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Updated by Expert App Devs on Dec 23, 2021
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Mobile App Development Company India, USA

Expert App Devs is a custom offshore mobile application development provider for iOS and android devices. Leading mobile app developers will help you build a great app! Get in touch now!

Benefits of Using Flutter In 2021 - Expert App Devs

In this blog, we mentioned the top Benefits of Using Flutter In 2021. When comparing native development solutions and other cross-platform techniques, the flutter has some different characteristics. Check the benefits now!

How to Implement iOS 15 and Android 12 on React Native - Expert App Devs

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to implement iOS 15 and android 12 with react native. Because new versions are released for android and ios both and creating apps with the latest platform.

Guide on WorkManager in Android - Expert App Devs

WorkManager is a library part of Android Jetpack, know the WorkManager Features, Advantages, and how to integrate into your project. Contact Expert App Devs for Android App Development!

React Native with H2 2021 - Expert App Devs

React native improves itself day by day so in H2 it introduces the new architecture of react native which is near to launch. And its strength is open source. Read about New Architecture Coming in H2 2021!

How to Build Swift Package - Expert App Devs

Here we mentioned step by step guide for how to build a swift package with Xcode. Add dependencies, platform requirements and work with development packages. If you have any questions contact

What are Things Available in New React Native 0.65 - Latest Version

React Native launches its new version 0.65 with the new Hermes version, accessibility improvements package improvements, and more. Check the Latest Version Updates Now!

How to Implement Picture in Picture in Android - Expert App Devs

Implement picture-in-picture mode(PIP mode) to allow mobile users to watch videos even while they use other application. Step by step guide about How to Implement Picture in Picture in Android!

What’s New in Xcode 13 - Expert App Devs

In this article, we are going to discuss an all-new version of Xcode 13 and its features- Design, Autocompletion improvement, Column breakpoint, Version control, and XCode Cloud. Check Now!

Getting Started with Kotlin Flow - Expert App Devs

If you are an Android developer and looking to develop an app asynchronously you might be using RxJava for that. RxJava has become one of the most important things to learn and use in Android.

Getting Started with the Navigation Component - Expert App Devs

Navigation component is an API or tool in Android that makes it much easier to create, manage and edit fragment transition flows and deep linking, and many more throughout the entire application. Read Now!

Jetpack Compose Basics

Jetpack Compose is a modern toolkit for building a Native UI in Android. It simplifies and makes easy UI development on Android. Compose is a powerful tool for building native UI and Jetpack Compose uses the Kotlin APIs.

Pagination in Android with Paging 3

Paging 3 is a library from the Android Jetpack component that helps you to display pages of data from a huge amount of data from local databases or remote data servers. By using the Paging 3 library, we can load a lot of data efficiently and seamlessly, only we will list or display the data based on user needs.

React Native or Flutter What to Choose for Mobile App Development - Expert App Devs

If you want to create apps that are run on web or desktop apps then you need to consider Flutter which is more reliable. But If you want to create an app that is run on Android and iOS then you choose React native because there are multiple libraries available that reduce your work.

What's New in SwiftUI 3.0

SwiftUI 3.0 for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, and watchOS 12 has been released in last WWDC 2021. Here we are going to share what’s new in SwiftUI 3.0 and how to use them easily.

Exoplayer Integration Android

ExoPlayer is the video player currently used in the Android YouTube app. It’s not a part of android native it’s a library that was developed by Google and maintained by Google. Learn More!

Flutter 2.5 What’s New

The latest Updates of Flutter 2.5 are here. Flutter 2.5 performance improvements are targeting iOS. Flutter apps built on the Apple silicon M1 Mac run on the ios simulator. It supports Full-Screen Android applications and improves improvements in scrolling, MaterialBanner support, and more.

Building  For React Native

InputAccessoryView is a custom view that occurred at the top of the system keyboard when any receiver becomes the first responder.

Android Easy Runtime Permissions with Dexter

In this blog, we are going to learn how to implement runtime permission using the Dexter library. Using the library, the permissions can be implemented in less time and efficiently. Check Now!

Rate Your Android App using Google In-App Review API

In this article, we are going to learn how to implement in-app review functionality within your Android application using the newly introduced Google core in-app review API.

What Is Hermes on React Native?

Every framework comes with its own set of limitations, also React-Native has no exception. React-Native also has a few limitations. Many companies have followed the suit and moved out of React-Native.

Hooks In React Native

Hooks are introduced in React 16.8 are a new addition, by using hooks you avail to use the state and other react features without writing any class.

Google Pay with React Native

Here we are going to describe the process of how we install, import, and set up google pay in our react native app, so let’s check.

How to Implement Google AdMob in your Android App

AdMob is a multi-platform mobile advertising network that allows you to integrate ads into your app. In this blog, we’ll build a simple app of two screens to display the different types of ads that Support by AdMob.

iOS Font Size Guidelines for Universal App

When we design an iPhone or iPad app but we are not sure what font size to use? So here are iOS font size guidelines. Check Now!

How to Improve the Performance of your React Native App

Here we discussed some points which improve the performance of your React Native app. Hermes, useMemo, Flipper, Cache Images, and more. Check Now!