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Emma Tenayuca: The Passionate One

In this project, I will discuss the life of social activist, Emma Tenayuca, and her efforts towards labor rights during the Great Depression era. The following links will consist of primary and secondary sources ranging from scholarly articles, published books, credible online webpages, and various others.

Tenayuca, Emma Beatrice (1916–1999)

This secondary source provides information about the life of Emma Tenayuca and her timeline of events from brith to death.

TSHA | Pecan-Shellers' Strike

This secondary source describes one of the social protests that Tenayuca is most known for leading, the Pecan Shellers Strike. This Texas State History Association (TSHA) website also provides images and detailed descriptions of Tenayuca's role and efforts from this event.

This secondary resource is a published book that lists biographies of American social leaders and activists, one of which, is Emma Tenayuca. Therefore, this source will be utilized for reference in the upcoming video project.

This link serves as a primary resource in which Emma Tenayuca is interviewed by Jerry Poyo. This event took place on the 21st of February in 1987 in her home in San Antonio and mainly discusses the Union movement that took place in the 1930s. From this medium, anecdotes will be referenced to in the forthcoming video project.

Life Story: Emma Tenayuca, 1916–1999 - Women & the American Story

This academic website has several images of Tenayuca which will be used as a primary resource. This link provides helpful information regarding Tenayuca as well.

Herrera, Gloria and Jeanette Lizcano. 1974. La Mujer Chicana. (The Chicano Woman). ERIC Document 103147.

This resource was taken from a high school level curriculum book back in the year 1974. Page 18 of this text specifically discusses the life of Tenayuca and her role in the labor movement.

103 Years Later: Emma Tenayuca's Push For Labor Rights Still Resonates In San Antonio | TPR

This article goes into depth about Tenayuca's impact on labor rights in her hometown of San Antonio and the influence that she's made, which can be seen even today.
This is one of my secondary resources.