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Headline for 10 Must-Read Articles For Each & Every Parent Out There, To Achieve A Successful Parenting Experience!
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10 Must-Read Articles For Each & Every Parent Out There, To Achieve A Successful Parenting Experience!

10 Must-Read Articles for Each & Every Parent out there, for Help in Homeschooling, Online Schooling, and Successful Parenting while Raising their children.
This list also contains numerous "Must read blogs" on online education for single parents, homeschooling moms, and innovative learners.
This list is meant to be a very beneficial resource for the parent and teacher's community.

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Understanding the Role of Parents in Children's Development using Different Parenting Styles

Children are a gift from God. While they bring the joy of being a parent for us, this happiness is also followed by big responsibilities. From...

5 Secrets to Becoming a Self-Motivated Online School Topper

Remote learning can transform a learner into a self-motivated school topper. Students can now study while being at home & at their convenient time and pace.

Importance of Writing Skills in Various Stages of Life And Strategies to Improve Them

Good authorship must always be focused on the targeted group of readers. Thus, writing skills are important to create an everlasting impact on the readers. Let's discuss some strategies and important tips to improve our writing at various stages in life.

Back To School Without Safety Means Being Back To Threats. Here's Why?

Reopening the schools closed during the pandemic is not an easy task by any means. amongst the safety precautions of covid-19 and the school reopening plans, ...

7 Benefits of Online School

Flexibility to study in one's own comfort and personalized attention are amongst the key benefits of an online school. Online schools are gaining popularity

Importance Of Education In UAE And The Future Prospects - News Break

The Education system of UAE at present is divided into three categories- public schools, private schools, and higher educational institutions. Public schools strictly follow the Arabic curriculum, while the private ones follow 15 different curriculums from all around the globe. Here the schools that follow national curriculums from the U.K, U.S, India, and the ministry of education constitute about 90% of the total private schooling. And others like International baccalaureate, French, Canadian, etc. are part of the private school system as well.

Being a Single Mom is Hard! Tips for Single Mothers to Raise a Successful Child

Being a single mom is hard and there are a lot of problems single mothers face in society, as they have to shoulder responsibilities solely and perform the duties single-handedly.

All thanks to the circle of life, it has something to offer to each one of us. Within the challenges and living conditions of sole-parent families, there are opportunities that we can always acknowledge.
Children who are raised by a single mother often tend to value the mother’s input in their life. From the nitty-gritty of school and professional life to the decisions of finances and career, the moms are a role-model for their children. There are times your mental distress takes a toll on you, but you have little choice so you have to delegate your duties for the sake of your child. Let’s discuss these challenging problems and then provide some important tips for single mothers that can help them in raising a successful child.

5 Reasons Why American School Education Helps You In Thinking Out Of The Box

Let's take a look at 5 reasons why American school education system helps us in thinking out of the box.

'Thinking Out of the Box' means thinking in a way that allows you to see a problem, and a solution with broaden insights. To simply put it, thinking out of the box means coming up with creative ideas that are unique and optimal to a situation.Thinking out of the box cannot be developed from mere memorizing of facts and figures and cramming up text books; such thinking totally depends upon how one's creativity can be boosted, or how one can use their imagination, and telling them that anything is possible. It is true that it is equally important to be well versed in facts and figures, which in turn creates a well educated mind. But to become someone who can think out of the box we need both, a well formed mind as well as a well educated one.

How Can I Be The Best Working Homeschool Mom? [in 2021]

Despite their crazy schedules and nightmarish set of responsibilities, working moms do take charge of their child’s education at home.


However, the idea of homeschooling can be made easy and relaxing for both the homegrown learners and the facilitator.

5 Best Tips and Tricks for Working Homeschool Moms
Here’s my list of these best tips and tricks to make this endeavor easy for you:

5 Fun Facts for Kids about Animals that Walk on Two Legs -

The National Geographic Kids magazine reveals an interesting fact about apes. It says that the human DNA and that of a chimpanzee is 98.5% the same. So, the similarity of these lovely beings with humans is not a coincidence. Maybe this is the reason why chimps are capable of walking upright just like us. Interesting one, isn’t it?