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Best Posts on Signs Your Startup is Going Succeed

Podcast #37 - 6 secrets to startup success with Matt from Vooza

In episode 37 of Web Domination, I chat with Matt Stillman (@Voozahq) the CEO of Vooza. Matthew sees his role as standing at the intersection of technology and the humanities. "People wonder how I'm so productive. And the key is: I spend 12 hours a day reading articles about productivity."

5 Sure Signs A Startup Firm Will Succeed

As the head of a communications company in Salt Lake City, we've seen hundreds of growth companies and thousands of startups. In fact, thanks to the Grow America Springboard™ $1M competition in Utah right now, we've seen and reviewed nearly a thousand startups already this year. The key signs that indicate [...]

How to Validate Your Start-up Idea

DECODED | Ilya Pozin Will that brilliant business idea really take off? Here are five ways to test it-- before you invest too much time and money. Pete Prodoehl/Flickr Tweet At my marketing agency, Ciplex, I deal with a lot of clients who hire us to build a website for their business idea--based solely on their gut feeling that idea will be successful.

How To Make Your Startup Happen

Start doing what you've thought about. (Photo credit: jakeandlindsay) Writing the perfect business plan won't get your startup off the ground if you can't take the action to make it happen. Finding the perfect customer segmentation wont get you any customers until you call the first one and sell the product [...]

Startup or Not to Startup? Top 5 Tips to Get Your Start-up Off the Ground

As a start-up entrepreneur, I'm usually the first one to tell people to go for it, to make the decision to join a startup.I've learned more in the past year doing a startup than I did in four years getting an Economics degree.

6 Signs Your Startup Name Doesn't Suck

What's in a name, really? Just because you know my name is Alex doesn't mean you know anything about me. If you're Gertrude, you're not automatically an 80-year-old woman knitting in a rocking chair. Your name, after all, is just your name. The same isn't true for your company name, though.

How to Know If Your Startup Idea is the Next Big Thing | Vinicius Vacanti

How do you know if your startup idea is the next next big thing? It's easy. It isn't. Most Great Companies Started With Bad Ideas Most great companies started off with very different ideas that were either not very good or impractical.

How To Build A Winning Startup

'How To Build A Winning Startup' -- A Wired magazine How To special, with guides and advice for entrepreneurs

Top 11 Reasons Startups Succeed

Startups are literally a journey into the unknown and entrepreneurs need to be comfortable with taking on ambiguity, uncertainty and multiple challenges. Unfortunately, on average, 9 out of 10 startups will go out of business, and the remaining that are able to survive and succeed are the ones that capture the qualities [...]

10 Tips for Making Your Startup A Success

The entrepreneur community has been buzzing with the story of Yahoo acquiring Tumblr. The Internet giant purchased the site founder David Karp launched from his mother's Manhattan apartment for $1.1 billion. At only 26-years-old, Karp is expected to receive up to $220 million from the deal.

Relentlessness: The Essential Ingredient to Startup Success

It is a question every entrepreneur and investor has spent years thinking about: Why do some companies succeed and others do not? The usual answers include references to "the best people", "the right time", "amazing technology" and such like. Granted, all of these are important but one more crucial factor is often overlooked: entrepreneurial relentlessness.


Local Brisbane Entrepreneur Phillip Di Bella joined us last week in the Labs to share his startup journey over the past 10 years. Like most entrepreneurs we hear about the most recent successes, yet miss the early stories of how it all began.

6 First-Hand Tips On How Startups Can Cope With Success

Startups are fast-paced, sometimes hectic places to work. In the early days, everyone wears multiple hats and is expected to lend a hand where needed, leading to close bonds between team members. But when a startup stars to become successful - and outgrows its all-hands-on-deck philosophy - the founder's job is to make sure that the company can properly scale to cope with the new reality.

Proven methods for successful startups

Entrepreneurship and owning a business needs a lot of things and is not always about the money. There many things a new business owner should deal with to get started and to get your start up on the success road. Start ups help business owners face fears, accept the limitations and yet lay a foundation...

5 Suggestions for Startup Success

Amman Tech Tuesdays is held in Jordan where crowds gather round to listen to guest speakers and experts in startup innovation. Here entrepreneurs, fund firms and angel investors, developers and other innovators gather.

3 Tips for Startup Success

Advice is crucial to entrepreneurial success - it keeps businesses flexible and entrepreneurs humble. Throughout my career, I've made sure to stay open to advice, even (and especially) after tasting success. Earlier this year, I heard an excellent keynote delivered by Dharmesh Shah, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Hubspot.

The Holy Trinity Of Startup Success: Purpose, Culture, Reward

Last time I looked, there were 19,200 book titles available for purchase at Amazon under the category "Organizational Behavior." I checked out a few of the top sellers and found a familiar pattern. Not one is written by an author who actually founded, built, and managed his or her own enterprise.

Instagram co-founder on startup success: "Identify your early obsessions"

Launching a startup? Take the advice of Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, who recently sold his startup to Facebook, and take a look at your early obsessions when starting a company - you might have more knowledge there than you think. Here are some of Krieger's design tips.

Strategies For VCs To Increase Startup Success Odds

Editor's note: David Teten is a partner with ff Venture Capital and founder and chairman of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York.. Lots of venture capitalists claim to add value to the companies in which they invest. But how do they do it? And does it really produce be..

Successful Startups begin with a Stable, but Flexible, Foundation

Marc Nager, Startup Weekend, talks about how to set a strong but flexible foundation for your startup. He offers experience and observation-based advice about how to fail less.

Reverse Engineering Your Startup's Success

Who can gems like these forget word problems from 3rd grade math class? Q: Jack walked from Santa Clara to Palo Alto. It took 1 hour 25 minutes to walk from Santa Clara to Los Altos. Then it took 25 minutes to walk from Los Altos to Palo Alto.

The Secret to Start-Up Success? Don't Act Your Age

Entrepreneurs are getting older. Or so says the Kauffman Foundation, the world's largest foundation devoted to the subject of entrepreneurship. In a recent study, the think tank has calculated that the average age of those founding their own businesses is 39 - and that those between the age of 55 and 64 represent the fastest growing tranche of entrepreneurs in the US.