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Updated by Texas Flange on Oct 18, 2023
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Texas Flanges

Texas Flange provides ASME and Non code industrial pipe flanges for the Petrochemical, Aerospace, or other industrial industries. Call or email today!

What Does the $5 Billion Chevron Acquisition Mean For The Oil Industry? - Texas Flange

No event in recent memory has led to the crazy rollercoaster in the stock market like the pandemic of 2020. Despite losses in some industries of as much as 40% many markets have recovered fully and even blown into new records, specifically internet and tech stocks. However, a key segment in both the DJIA and S&P 500, including bank and oil stocks, have had a rough few months and are still trailing behind February highs. Still, the recent Chevron acquisition may spell some good news.

What is 'OPEC'? - Texas Flange

You might have heard something in the news recently about OPEC or OPEC Plus but you’re not quite sure what people are talking about. Other than the fact that this term is used in the context of oil, namely foreign oil, a large number of people have no idea what OPEC is! Don’t worry because you’re not alone! Let’s dive in:

The Most Common Flange Types - Texas Flange

What are flanges? Join host John Barnett in Texas Flange’s new educational video series, Flange O’Clock, as he demonstrates and explains everything you need to know about flanges.

Properly introduced flanged connections give progress fitting to join substitute funneling materials, a mechanical way to interface with valves and other hardware, and join channeling frameworks where continuous destroying might be required.

How To Read A Material Test Report - Texas Flange

An MTR is a quality assurance document used in the metals industry that certifies a material's chemical and physical properties

Guide to Properly Measure Flanges | Texas Flange

Flanges are the best and easiest way to connect pipes, pumps, and valves. They come in different types and shapes. Flanges are in high demand and are the most convenient and cost-effective components in the piping system.

8 Materials for Constructing Flanges | Texas Flange

Here Texas Flange has shared the blog which consider eight materials that are useful for the construction of flanges. For more info, Call us!

What are the Uses of Alloy 20 Pipe | Texas Flange Blog

Alloy 20 is a chromium-iron-nickel-based, austenitic alloy that comes with excellent corrosion resistance in chemical environments. It contains sulfuric acid and many aggressive media well. The alloy is stabilized with niobium that helps it to resist intergranular corrosion. Alloy 20 can help provide potential cost savings compared to the higher nickel-based alloys as it outperforms standard stainless steel.

How to Remove Exhaust Flange Bolts Easily | Texas Flange

Although not in our supply chain, we have had a few questions regarding other types of flange bolting and installation. Here is a basic guide to exhaust flange assembly.

Combining austenitic grades and ferritic comes with an advantage. It means that the resultant metal comes with an enhanced metallurgical structure. It consists of two phases that benefit from the properties of both microstructures. These properties also make duplex steel highly popular in heavy industries like chemical processing, gas, nuclear, and oilfield service.

Five Key benefits of Flanges | Texas Flange

If you need assistance to know more about the flange bolt tightening or choosing the right type of flange, contact Texas Flange today!

Complete Guide For Most Common Flange in Pipe Welding | Texas Flange

If you want any assistance choosing the right welding equipment for your welding project, you can contact Texas Flange today!

The Known Unknowns Of 2021 - Texas Flange

“Erik Hedborg, senior analyst at commodity firm CRU, told CNBC Friday that China’s strong economic performance and infrastructure stimulus had led to a surge in demand, running down already-low inventories and tightening market conditions. In tandem, seaborne supply from iron ore powerhouses Australia and Brazil has also diminished.”

What Is Crude Oil? - Texas Flange

The 2020 decade went off with a bang! Seems like every month has some breaking news story. One thing that was almost overshadowed by the overwhelming amount of information was the extreme price volatility of crude oil, leaving many wondering:

A Note On Studding Outlet Flanges and Pad Flanges - Texas Flange

Studding Outlet Flanges are usually designed to be installed in the inside or outside of vessels and tanks. The curving of the outlet should be ordered to fit the curvature of the shell, head, or pipe. These flanges can come in sizes from ½ inches to 24 inches, and the pressure ratings of 150# to 2500#.

The Manufacturing of Welding Flanges | Texas Flange

Read our latest blog! If you have any questions related to the manufacturing of welding flanges, you can contact Texas Flange today.

Socket Weld Fittings Types and Applications | Texas Flange

Read the blog and if you have any inquiries regarding socket weld fittings and socket weld flanges, contact us today!

Why Is Flange Face Protection Important | Texas Flange

Protection of your flange faces is essential to success of your project. If you want to know the importance of flange face protection, contact us today!

What are the Main Elements Of The Flange? | Texas Flange

If you have any inquiries or want to know more about the main elements of the flange, read this blog. Contact us today!

Disadvantages and Advantages of Different Flange Connection – Texas Flange

A flange connection is a removable joint that helps fix two pipes, equipment, or fittings on one flange adds flange gaskets between the two flanges and tightens them tightly by bolts. The function of flange connection Flange fitting is a type of component used in engineering design widely. It is an indispensable part of the…

What Is The Scope And Purpose Of Installing Flange Guards?

Flange guards act as protective shields
that are useful in preventing the leakage of the various harmful chemicals from
the joints of the flanges, valves, pipelines, etc. The chemical industries work
at risk each day. Many pharmaceuticals and chemical industries work with
different types like caustics, chlorine, alkaline, acid, or other harmful
chemicals that are highly reactive with natural substances.

The flat welded flange is one of the most commonly used flanges. It is the type of flange that is joined to a pipe or vessel by a fillet weld. However, everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

iframely: A Guide To Effective Flange Maintenance In Oil Industries

In the oil industry, some little parts work quietly to keep things safe and running well. Think of flanges as helpful connectors. They ensure pipes and machines cooperate smoothly, even though they don’t get much attention.

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