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#TFT12 Ian clayton

Next Generation Service Management Thinking for the Age of the Customer. "What business are we in?", "Who do we serve?", "How can we help our customers succeed?

#TFT12: Rob England

TFT12 Presentation: Standard+Case. Standard+Case is about applying a body of knowledge called Adaptive Case Management to ITSM, synthesising it with our existi

#TFT12: Peter Lijnse

Presentation for #TFT2: Just Enough To improve IT services To improve IT services, no matter what the specific objectives are, we typically have to look at 3 ma

#TFT12: Patrick Bolger

Presentation for #TFT12: CREATE, INNOVATE, GET OUT OF THE CAVE! IT has evolved so quickly that the average consumer now has access to more online services and c

#TFT12: Richard white

I don't know much about ITSM, nor do I even know what ITIL stands for, let alone how to implement it. However, as the CEO of one of the top online customer se

#TFT12: Alex Hocking

TFT Presentation: To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. Today, technological change is happening at an increasingly rapid rate and if we

#TFT12 Breed Lewis

Presentation for #TFT12: Planting the seeds - overcoming the talent shortfall. This presentation covers: Workforce across the generations Employee Engagement T

#TFT12: Karen Ferris

Presentation for #TFT12: Balanced Diversity - A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change. This innovative new framework will ensure that your service managem

#TFT12: Charles Araujo

Presentation for #TFT12: The Quantam Age of IT. IT is dead - at least as we know it. Forces are at work that are reshaping the very fabric of the IT organizatio

#TFT12 Simone Jo Moore

Presentation for #TFT12: Murders & Aquisitions - Leading Through Transition. It was a dark and stormy night and in the dimly lit boardroom of X-Con, the direct

#TFT12: Tristan Boot

If you don't like people, perhaps you shouldn't work in customer service. "a lot of technology is being consolidated or moved to the cloud. The premium is now o

#TFT12: Aprill Allen

Presentation for #TFT12: How to Put the KM Into ITSM. Why is knowledge management important (KM)? Why is it a part of everything we do in ITSM, but it's the la

#TFT12: Kirstie Magowan

Presentation for #TFT12 - Sensible Service Management: Mistakes are just learning opportunities. If you don't make mistakes then you probably aren't trying har

#TFT12: Antonio Valle

Presentation for #TFT12: Risk Based Service Management Esta es una propuesta alternativa de conferencia en la que se presenta una visión de la Gestión de Serv

#TFT12: Matthew Hooper

Bye Bye IT, we'll miss you! Savvy business is making IT unnecessary. IT is making itself irrelevant. Breaking down 5 trends over the past 3 years I will show w

#TFT12: Mark Kawasaki & Farah Remtulla

Presentation for #TFT12: ITSM in the Service of Humanity: Creating, Delivering, Socializing, and Sustaining Value Creating, Delivering, Socializing, and Sustain

#TFT12: Ian Aitchison

Presentation for #TFT12: Secrets to Successful Self-Service The theoretical benefits in offering self service to your customers are well known and often quoted

#TFT12: Oscar Corbelli

¿Cuál es el mapa de navegación de los profesionales TI en la búsqueda de la integración con el negocio? Para la biblioteca ITIL® la gestión de servicios

#TFT12: Aale Roos

Presentation for #TFT12: Service Desk 2.0 is a vision of the future IT support. Service Desk 2.0 is a vision of the future IT support. Service Desk 2.0 is a vis

#TFT12: Amber Case

Presentation for #TFT12: Location and the Future of the Interface In this presentation, Geoloqi founder Amber Case will highlight why developers of apps should

#TFT12: Barclay Rae

Presentation for #TFT12: ITSM Goodness: Never mind all the theory and industry debate about ITIL and Cloud and Mobile and BYOD and all that. This session from B

#TFT12: Mark Smalley

Presentation for #TFT12: Reinvent IT service management and embrace 'occupy IT' - IT service management is on the move. Under pressure on the supply side from

#TFT12: Robert Falkowitz

Beyond Firefighting: Advanced Techniques in Incident Management In an advanced organization, the resolution of incidents should be considered already in the ser

#TFT12: Vladimir Ivanov

No time for improvements? Find it with Kanban! How Kanban, Lean, Agile could be applied to ITSM? Vladimirs will share his practical experience from case of insu