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Based in Qatar since 2011, Whyte Creation Advertising Agency offers premium services in Advertising, Web Design & Development,E commerce development, Mobile Application Development, IOS Mobile Application, Android Mobile Applications, Graphic Design, Corporate Branding, Logo Design,Mobile Application Development, Internet Marketing & SEO, 3D Visualization, Event Management, Exhibition Stand production,Videography, Photography & Media Solutions


Best Web Designing and Web Development Company in Qatar

Best Web Designing and Web Development Company in Qatar

Yes, you got us! Cheers! We at Whyte Creations come up with customized website designs for your brand. We come up with the best high-quality services for your business needs. Qatar’s top-notch advertising agency Whyte Creations offers the best website designs for your company. By making note of your website needs and requirements, our dedicated and professional team design and curate the best website design trends required for your company.

‘Face is the index of your mind’ as in the proverb ‘Your website marks your identity for your brand’. Advertising is also a form of developing your business. It can be of many forms but owning a website has become one of the crucial ways to bring your business on board. By creating a good web design visual, website design templates, web contents, website layout etc, Whyte Creations being Qatar’s leading creative advertising agency, design and develop the best website design for your company.

A good-looking website yields you the reputation and traction for your brand. We provide you with secure, authentic online hosting for your brand. Your online presence is the key to your success.
Being Qatar’s best web designing company, Whyte Creations offer you the best eye-catching solutions for your brand to turn on the success notifications. The professionals here at Whyte Creations understand your needs and provide you with quality website ideas for your brand which are pristine customized only for you.

By creating a good impression with our unique and variety of website designs, we let your business stand out in the market. As a leading advertising agency in Qatar, we create rich- content websites. By analysing the strategies and deliberate planning in design, we ensure to create and execute good website designs.

For a successful online business, it starts with the foundation of your web design. A platform where you can display who you are and what you do. The website design includes designing the website layouts, content production, creating graphic design and covering different aspects of the web such as interface design, authoring, standardised coding, proprietary software and search engine optimization.
For further details visit our website.


E-commerce Web Design Company in Qatar

E-commerce Web Design Company in Qatar

Whyte Company is a full-service eCommerce web design company in Qatar that offers some of the best eCommerce solutions in Qatar to develop and establish successful online businesses and eCommerce consultancies in the region.

As one of the regionally experienced and top eCommerce consultants in Qatar, we help entrepreneurs build and launch successful eCommerce start-ups in Qatar with advanced online shopping carts and eCommerce website features.

eCommerce Consultants in Qatar
As result-oriented eCommerce consultants in Qatar, we deliver start to end eCommerce solutions with a unique thought process and technically advanced implementation.

eCommerce Technology Consulting in Qatar
As every fast-paced organization requires a reliable IT consultant that offers scalable technological solutions to meet their diverse requirements. With our firm belief in timely project delivery & cost-efficient solutions for web design & web development solutions, Whyte can easily step in as your IT consultant & eCommerce development company in Qatar.

eCommerce Cart Development
We develop advanced shopping carts that feature the latest interactive functions for hassle-free product management & order management to boost your retail business productivity.

Magento Website Development
Magento is one of the most popular and precisely developed platforms for eCommerce website development. As specialists in custom Magento website design in Qatar with proven expertise in PHP frameworks, we excel in designing small to big eCommerce websites in Qatar with complex to simple variations.

Responsive eCommerce Website
We create responsive shopping websites that make your eCommerce shopping portal accessible on different screen sizes and varied mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones to reach the maximum consumer base.

Payment Gateway Integration
We specialize in payment gateway integration for retail shopping carts, websites based on subscriptions, etc. Our payment gateway integrations expertise in SSL integrations, API and hosted payment integration help clients provide the best website payment options based on their commercial needs and varied eCommerce frameworks.

Plug-in Module Development
We optimize and enhance the functionality of e-commerce applications & websites with superior plug-in and high-end module development.

Web Design & eCommerce Customization
With an impressive portfolio of web design in Qatar, we extend the same development & customization expertise to implement end-to-end e-commerce solutions in Qatar that are perfectly integrated with your business website & trending features.

Shopping Cart Development
We deliver perfectly designed online shopping carts that work seamlessly on varied eCommerce platforms featuring on all integral business-centric aspects.

Whyte Creations, Qatar’s top-notch eCommerce developers aim to create the best eCommerce service in Qatar. eCommerce offers business an entire run of openings, from promoting openings to expanding your items ranges to producing more deals and with an upgraded and well-created site you'll be able not as it were to accomplish these objectives but to offer your clients round the clock, convenient services that can boost your business.


A Quick Review on the Reach of Ecommerce in the Digital Era

A Quick Review on the Reach of Ecommerce in the Digital Era

It is evident that the world can survive and thrive on the Internet. When the world is moving up to Internet for all needs and wants, Ecommerce takes a front seat on that. The Internet has become a platform for people from all walks of life to meet and share their experience and services, Ecommerce is simply making use of the same idea to get people what they are looking for.

The question what is Ecommerce can be answered by Ecommerce or Electronic commerce refers to individuals, companies or institutions that make avail products or services to the other side by the use of Internet. When a guy called Jeff, Bezos spearheaded the idea back in 1990s, nobody would have thought that it would grow up to be the largest company in the world, connecting each and every one with varied products.

Ecommerce websites are reaching every corner of the world and people are preferring it more than anything. There are many reasons for this, including more promotions, large choice of products, loyalty points, offers, and a sense of comfort. In a way, we are getting wired to shop on Ecommerce applications, more than anything else.

When Ecommerce companies were limited to websites, they had their own limitations. But in the present day when everyone is active on smartphone, the slow yet subtle switch from websites to application have made a revolutionary change on the reach of Ecommerce websites. Applications can give the user a sense of belongingness and personal touch, Ecommerce applications are making use of this phenomenon in creative ways and slowly they are winning over the minds of the consumers.

A decade back, the reach of Ecommerce brands was limited to developed countries and a smaller consumer base, but now they are swooping in into every corner of the world. And miraculously, the global reach is met with a surprising excitement. People are happy to be a part of the revolution that is happening online, with Ecommerce websites and we are finding comfort ordering our wants from our living room.

Ecommerce has shown a new way for every business to target and reach their potential clients, and that is being wonderfully done in here. With the idea of connectivity, Ecommerce services have become widely available in every corner of the world. The cheaper charges for Internet and wide availability of it, has made Ecommerce possible anywhere.

The Eco-Friendly part of it is another reason there is a wider acceptance for E-commerce. When Ecommerce opts for paperless promotions and payments, that’s a reason for millennial and the thinking generation to welcome Ecommerce with both hands.

Available at any time is another major reason for the acceptance of Ecommerce business. Whenever you have a shopping crave, whatever the time it is, you can shop online. Waiting for a shop to open and drive through the traffic to reach there are all ideas of the past. Ecommerce has swept away all the traditional thoughts on shopping and that accounts to the reach of Ecommerce in the Digital Era.


Tips to Boost your Ecommerce with Creative Techniques

Tips to Boost your Ecommerce with Creative Techniques

Internet is the platter for the world in 21st Century and Ecommerce applications are the main course. At this juncture of life, we are all surviving and thriving on the Internet, without which the world would have come to a standstill. When Internet rules over the world, catering to all our needs and wants, Electronic commerce is what makes it possible to a huge extent.

The question what is Ecommerce can pop up anywhere, the simple process of Ecommerce services can be defined as the idea of making services or products available through individuals, institutions or corporations online. There are many companies and individuals occupied with the task of creating online platforms to sell their products or services. With more number comes in more competition and driving in traffic to your Ecommerce website is going to be a hectic task.
Boosting your Ecommerce business can be hard, even then it can be made possible with the right decisions.

Start with social Media: This is the platform where you’ll find potential customers for Ecommerce website. Social media have all kinds of users various walks of life, with the right advertisement strategies, pages and creative tools, you can summon these clients. Though building up follows might take a long time, making people to notice isn’t that hard with the right tools.

A sense of Urgency: Many Ecommerce platforms out there make use of this technique to easily ell of their products and it works purely on a psychological basis. Creating a sense of urgency, letting the customer know that this is the last product and the offer ends tonight will actually make the customer take a decision. And usually the decision falls on the positive side for the Ebusiness party. Creating a sense of urgency in a creative manner is the right key.

Live Chat is smart: Having a live chat option in your browser is usually a really smart way to approach Ecommerce solutions. A live chat has many benefits, to start with, it’ll make it easy for the customer to ask questions and voice out their concerns. Clearing doubts and questions before opting for a product actually helps the consumer to make up his/her mind on buying a product.

Moreover, a live chat would help you in many other ways. Being one of the least expensive ways to connect with the audience, it’ll even help you to cut low on the customer service team. Besides, a live chat feature would help you to accumulate data regarding all customer concerns and you can take action later on this. Most online businesses have live chats as a preferred way of reducing bouncing rates.

Encouraging reviews, starting blogs, putting up contests are all ways to boost your Ecommerce. When the world is choosing Ecommerce services over the traditional ones, it also means that the competition is tighter and higher. Using the creative strategies mentioned above, along with your own are the only way to stay ahead of the race.

As an experienced & trusted Web Design Company in Qatar, we enhance your brand's online presence and help your business to grow in no time.


How to Select the Right Ecommerce Platform for Your Business?

How to Select the Right Ecommerce Platform for Your Business?

We are all surviving and even Thriving on the Internet these days, without it, the world would have been frozen right now. When we all find comfort in online spaces, a major chunk of our time are allotted for online shopping, that is, Ecommerce. And this is the point when that shopping has become necessary than anything else, even groceries and other essential commodities are purchased online.

The shopping behavior of the world is slowly switching on to internet. With better promotions, sales, more options to select from, comfort and countless other merits, Ecommerce industries are indeed winning over our minds. If you are planning to start an Ecommerce business, this is the exact and excellent time for that, all that you have to do is, make the right options. Down below, we are listing a few options to get your Ecommerce platform smoothly sailing.

Focus on the consumer: Yes, you have to do focus on everything equally, but focusing on the consumer with more quality and attention would make your enterprise thrive. Knowing well what the consumer wants in your demography would make you go for the right products. Knowing the affordability of your consumers would make your idea into one of the best Ecommerce business. Since the consumer can’t touch or feel the product, giving them the most attention and care would be the only way to sustain them.

Wait for the Launch: Just because you have the idea, resources and everything planned don’t just start all of a sudden. The launch of your platform do matters, it is what gives you a frame on the wall. Your Ecommerce Company, if perfectly launched would outdo even the already best ones. You only get one launch for your website, the better and best you do it, the more attention you get.

Social Media, your gateway to consumers: Yes, that’s it; this is your exact and easiest gateway to connect with all the consumers out there. Social media in a way is the pulse of your Ecommerce website. The better you handle all the social media platforms and use it to connect with consumers, the better chances are there of finding in the potential customers. This platform will for sure, with the right marketing techniques will drive in traffic to your Ecommerce application.

Yay Mobile!: There is no putting of the fact that we get a sentimental touch over applications than a mere URl> Hence coming up with the most versatile apps with many features, promotions , loyalty programs are the way to do it right and perfect. If you are able to connect with your consumers through their phones, you have almost sorted it out well. If you choose to ignore mobile devices from your plan, the Ebusiness that you are building up might just fall apart in a few years.

There are many more ways to connect with your consumers. Doing the SEO right, offering perfect shopping carts, collecting all available information regarding potential consumers – to give them the right choices and offers- evolving everyday will make your ecommerce the best in the game.

Being Qatar's best ecommerce developers, we boost your brand's online presence. To get connected with our team and services, contact us at +974 70651005.


The common misconceptions of Digital Marketing

The common misconceptions of Digital Marketing

We are living in the age of Internet; our every day-to-day activity is either influenced or depended on Internet for many reasons. We tend to buy online, get entertainment online and even work online at this juncture. It is into this amicable point that the idea of digital marketing walks in. Before starting with, the question what is digital marketing should be answered.

Digital marketing can be summarized as the use of digital channels for the sales and marketing of any service or product. There are countless digital marketing companies being opened every day in every nook and corner of the world. They make use of different creative digital marketing strategies in order to bring in traffic and persuade visitors into client for their own specific clients. We have reached a point to understand that digital marketing is the most effective and wide reaching marketing solution existing out there as of now.

Even though more than half of the world is online as of now, and everyone e of us are familiar with digital marketing services, we are yet to be familiarized with the misconceptions that are attached to the field. Here, we are discussing a few of the most vastly committed and thought about a few of the digital marketing misconceptions.

Digital Marketing is only for Big Business and MNCs: That’s an outright lie; Digital Marketing techniques are for everyone, even individuals who are trying to give out their best to their targeted audience, and is trying to market his/her content. The digital marketing courses will teach you the various sides of online marketing, and this includes even knowing the preferences of potential clients. Which means that, whatever be the size of your organisation, you can market in through online streams? Which again means that social media marketing is for everyone?

Optimizing websites for mobile devices are a waste of time: That’s another popular myth which is in effect. Digital marketing companies would bet to prove you otherwise. More than half of the internet from across the world is accessed via smart phones, and people tend to get attached more to whatever they see on their mobile devices. Digital marketing services are equally important on all devices, irrespective of their size. It can even be said that, websites should be made mobile friendly to harness the full benefits of Digital Marketing fundamentals.

Digital marketing gets done with designing a website: No, In fact, that’s where it actually starts. Designing a website is the beginning of all digital marketing activities. Digital Marketing agencies would argue that online platforms tend to evolve per every second, which means that Digital Marketing should be made a continuous effort for your firm to stand out.

The website content should be continuously and regularly updated by every company, with sufficient keywords for your webpage to be relevant. If digital marketing techniques are stopped, then the ranking of your webpage would stoop.

Digital Marketing is more effective than anything else, but it needs to be done carefully and strategically by the best Digital Marketing companies, otherwise, it would be wreckage.

Whyte Creations is Qatar’s best digital marketing company aiming to deliver first-class services for our clients. Our innovative and productive marketing strategies help our customers stand out in the market. Our digital marketing services include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click Campaigns, and Email-Marketing.


Digital Transformation: An Outline to Digital Marketing

Digital Transformation: An Outline to Digital Marketing

We are the products of digital transformation; Internet has made us evolve a hundred centuries into the future. The result of Digital Evolution is seen in even the most basic elements of our daily life. From using digital wallets to digital conversations, it has manifested our lives n unforeseeable ways. The examples of digital technology would range from smart phones to automatic cars that would seen be available for commercial purposes.

The result of such a digital transformation is opportunities for digital marketing. Online marketing has more potential and reach than any other means of marketing. When the whole world is thriving and sustaining on internet, digital marketing is taking your product or service to a worldwide audience with just a click. There are many digital marketing courses and tools available to teach you the various nuances of marketing online. But before getting started on any of that, here, we are providing a basic outline into the various sides of digital marketing.

It should be started with the question, what is digital marketing?
Digital marketing or marketing online includes all forms of marketing done through online channels. The purpose of digital marketing can be comprised as, to make your product or service get noticed, increase traffic and get leads, eventually turning those leads into customers. Digital marketing is a form of strategic marketing for which the aim is to persuade the viewer into falling for the product by listing out how the product will benefit the viewer and all its capabilities.

The second question that needs to be addressed is that, why is digital marketing so important?
The answer for that is simple; the world is now connected to the Internet either through computers or mostly mobile devices. The internet is your firm’s breeding ground with potential customers, and digital marketing tends to make use of those customers through strategic approaches. Digital marketing agencies firmly exist on the reality that more than half of the world’s population exists online at any given time. By coming up with creative marketing techniques, it’s easy to convert viewers into clients.

The third factor is pertaining of the history of digital marketing,
Marketing has been there since the beginning of communication methods. Even the cave man was in a hustle for promoting himself into the future, and there is no blame in that. Digital marketing fundamentals firmly press on the factor that the first appearance of Digital marketing was in the 1990s.

Since then, the age of Google, Yahoo, and all other social media websites have triggered digital marketing into a billion dollar business from across the globe.

Though there are many other factors to consider, the most important would be why you or your firm needs the best digital marketing companies out there to stand out from the rest. Since everyone is into digital marketing jobs these days, with much competition, chances are high not to get noticed.

Your firm will need the most strategic and creative digital marketing techniques, that are seldom tried before to make that leap into the future of your own glory. If used carefully, and creatively, digital marketing can sculpt a future for your organization in most memorable ways possible.


How E-commerce Helps to Grow the Business

How E-commerce Helps to Grow the Business

This is the age of Internet and we are all proudly migrating to the surface of the electronic domain to connect with other, get our jobs done and many more tasks. With the pandemic in effect, Internet has proven to be useful more than anything else. In fact, without Internet the chances of us surviving this age would be close to zero. It is into this traffic that the Ecommerce sector walks in, in fact, Internet without the Electronic commerce would be unimaginable.

To begin with, what is Ecommerce? The question can be answered by Ecommerce, a business model in which includes the transactions taking place in the domain of Internet. The transactions can be services, products or anything else; the stores that sell their product online can be classified under the banner of Ecommerce business.

This new Era is that of Ecommerce websites, we are growing lazy day by day to barge into shops and add whatever we want to cart that we have to pull through. Instead, internet is offering us a chance to do the same from the comfort of our living rooms with a laptop and more promotional offers. Moreover the time saved on shopping online can be used for improving productivity and other work related tasks.

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 as a book retailing hub online, even he wouldn’t have thought his idea is going to revolutionize the world. Now Ecommerce applications and software rule over the world and web. With the advent of mobile applications things have changed more than ever. Now it’s all about online stores and the varied offers available through them. In a way, Ecommerce industries are taking a hold of our life more than we had ever imagined.

There are many Ecommerce platforms out there and they deal in different form. Ecommerce business can be classified into three, Business to Business (B2B) model, Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) models. Business to Business models work on supplying different variety of products and services from one business to other business, normally they supply in large quantities. The prices of such enterprises will be normally low, similar to that of Alibaba.

Business to Consumer is the most evident form of Ecommerce business outlets you’ll find out there. They deal directly with the end consumer, trying to get them all the products and services.

Platform as like Amazon, Flipkart are all examples. There is also the Community of making sales and services available online from consumer to consumer. EBay, craigslist are all examples for this.

Every Ecommerce enterprise deal or connects with their consumers through websites and applications. Even though they all started with their own websites, when smart phones started taking a huge chunk of our life, even the best ecommerce platforms moved all their attention to applications. Ecommerce solutions are always about connecting with the customer in the best ways possible and the applications are doing a bigger role in this particular area. This is definitely the age of Electronic business, and things won’t be the same without Ecommerce.

As one of the regionally experienced and top ecommerce consultants in Qatar, we help entrepreneurs build and launch successful ecommerce start-ups in Qatar with advanced online shopping carts and ecommerce website features.


Why H1 tags are Important for SEO? - Whyte Creations

Why H1 tags are Important for SEO? - Whyte Creations

H1 tags are a classic trend when it comes to improving the SEO rankings of a website. They are the best at improving your search engine rankings, if used in the appropriate way. The top advertising agencies in Qatar makes use of H1 tags to get the best results from search engine optimization.

The H1 tags are the most important heading because it is the highest level tag that shows what your specific page is about. Many web design companies in Qatar make use of H1 tags for this purpose. It is evident that the search engine will give more priority for this tag over the others.

Apart from improving the rankings, H1 tags are the best way to give structure for a page making it easier for the users to understand which part of a page falls under different headings. There are many pros of going ahead with H1 tags, apart from the fact that they are still the classic trend preferred by many web application development services in Qatar. Their pros include;

Help in accessibility: As mentioned before, the appropriate use of H1 tags structure a page. This in turn will help the users to navigate your content. The top leading website design companies in Qatar use H1 tags for this purpose, making display and the ability to navigate easier for them.

Google may prefer H1 instead of title tags: Though not every day, in some case there is a chance that even Google will prefer the H1 tag instead of directly going for title tags while in a search. Though this only happens when Google can’t find or process your title tag, there is still a chance for Google to recognize your H1 tag. This will definitely one reason to keep on using H1 tag as advocated by a few advertising agencies in Qatar.

Heading use is parallel with higher rankings: In the end, it’s all just a game to improve search engine ranking. In the entire SEO ranking done, there is a positive relation with high rankings and the use of headings on a page.

Though it can never be said that headings themselves are not a factor to improve your rankings, it is evident that the right use have chances to improve your rankings. Some of the best web development agencies in Qatar give a positive nod regarding the use of H1 tags and improving search engine rankings.


Online Reputation Management Strategy — How to Achieve Healthy Web Presence

Online Reputation Management Strategy — How to Achieve Healthy Web Presence

With the onslaught of the net, it is now quite simple to get your opinion heard. Along with the dawn of social networking has made way for new and innovative procedures to put forward your suggestions and criticize or praise others’. Being Qatar’s leading and best web designing company, we help you to achieve a healthy web presence for your brand.
For a business, it requires plenty of effort and patience to develop and improve standing with its present and prospective clients. However, that standing may easily grow or fall based on the type of feedback its goods or services get on the internet. Hence leveraging the expertise of Branding Company Qatar is essential.

What is ORM?
In simple terms, Online Reputation Management or ORM is an activity to manage the online reputation of the brand.

There is no longer anything you can do to prevent people from speaking about your business or brand on the internet; it’s necessarily going to transpire, whether it be negative or positive. For this reason, it’s vital that you’re aware of what’s being said on your organization online and also the actions which you may take to protect against these remarks from getting an adverse effect on your enterprise.

Clients can express their opinions via blog writing or social websites which may go a very long way in making or breaking your brand image. Online reputation management is about taking these comments, positive or negative, on your stride and utilizing them to your benefit to constructing a substantial internet presence.

The Best Practices
1. Develop a presence on all and any relevant web resources
Your Organization should have Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts, at least. If you are in an extremely competitive marketplace and vertical, then you might want to be busy on some additional social networking sites, too — there are dozens available, a few of which could be unique to your business.

For visually-oriented goods, utilizing Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr could be required. For several B2B, high tech or professional types of companies, with executives and employees incorporate with LinkedIn could be beneficial. And, most companies will gain from a range of movies shared via websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Alternatively, you cannot ignore outbound reputation management. For instance, if you are organizing an event make sure you pick the best event companies in Qatar that understand your brand value & elevate its presence.

  1. Acknowledge your Products & Brand
    You might have to build out online materials and social profiles for more than just your business name. For those who have product and brand names outside of your business name, you probably ought to create content to position for all those brands too. You might have to develop sites, web pages, social networking profiles, and collateral materials merely to maintain and reserve every brand name.

  2. Listen Carefully
    When responding to online complaints or mediocre reviews, critically consider that there could be some flaws in your procedure that have to be addressed — especially if you get regular negative comments about a particular thing. Keep in mind the adage that “the customer is always right”? Do not be stiff; develop a creative way to provide clients what they are looking for generating friction.
    You cannot overlook Reputation Management.

Online reputation management was a burgeoning segment of internet marketing for many years. We have worked on several instances of reputation management, and it is somewhat clear to us if a company does not invest in creating their online presence and standing, they will most likely pay the substantial cost after lost revenue, retaliating unexpected harm, and growing out the presence they missed.

Possibly the one thing worse than under-engaging in online media is tackling social websites seriously. Nobody can hurt you as bad as you can harm yourself if you do not understand what you are doing. Entrepreneurs and small business employees occasionally develop a significant instance of hubris — because people operating small companies must be jacks-of-all-trades to a degree just to have the ability to run a business efficiently.

Pro Tips
The very best method to do it would be to react proactively to client questions and in the process enhance your customer support. Frequently customers complain about the fact that the concerned businesses don’t answer their calls or respond to their questions timely. To achieve success in creating online standing it’s necessary that you attend to your customers, prospects query judiciously and intelligently.

For each sort of company, online or offline, a solid reputation means a continuous stream of customers. The internet is driven by consumer-generated content that offers immense transparency and also the opportunity to connect. But this suggests that virtually any sort of content could be published online. Thus it’s imperative that you construct your repute through excellent customer support, an honest transaction should be achieved via robust online reputation management strategy.

There are also several digital marketing companies in Qatar and ORM firms that can assist you to improve your inbound & outbound market standing.


5 Golden Tips Need to Know Before Selecting the Best Web Design Company

5 Golden Tips Need to Know Before Selecting the Best Web Design Company

It can be difficult to choose a web design provider for your application design. If this is your first project, you will require the services of a professional web design company for your application.
Here are some pointers to help you find the right team:

  1. Have a Clear Idea of What you Want: It's critical that you don't start your quest in the dark. It's beneficial to have a clear idea of the designs you like. Looking at your target company's websites and brands is an easy way to start your quest for a web design company.

Make a list of the features you want to see on their websites and mobile apps. Before you start searching for web design services, you should understand the basics. Simple insights from your target company's website or app, such as colour schemes and text placements, will help you determine who to recruit.

  1. Establish a Budget that is Realistic: When hiring a web design company, make sure you have a budget for the total cost of the project before you begin; this will allow you to create an expenditure plan and avoid unexpected fees after the project is completed. Ensure that you and the organization you're considering hiring have a strong working relationship.

It is important to have a budget in place prior to meeting; this will save you time and allow you to recruit a company that is willing to work with you. Limiting the amount of money you're willing to spend on the project will help you prevent overspending.

  1. Communication is Essential:
    It is critical to hire a web design services company that understands what you require. During your first meeting, evaluate how well they respond to your questions and decide if this is the right team for you. Communication is essential because the company should be able to keep you up to date on the status of your project at all times. A good company should maintain a line of communication with its customers.

  2. Create a Project Timeline:
    Until meeting with a prospective company, it's a good idea to have a project timetable in mind. If your project has a deadline, you can choose a team that is capable of completing the project on time. It would be beneficial if you let the organization know which sections of the project must be finished on which dates.

  3. Check Previous Customers’ Reviews:
    When you've decided on a potential web design company to work with, go to their website and read about other customers' experiences with their services. If they have more positive reviews, you will know that it is correct and you can consider working with them. However, if they have more negative reviews, you should be cautious because negative reviews indicate that they are untrustworthy and incapable of producing quality work.

Whyte Creations designs unique and creative visual designs. According to our clients’ needs and requirements, we custom design the websites. Our website design company in Qatar gives amazing visual design with enchanting typography keeping in mind target audience. This makes our quality design strike the right chords.


How Mobile App Can Help to Grow Your Business

How Mobile App Can Help to Grow Your Business

Mobile apps were once the exclusive domain of large companies and businesses. However, the big guys' ace in the hole has shifted dramatically over the last two years. Smaller businesses are now better able to serve their customers and see much higher returns on investment as a result of mobile apps.

Humans are hardwired to be social in any case. Nobody wants to be cut off from the world's events. It's impossible to overstate how social mobile is. Businesses may use mobile devices to drive sales much as they do with formal chatting and video calling. It's cool to have a working Facebook or Twitter account, but that's not enough.

Simply begin by describing your goals and prioritizing them from the start. Following some serious thought on your part, you can use any or all of the four main paths to creating a highly functional mobile app.
1. Customer engagement
2. Service and support
3. Promotion
4. Online sales
The Advantages of Having an App

Increase Client Visibility at all Times:
On a regular basis, the average person spends more than two hours on their computer. There are more than a billion mobile phones in the world. As a result, the fact that people nowadays spend more time on their phones than on their computers is beneficial to companies if you change your marketing strategy to reflect this shift.

If you have a mobile presence, your company would obviously be known to a large number of people. When these people scroll, unlock, and do whatever else they do while on the go, your picture, name, and logo must be visible. Humans keep their devices on their fingers, palms, or in their pockets.

Direct Your Marketing Efforts:
Mobile applications provide the company with a wealth of knowledge about your clients. Demographics and regional areas are two examples of this. More importantly, you will provide a great deal of knowledge about your goods and services to your customers.

News feeds, product specs, new features, costs, promotions, and special rates are all examples of this type of information. You can learn about a customer's interests and cater to their unique requirements. You have a big benefit because you are selling more directly.

Provide Value to Your Clients:
Customers want high-quality goods and services. It can be difficult for them to make a choice because there are too many outlets selling the same items. Clients can be enticed to your store by using a mobile app. Use a geo-targeted push notification in your app, for instance.

Clients receive a message encouraging them to visit your store as they walk near its physical location. Shoppers will come from all over to see what you have to sell. For brick-and-mortar companies, this technique has worked well. Additionally, after a transaction, give a thank-you message to your customers.

Increase Brand Recognition:
Using a mobile app, you can boost your company's recognition whether it's new or rebranding. Simply build an app with appealing features, and the users will be enthralled. Rather than spending money on an advertisement, create a useful app. After all, not everybody pays attention to or pays attention to the ads on billboards.

These days, most smartphone apps have a sharing feature that allows users to share their communications with their friends. It's like a friend recommending a fantastic service or product that he or she recently purchased. Referrals and third-party transactions are among the most valuable marketing tactics, according to studies.

Boost Customer Interaction:
Clients need a method to contact a company that offers a product or service that they are interested in. You run the risk of losing customers if you are unreachable. As a result, a mobile app comes in handy for expanding this scope. Customers can post their questions, orders, feedback, and grievances to a support desk on the mobile app.

Customer interaction is excellent if you can personally respond to any of their communications. Make the booking or ordering process as easy as possible while still maintaining security. Procedural duration is a deterrent to people. They may also choose to use the ‘Back' button rather than the ‘Next' button.

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How to Create a Perfect Mobile app Business Plan?

How to Create a Perfect Mobile app Business Plan?

Are you a business? A start up or planning to start one?

Well, let it be a firm related to any field, size and number of employees. You might have had a discussion at least once, about having an app for your business. This is why we are here. Being Qatar’s best mobile application developers, we design and develop applications that rightly fit your business needs and requirements.

  1. First things first — the idea
    Always brainstorm the idea for designing your mobile app.
    Identify the gap or the problem you want to solve.
    Identify your USP.

  2. Marketing understanding and analysis
    Do a proper market analysis for your business plan.
    Prepare findings on similar apps or existing apps.
    Collect and understand data from the stores.
    Identify the market size.

  3. The Target Group
    Identify your exact target group.
    And analyze your TGs preferences.

  4. The Mobile App
    Note down your final business plan concept.
    Finalize your mobile app experience.
    Be specific and clear with the goals of what your app is trying to achieve.

  5. Budgeting
    Cost of the app development.
    Find out the cost of maintenance, operating cost and marketing cost.

  6. Marketing Strategy
    Look at the user persona.

  7. Funding
    What are your business pattern and monetization strategy?

Figure out your costs.
To design and develop your mobile application, get in touch with Qatar’s best mobile app developers.


Important Factors that Helps Your Website to Get More Conversions

Important Factors that Helps Your Website to Get More Conversions

What is a Conversion?
A conversion occurs when someone visits your website and then does the thing you want them to do in a measurable way. For example, a conversion occurs when someone fills out our "Request a Quote" form or calls us. They visit our website, learn about us, and then make contact. A sale is a conversion for a product-selling website. A comment on an informational blog may be considered a conversion.

There are things you can do to increase conversions, and many website owners have missed this memo. Here are the important factors that help your website to get more conversions.

Keep your contact information front and centre
If you want people to contact you, then you need to make it easy. Make your phone number clickable for cell phones and place it at the top of the page.

Avoid a cluttered design
Clean, crisp design triumphs over flashy animations and sound. People visit your website for a reason, and it is usually not for the flashy graphics. Give the people what they want: answers to their questions.

Make your navigation easy
People visit your website because they are looking for something specific. Don't make it difficult for them to find you. Organize your content into easy-to-find paths so that they can find what they're looking for.

Be sure your website is mobile-friendly
People are increasingly using their phones to search for things, so don't exclude a large portion of your audience with a non-responsive website.

Use fewer fields in your contact form
People are afraid of making that first contact, and they don't want to show you all of their cards. Even eliminating the "phone number" area can boost conversions by 5%, according to studies.
Consider what information you truly require and create a form that only collects that information.
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