters, and here are 5 tips you can follow when in the city for business purposes.


Arrivals in Bangkok

Bangkok is a busy city not only with businessmen but with many travellers who move in and out of the city so there are many easy ways for you to get from the airport to the city really quickly. The easiest way is for you to have a pre-arranged transport that can take you from the airport to your hotel or the meeting. You will likely be getting off at Suvarnabhumi International Airport or at Don Mueng Airport which is the older airport out of the two. Most of the Bangkok city hotels are located in close proximity to the MTR system as well if you wish to take a train from the airport to the hotel.


Doing business in Bangkok

Bangkok like most Asian countries is a five-day workweek and is from Monday to Friday which starts around 8 or 9 am and goes on till around 5 or 6 pm. Some companies work on Saturday mornings but meetings are generally not scheduled on Saturdays unless they are pre-arranged and urgent. Avani Atrium Bangkok and many hotels in Bangkok are ideal for business meetings that take place out of the office as they have meeting rooms that are suitable for a professional environment.


Dress to impress

As much as the western world does have a concept of what you wear does not speak about you this is not the scenario when doing Business in Thailand. You need to dress the part in order to be taken seriously about doing business with your soon-to-be partners. It is best to wear a court and tie if you are going to the office of the party you are meeting but if it is a lunch or a casual meet-up over coffee you can wear linen pants and a shirt but still look smart and professional.


Business and hospitality

Some Thai companies prefer having meetings out of the office which allows them to understand the individual better. These meetings might take place over lunch or dinner at a hotel or restaurant or at a home of a senior executive of the group. When you enter the house or location observe if the others remove their shoes and follow through. Many females might not be attending the meetings but if you are introduced to any female businesswomen or family members, wait for their action to see if they extend their hand for a handshake, and if so you may do so but if not you can do a slight bow and acknowledge the introduction. Do not make the mistake of trying to talk business instantly after passing pleasantries, Thai businessmen prefer to get to know their partners before starting to talk about business.


Out of office

If you are getting a day or two or at least a few hours to yourself to look around and enjoy the city you can do so on your own or you can ask if they have any recommendations which might allow them to accompany you with one of their team members. Temples, floating markets, and cruises are only a few of the wonderful attractions you can explore while you are out of the office.