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Updated by Radoslaw Chomik on Sep 20, 2021
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It's Not Just About The Money p2

Are you, as most people, crave to get more and more money? To have them more? To earn more? Do you tend to keep them? Holding them firmly in your pocket, bank account, socks? Are you feel pain, having to spend money on things, that are not necessarily considered by you as important? Like car … Money, are they really so powerful? Read More »

Do you talk about yourself a lot, trying to impress others? Showing up how great you are? And what can you do? Or what you already did in your life? Highlighting all your achievements and skills? It is great that you can do this or that. Amazing that you achieve something. That you are active … How worthy, you think, you are? Read More »

Who you want to be? | It's Not Just About The Money

When you were a child, you had fantasies of who you want to become when you grow up, am I right? It might be a police officer, fireman, politician, cosmonaut or magician. I might not guess the right profession, you thought about at that time. The point is, that you had that kind of dream. … Who you want to be? Read More »

Know the truth about yourself. | It's Not Just About The Money

From time to time you might meet someone, who might say something negative, about you or your doings. This person might tell you something that is not really nice. Maybe even offending. At least, that what you can believe, think at first. Though when you think about this a bit more, you might come to … Know the truth about yourself. Read More »

Give yourself freedom. | It's Not Just About The Money

Everywhere in the world, all people want to be and feel free. There are so many talks about freedom. Freedom from guilt, fear, from extra kilograms, from slavery, harassment, invasion and so on. There are so many movements and action about freeing someone or something. It is a natural human desire to be free, to … Give yourself freedom. Read More »

How you can improve your life? | It's Not Just About The Money

How is your life? How are you feel about it? Are you satisfy with it? Are you enjoy your life? Yes? That's amazing. If you are truly happy with your life. If you are satisfied and fulfilled, this is just marvellous. No? Well, I tell you a secret. You are the one who can change … How you can improve your life? Read More »

The importance of commitment. | It's Not Just About The Money

In life, you are making a lot of decisions. You decide to wear this kind of clothes, to buy this type of car, to have a bun or scone for a breakfast and so on. Some of those decisions are pretty simple, so you even might not debate about them. You just make them and … The importance of commitment. Read More »

What is your approach to your life? To different situations that occur in it? Are you worry a lot? Thinking about what can go wrong within your life? How your decision, might turn out to be the faulty one? How your choice might harm you or your close ones? Or that you are not good … Disperse those dark clouds, cheer up! Read More »

Are you afraid? What are you afraid of? Is it the fear of death or maybe being sick and unable to do anything? Is it a fear of failure, embarrassment and living in disgrace? Or maybe of losing money and living in poverty? Losing your "secure" job and by this financial stability and security? Or … Defeat your fears, be fearless. Read More »

Good procrastination. | It's Not Just About The Money

How many times in your life you knew, that you need to do something, yet you delayed this thing? Let say you had an important email to reply to or a phone call to make. Yet, you were too afraid of doing it or maybe there was something, that looks more important to be deal … Good procrastination. Read More »

Powerful words. | It's Not Just About The Money

Did you know that the way you are talking, the words, sentences you are using, impact how are you seen by others? Communication skill is very important. Without it, without being able to communicate properly, you might not be able to build a positive, strong relationship. You will not be able to inform your interlocutor, … Powerful words. Read More »

Get out of your way! | It's Not Just About The Money

OK! You have your goal. Your vision you want to achieve. Is it a dream car? Or maybe 2 weeks holidays in Bali? Or buying a new house? Or creating time and financial freedom? No matter if it is a small or enormous goal. You have it. You know what you want. Maybe you have … Get out of your way! Read More »

Why is intention important? | It's Not Just About The Money

Recently there has been a lot of talks that if you want to do something, you need to not only be willing, plan and commit to that thing, but also you have to have a clear intention. Though what does that actually mean? Why is this important? What is intention? How does it work? And … Why is intention important? Read More »

Self growth / By RJ
So how it is with you? Do you accept yourself? What self-acceptance means in your opinion? What it is really? Why should you accept yourself? And in how many percents? So how can you do it?

What is it? What does it mean?
Do you like yourself? The way you just are? Or you are thinking something along those lines, I need to do more work. I need to try harder. I need to be better. I do not like this in me. I need to be more focused. How could I do this or that? I need to change this in me. I need to work on this or that part of me. I need to …read more

Personal development – a few thought about it. | It's Not Just About The Money

Most likely you have heard about self-development, personal development or self-growth? But what it actually is? How can you ensure your growth? Do you need to care about it at all? Let's try to answer those questions. What is it? So what is it, so popular nowadays, personal development? As the name imposes, it is … Personal development – a few thought about it. Read More »

Be a champion. | It's Not Just About The Money

What means for you to be a champion? Are you one? Want to be a winner? How can you be a hero? Let us find out. The Winner - Who is that? Most likely in your life, you've read books, seen pictures or movies, in which one man or woman must save the world. Years … Be a champion. Read More »

Do the impossible. | It's Not Just About The Money

Hello, Tribers. Would you like to be able to do things that look as impossible? Would like to know if that idea of yours is possible? Would you like to know how to turn the impossible into possible? Let's dig in. Is it possible to do impossible? I am just guessing now, but most likely … Do the impossible. Read More »

Find your treasure in your trouble. | Can DO Mindset

Would you like to find a treasure? Who wouldn't, right? But in your life, you might find yourself struggling a lot instead of that. The worst moments of struggling are when you see others, especially those on social media, who appear to have great and amazing lives. But, what if I tell you, that if … Find your treasure in your trouble. Read More »

“You have to believe” – a faith enhancement. | Can DO Mindset

You have to believe. How many times you have heard that sentence, either in movies or in real life? How many times someone was saying that to you. Telling you to have faith. Why faith is so important? What it is and where it comes from? Can you boost it somehow? Want to know more? … “You have to believe” – a faith enhancement. Read More »

How to be a winner? | Can DO Mindset

Do you feel lucky? Do you feel like a winner? Would you like to feel this way? Who wouldn't, right? Can you be a winner? Can this be taught? Come on, let's check this out Who is considered a winner? Do you, like most of society, have a definition of being a winner? I am … How to be a winner? Read More »

Are you seeing the bright side of life? | Can DO Mindset

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Those are words by Albert Einstein. But how this can be related to your life? Let's check it out. In what ways do you "see things"? What Einstein has in mind when he said these words? Well, unfortunately, we can … Are you seeing the bright side of life? Read More »

Can you program your subconscious? | Can DO Mindset

I was just taught to do it this way. I grow up and learn from my parents and relatives. We were always doing that this way when I was a kid. Sound familiar? Does this mean that this, kind of belief, program, is set in stones in your subconscious and cannot be transformed? Let's check … Can you program your subconscious? Read More »

Have your “WHY” defined. | Can DO Mindset

What would you like to have in your life? And Why? Why this "Why" is so important? Can you get to your goals without it? Can you create "Why" that will support you on your journey? Want to know more? Just read what comes next. What would you like from your life? Who would not … Have your “WHY” defined. Read More »

Stop fighting with the whole universe. | Can DO Mindset

I want that thing, job, car, whatever! I want it now! I have to have it! I will be mad if I can't! Will that kind of behaviour get you the thing you want? Do you think that this is the way to achieve whatever it is you want? Or maybe there is another way? … Stop fighting with the whole universe. Read More »

How good you are for little You? | Can DO Mindset

Ever heard about the inner child? Who or what is it? Why should you be good for it? What can you get from that? How can you interact with it? Want to know more? Let's dive in then. What is the story about an inner child? Nowadays, this is a very popular subject. You can … How good you are for little You? Read More »