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Things To Do In Denver (Colorado) This Weekend

With the recent pandemic, it is not difficult for average tourists to reach their favorite destinations in time and struck off places from their wish lists. It is important to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus that has crippled the world economy and forced a large proportion of the global population to remain indoors.



Being a traveler gives a peace of mind that you are a free soul, allowed to roam around the world savor all the beauty it needs to offer. When we talk about tourists and travelers, there are two distinct kinds:

• Those who love landscapes and places that are not filled by people from all around the world. In fact, they discover new spots and find solace in them.

• The other kind are the ones that feel really at home when they are surrounded by crowds. They love to make connections and feel at home in the cityscapes.

This is a crucial hour but that certainly does not stop us from planning ahead!

We all know that planning is crucial for any trip. There is so much that needs to be done in both personal and official circles before you could set out for an exciting journey.



Denver is considered to be the epicenter of American tourists’ haven with countless destinations including points of interest, must-visit attractions, and some of the most exciting vacation spots in all of the Northern Hemisphere!

There is still one thing to get into your account: With all these great spots, you need to have a map and a plan on which areas should you visit during your stay in Denver.

We can help you with this one. In this post, we will take you through some of the finest points in the city that offers a great range of mood settings and priorities. So, stay tuned.

Without any further ado, here are our pickups for those who need to browse through Denver:


Denver Botanic Gardens

If you are up for a soothing walk without the bustle of the city, you will find yourself right at home in this wonderland. Denver Botanic Gardens is a must-see, especially for those who love nature in its purest forms.

With the area ranging over 24 acres, there is so much to savor in this garden. The main attractions include a number of eye-catching sculptures, pools for a refreshing dip, and a variety of gardens.

For those interested in art and sculpture, in particular, check out:

• A piece by famous sculptor Dale Chihuly. It is called “Colorado” and it is made up of glass with a characteristic red and yellow spikey design.

• The other most visited piece by visitors is by Deborah Butterfield. It depicts a novel sight of a horse being stripped bare.

• Named by the great French artist Monet who painted lilies in his landmark paintings, there is a lily pool for the art-lovers who want to pay homage to the maestro – Monet Pool.

For the gardens, you will find mesmerizing gardens with the ability to withstand drought. This includes a Children’s Garden by Mordecai and a Japanese garden to kick back and relax with friends and family.

There is a gift shop for those who need a souvenir!


Clyfford Still Museum

While roaming around in Colorado city, you will find two giants standing next to each other:

• Denver Art Museum

• Clyfford Still Museum

For the latter, it has over 3,200 abstract pieces, created by Clyfford Still. He was a world-renowned expressionist artist with a huge impact on twentieth-century art.

Inaugurated a decade earlier in 2011, the museum houses the collection of some of the most influential pieces by the great artist. This ranges from the early sketches that he created in the 1920s to all the way to the more refined on-canvas pieces he made in the 1950s. So, you can observe the artist’s progress from a novice to a master!

The best part is that it is not much crowded most of the time, which means you can have a personal experience while looking at the art that has influenced many generations of painters in the subsequent decades.

You will regret not taking a look at this joint!


Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Being on a road keeps you going! How about a scenic spot for sightseeing along Colorado Highway 5? If you are not up for a hike, you can always drive through the stunning views and collect great shots of the landscape. All you need to do is pay the toll and ride from Echo Lake’s Highway 103 up to the Summit Lake road. At its peak, it is over 14,264 feet above sea level and the scenery is a must to behold.

The passage is not open for the whole year so you can do it only when it is permissible to drive, since it is the tallest paved road in all of America. But you will find that it is one of the best spots that you can visit in the area.

All is not about driving through because there are many erected “stopping points” where you can pull over and take a look over the edge of the road of the Rocky Mountains.

No doubt one of the “top” places in Denver that you need to visit, isn’t it?


Denver Art Museum

This joint is one of the top art-related places across the whole length and breadth of Colorado, which makes it a must-see for both art-lovers and common tourists.

Located in the famous “Golden Triangle Creative District”, it houses around 70,000 unique art pieces of artists from all around the world. The building in itself is a piece of modern architectural art that will get a wow factor from every visitor before even stepping in the building!

At DAM, you will find seasonal exhibitions of pieces from new and classic artists as well as the permanent fixtures that adorn the halls and walls of this beautiful building, both for the critics and the collectors.

There is not one exhibition that you should visit but there are plenty and all organized under the supervision of professional curators. So, there is something worth-seeing all around the year.

It does not matter if you are not even remotely interested in art, this amazing place will make you think twice about what it has to offer!


Red Rocks Amphitheater

Looking for a place to have the feeling of what Colorado has to offer in its nightlife? Fret not, because we have chosen just the perfect place for you! Not to mention it is a fun place to enjoy music and entertainment.

Red Rocks Amphitheater sports a natural look and design, thanks to the natural red rock sandstones which is the only building block in its construction.

For those who are exploring Denver during spring and fall, you will get yourself an exclusive treat to some of the best musicals or an early bird film screening. There is no discomfort in viewing the shows or enjoying what else the amphitheater has to offer, which goes on throughout the year.

If you are not made for the crowds and live shows and need to breathe in an open area with breathtaking views, this is still the place due to its mind-blowing aesthetic qualities.


Coors Field

This gets a lot of attention from sports lovers, especially football lovers.

Coors Field is the most visited location for its casual and family-friendly vibes which you do not get in other ballparks. It is named after the famous beer that the city is even known for, which is another thing you should put in your traveling diary for references.

Colorado Rockies, a major league baseball team that has fans all around the states, call this field its home ground. It covers over a whopping 76-acres and has a seating capacity for over 50,000 spectators. For the lucky ones who get the seating around first-base areas or in the right field, they can have a breath-taking view of the Rocky Mountains ahead of them.

But if it is not the game season, what does the place offer to the visitors?

There are many activities that will keep people of all ages occupied, such as ground tours of the field that provides ample introduction to the baseball world. With the interactive areas, you can try your muscle in video batting cages and bowling pitches.

In downtown Colorado, this is the must-see place for:

• Watching the game

• Sampling tasty snacks

• Touring the fields and getting inside knowledge of the game

So, do not miss out on this one while you are still in Denver!

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