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After qualifying as a lawyer in his native Egypt within the fields of Criminal and Public Law, Dr. Mohsen Elhais has been practicing as a Legal Consultant in Dubai.

Learn More About Inheritance Under Muslim Law From The Best Property Lawyers In Dubai

With the help of his vast knowledge bank, Dr. Elhais and his team of property advocates of UAE answer the questions related to the inheritance law. Read more about it here.


5 Benefits of Property Advocates While Buying a Property The UAE

5 Benefits of Property Advocates While Buying a Property The UAE

Real estate in UAE is quite familiar to the people who are residents of the country for some time. Knowing about this sector is crucial for people trying to purchase a property in the country and will also help you learn about things you should be aware of and what should be avoided. To make things easier, you should try consulting with real estate lawyers in Dubai. They can help you guide through the real estate jungle and handle all the legalities involved. These lawyers are well-versed with the country’s law and order and will be able to help you out at every turn.

Here are five benefits when you hire a property advocate in Dubai.

1. Helps you choose the right place:
When investing in a property in the UAE, you should know when and where to invest. Real estate lawyers will guide with a plan and pinpoint places where you should invest. These lawyers can help you strategize and offer an effective property plan that can help you with multiple property purchase options.

2. Relevant information:
A property advocate is expected to have a thorough knowledge of the real estate sector and offer you relevant information about the different places in the UAE. The UAE provides several different options when it comes to choosing a property to invest in. You should be well-versed with these places and options. That’s why a real estate lawyer in UAE can help you shortlist possible locations and inform you on the pros and cons of the investment.

3. Budget:
Property purchases often overshoot their budget. Beautiful property with its fancy features can sway away an investor and make him not think about the budget! Whereas, when you consult with a lawyer, they will remind you of these crucial steps. With a lawyer, you can be mindful of the additional charges too. It is crucial to review every aspect of a property purchase to ensure that it fits your budget.

4. Great references:
Hiring the right property advocate can help you, not just with the details of the location but also with trusted references. This way, you can evaluate your decisions and get great recommendations that are legitimate.

5. Avoid bad agreements:
Expert lawyers can help you with an evaluation of agreements and make sure it is drafted professionally. These lawyers can evaluate the agreement to make sure there are no loopholes and other questionable clauses. Such instances can help you avoid a troublesome future. Reviewing your agreement is vital, and a lawyer can help you steer away from bad agreements.

If you are looking to purchase a property in Dubai, make sure you are consulting with the best property lawyers in the UAE. This step can help you handle all your legal formalities and avoid problems.


Few Indicators That You Are Inclined Towards Divorce in The UAE

Few Indicators That You Are Inclined Towards Divorce in The UAE

Many people in the UAE consider divorce as giving up or failure. A decision for divorce is not a quick and easy decision to make, especially when kids and finances are involved. However, it is not uncommon to think about divorce when you are unhappy with your relationship. Undergoing a divorce might feel like an escape; however, it might not be the only answer.

Here are some indicators that you should get divorced:

1. Disappearing friendship
Do you know what makes a relationship happy and satisfying? It is the friendship between you and your partner! This is the best way to avoid resentment. When the friendship stays stronger even after bitter challenges, togetherness becomes stronger. But when the friendship fades away, the relationship loses its protective cover. This makes it easy for people in relationships to feel that the initial spark has faded away. In such circumstances people often feel that there is a lack of support for each other, and it becomes very easy to turn against each other too. This is when you should consider hiring a divorce lawyer in Dubai, before things reach a tipping point and result in permanent harm

2. Distance/Selfishness:
The relationship is a balance between trust and exchange. Relationships that are destined to fail can often see people trying to make ends meet at the expense of their partners. The foundation of marriage is undermined when one partner prioritizes oneself before their significant other. This selfishness can make the spouse feel unsupported and unimportant. A healthy relationship is all about give and take. Marriage can lead to divorce when a spouse tries to step over the other for their own selfish benefits. That is not how marriages are supposed to work.

3. Space:
A marriage stays healthy when you give each other space to breathe. Generally, giving space brings spouses closer together. However, if you still do not feel closer to your spouse even after a long period of separation, then you might have reached the stage in your marriage where you might want to consider the option of divorce. Many people end up continuing in their marriage out of fear of the stigma of divorce and other changes that it brings to your life. However, continuing in a relationship out of fear is not healthy for either party and often ends up causing permanent damages.

People often test or experience the concept of space in different ways. Sometimes, people experience it when their spouse proceeds for an overseas business trip and suddenly, instead of experiencing the normal pangs of separation they instead end up feeling an intense sense of relief. Quiet often, it is only then, that sometimes people end up realizing that they were experiencing actual pain until that point. If you are going though similar experiences, then you might want to take a reality check and understand that your marriage is headed for a divorce.

4. Excitement:
Your marriage is definitely undergoing changes for the worse when you are constantly thinking about the future of your marriage, and you feel sad and depressed. When you continually feel uninspired, trapped and unimpressed with your marriage, then it’s a sign that you should get a divorce. Staying married should entice excitement and you should feel happy when you are around your significant other. Your marriage should fill you with a sense of fulfillment and happiness as you plan your future ahead. But if this is s not the case, then your marriage, despite your best efforts might not be redeemable, and you should consider hiring a divorce lawyer in Dubai.

When you feel something is not right with your marriage and want to end things, you can always speak up with a Divorce Lawyer in UAE and set things straight. Also, refer the checklist for filing a divorce in the UAE.

Legal Way To Collect An Outstanding Debt in UAE

Is there any legal way to collect an outstanding debt in UAE owed to a friend? Check out this wonderful 2D animated video, prepared by Dr Hassan Elhais, an renowned lawyer in dubai. For more information, click here to watch the full video.

Is there any legal way to collect an outstanding debt in UAE owed to a friend? Check out this wonderful 2D animated video, prepared by Dr Hassan Elhais, an renowned lawyer in dubai. For more information, click here to watch the full video.

8 Points to Remember in Case of Cheque Bounce in the UAE

What is the crime for bounced cheque under UAE Laws? Check out this wonderful 2D animated video, prepared by top Dubai criminal lawyer, Dr. Hassan Elhais. Contact us for more information.

What is the crime for bounced cheque under UAE Laws? Check out this wonderful 2D animated video, prepared by top Dubai criminal lawyer, Dr. Hassan Elhais. Contact us for more information.


Owning a Property in UAE by an Expatriate

Owning a Property in UAE by an Expatriate

An expatriate is a person who seeks residence in another country besides his/her native country. UAE has been a hotspot for expatriates in the last 20 years, and right now, the number stands around 8 million ex-pats. Many visit the UAE for a luxurious holiday or for professional purposes. 

Ex-pats owning a property in the UAE
There are two types of property ownership options for ex-pats in the UAE. They are leasehold and freehold.

Leasehold type of property is where a buyer can own a property for a maximum of 99 years or less, as per the agreement. Under this kind of ownership, the property owner gives full ownership and rights of the property’s structure to the buyer, but not the property itself.

Freehold property ownership is a type of ownership where the ex-pats get complete ownership of the property. This includes ownership of both the built structure and property. However, in some regions, ex-pats in the UAE aren’t allowed to have freehold property ownership. Ex-pats aren’t under tax obligations who purchase property in the UAE. However, they should consider their own country’s taxation laws for owning property in a foreign country.

If you are an ex-pat, consider consulting with a property lawyer in Dubai for better clarity.

UAE has some of the most favourable property ownership and inheritance laws for its residents and expatriates. This is why many ex-pats own inherited property. The law closely monitors the entire process of owning a property in the UAE through purchase or inheritance. The property inheritance law for ex-pats in the UAE has some difference from customary inheritance laws. 

Inheritance in UAE and its laws;
Inheritance comes into play during the succession of a deceased person’s assets to be given to his/her beneficiaries. Inheritance comes under the personal status law, which also deals with child custody, divorce, marriage, etc. Although these laws are explicitly for Muslim citizens, their application is usually generalized.  

Inheritance laws for expatriates
The UAE has specific property inheritance laws for its non-muslim expatriates. The sharia law is the main guide to formulating these laws. According to the inheritance law for ex-pats in the UAE, the government takes over the deceased ex-pat's property with no successor. 

According to sharia law, the legitimate family and relatives of the deceased can become beneficiaries from his estates. Direct families like from the paternal side are considered possible beneficiaries. 

Thanks to excellent living and economic conditions, thousands of expatriates relocate to the UAE. However, buying a property in the UAE is not a simple process. Consider speaking with a property lawyer in UAE for more details.


Everything you Need to Know About Inheritance Sharia Law in UAE

Everything you Need to Know About Inheritance Sharia Law in UAE

Inheritance conventionally means handing over one’s assets to his/her descendants, family, or other legally entitled beneficiaries. However, the process becomes complicated when the deceased has not left a will behind. Thanks to UAE inheritance laws, it is still possible to ensure that the beneficiaries receive what’s rightfully theirs fairly and legally.  

Inheriting financial assets often causes rifts and quarrels amongst the family members. To avoid those, different juriscdictions have formulated laws to allow seamless inheritance of assets, which is usually as per the deceased’s testament.  

Inheritance in case of a deceased Muslim:
Sharia law has a legal philosophy over sharing of Muslim’s property. The law allows a Muslim to create a will, also known as the ‘Wasiyat,’ wherein he can name his beneficiaries. However, the beneficiary is only entitled to a one-third of the assets. The sharing of the deceased assets’ come after deducting the burial expenses and debts that were yet to be serviced before his/her untimely passing. 

The Sharia Law recognised two groups of eligible beneficiaries:
Primary heirs:
These are the main beneficiaries of the deceased’s assets. The group of people comprises of deceased’s nuclear family. If they did not have any kids, the husband would get half of his wife’s property. If they have children, the husband will receive one-fourth of the total inheritance. The widow(s) would get quarter of their deceased husband’s assets if they did not have any children. If they did, she would receive eight of the assets. 

The sons can get twice their sister’s share. In the meanwhile, the sisters get two-thirds of the estates if they do not have any brothers. In the case of the deceased wife, the husband takes custody of the children, properties, and estates. However, this is not the case if the husband dies. Family law in UAE considers a direct male relative of the deceased as the guardian of the deceased children and curator of any property owned or transferred to the children before they reach maturity. 

Secondary heir:
This group of people comprises deceased persons' extended family and any other beneficiaries. These might not necessarily be blood-related such as adopted children and friends. They are eligible for inheritance only if the deceased did not leave any heirs.

Should you need any assistance with the UAE's inheritance, consult with an inheritance lawyer in Dubai to get a deeper insight into the law and its obligations. 


Importance of Corporate Lawyers for Businesses in the UAE

Importance of Corporate Lawyers for Businesses in the UAE

It is hard to keep track of all the laws since there are a lot of branches to them. While criminal law stands famous amongst all other laws, many other laws are equally essential to maintain the well-being of everyone in different industries.

And then there’s corporate law which is all about business. It pertains to the legal affairs or matters associated with corporations. These are the laws that govern businesses on how they should be legally run. The companies are required to adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by the country they are in.

Corporate lawyers are the ones who can offer legal advice and guidance to corporations for them to be sure that they are complying with the laws and regulations they are expected to adhere to. The work aspect of a corporate lawyer in Dubai can range from researching to legal drafting to advising. Some situations can lead them to represent their clients in court.

Things a corporate lawyer can help you with are:

1. Research:
A corporate lawyer can be involved in research when in search of an answer to a legal question. This task is not easy as they’d have to find the information that can help him/her defend their case in court. Researching helps them find legal proof or legal precedent for their defence. Research is a significant aspect as some countries have constantly changed laws. The constant alterations to the law can sometimes render the research data useless. Therefore, a corporate lawyer needs to be an ace when it comes to research.

2. Document drafting:
A corporate lawyer will be required to draft a lot of legal documents for their clients. These documents can range from a legal letter to a complaint to drafting a contract. Since corporate lawyers are experts in their field, many companies hire them to draft documents to maintain the information and data's accuracy.

3. Negotiation:
Generally, lawyers are known for their negotiation tactics. This is where lawyers use their strategies to fix a problem between parties. This negotiation tactic can help businesses to settle arguments with other parties within a specific agreeable matter or on a certain amount.

4. Legal advice:
A corporate lawyer can offer advice in written or oral format pertaining to the legal matter at hand. This advice can bring effects on the rights and responsibilities of a business. A corporate lawyer does not advise a business without careful analysis of the situation at hand.

Key takeaways:
For a business in the UAE, it will be best to consult with a corporate lawyer Dubai to make sure that everything is in order as per the laws and regulations. When the laws are strict like in a country like the UAE, it is always better to consult and take the next step.


Here’s How You Find an Expert Criminal Attorney in UAE

Here’s How You Find an Expert Criminal Attorney in UAE

Finding a criminal lawyer in the UAE is easy, considering the number of established criminal law firms in the UAE. But finding a criminal lawyer that’s best suited for your case isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, once you find the best criminal attorney for fighting your case, it will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. A good criminal attorney will help you with a fair trial and help things pass smoothly.

Before hiring a criminal lawyer, there are several things you should consider. Here are some things you should look at when searching for the best criminal lawyer in Dubai.

1. The lawyer’s reputation:
Criminal lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other Emirate need to have an excellent reputation to work for your case effectively. All you have to do is run a little background check and research on the criminal lawyer of your choice and learn a lot directly from them by asking about them about their work, experience, etc. You can also use online platforms to run through forums and reviews of the lawyer of your choice. Also, talking to their previous clients can also help you get a clear assessment of your lawyer.

2. Their experience:
A criminal attorney with significant amounts of experience in handling several cases will know exactly how to deal with a particular matter. Practising the law becomes efficient and smoother with more experience in handling cases in a lawyer’s career. A lawyer with experience in handling different types of cases will have an in-depth knowledge of criminal law which can help a client get justice sooner.

3. Their skills:
What’s the use of hiring a lawyer when they aren’t good at conducting research!? Therefore, before hiring a lawyer, make sure they possess the right skills that will help you with your case. They should possess the skills that will make sure no minute details go unnoticed. They should be efficient with their work and give out positive outputs. Efficiency mostly comes with experience and practice. However, there are good lawyers out there who have less experience but are particularly good with some categories of cases.

4. How good are they at analysing?
Not just their research skills but also the analysing skills of the criminal lawyer is essential. The information collected through research will be rendered useless if they do not possess the right analysing abilities. The case can take a whole new route if the researched data is not appropriately investigated. The criminal lawyer you are hiring should possess the sharpest analysing skills. Even the tiniest piece of information should not go missing or avoided as even that small piece of information can be a game-changer in the case.

When hiring a criminal lawyer in Dubai, never forget to vet your lawyer with these factors mentioned above. Know your lawyer well before you go ahead with the hiring. Your case’s outcome will totally depend on how good your criminal attorney is.

Penalties for Carrying and Possessing Marijuana in the UAE

Learn more about the penalties for carrying and possessing Marijuana in the UAE. Here is an similar case expalined by Dr. Hassan Elhais's team of drug lawyers in Dubai; My brother is a foreigner who has been arrested in the UAE for carrying a significant amount of marijuana into the country. What should I anticipate as punishment for his offence? Visit us @