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Horse Riding Tack and Gear | Equi Style

We have huge selection of Equistl horse gear tack and supplies including riding gloves, snaffle bits, English spurs, stirrups, saddle pads & salt licks.


Himalayan Salt Licks For Horses 1.5 Kg | Equi Style

Himalayan salt licks are best nutrition for your horse. It contains pure minerals iron and potassium that are essential for all animals.

Salt Rock For Grilling - Himalayan Salt Bricks | Equi Style

Our salt rock for grilling are made up with natural Himalayan salt that are used in the cooking, grilling, construction and for decoration. It is machine made, 100% natural salts Without any preservatives or chemicals, packed with iron, potassium and magnesium.

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Summer horseback riding gloves are an essential accessory for riders. We have different varieties of all styles and for all season.

___Black / Turquoise
___Summer riding gloves for men, women & kids
___100% synthetic Nubuck suede
___Back hand four way stretched fabric
___Suede reinforcements
___Velcro closure straps
___Embossed logo

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We have a fabulous range of Equistl horse riding gloves including leather, summer, winter, waterproof and kids collection. Equistl horse riding gloves keeps your hands warm in every season. It is made from 100% goat leather with mesh cotton. We deal in all kinds of unisex horseback riding gloves.

___Black / silver
___Equistl horse riding gloves
___100% goat leather
___Mesh cotton fashion on back hand
___Leather reinforcements
___Silver scotch lite trim
___Velcro closure straps
___Embroidery logo on straps

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We deal in all kind of horse riding bits for equestrian sports. For order us you can email or visit our website for further information.

Loose ring Waterford bit for horses
Double joint
With 2-extra links
Stainless steel
Useful for training

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Equistl has a beautiful selection of fleece lined horse brushing boots are ideal for all kinds of equestrian activities while training or competition. We have versatile designs of horse sports boots, bell boots, glitter boots, jumping boots, overreach boots in different sizes and color with affordable prices.

Royal Blue / White
Horse brushing boot
Faux fur boots
Soft Rexion, PU leather
Faux fur lining
Elastic Velcro closure strap
Protect horse’s legs during exercise


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We are one of the leading supplier of salt licks for deer mineral block 5kg square shape is naturaly pure enough to provide your animal nutrition needs.

Salt licks for deer minerals blocks 5.0 Kg
Square shape / Natural pink
Machine made, 100% natural salts
White rope / cotton cord for hanging
Without any preservatives or chemicals
Packed with iron, potassium & magnesium
Great source of nutrition your horse or pony
Save for wildlife