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Global Pasta Market By Type, Regions, Companies, Forecast

Pasta is often related as traditional Italian cuisine. Italy produced around 1.4 Million tons of Pasta in 2018 and exported 1.7 million tons in the same year that marked Italy largest consumer of Pasta in the world that year. In the United States, the National Pasta Association promotes and informs policy to the industry, consumers, and the regulatory bodies across the globe. America is also one of the top 10 consumers of Pasta globally. According to Renub Research latest report, the Global Pasta Market is expected to reach USD 21.2 Billion by 2026.

United States Real Estate Market by Segments (Private, Public) Construction, Category (Residential & Non- Residential...

The United States is one of the most developed countries across the globe. Real-estate is playing a pivotal role in the U.S. economy. The overall US economic activity determines the demands of real estate, which influences the market of residential and the commercial real estate property. As per the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in October 2020, the sale of an existing home hit its highest level since 2006. According to Renub Research new report, United States Real Estate Market is expected to reach USD 1,751 Billion by 2027.

United States Smart Home Market by Application, Companies, Forecast

Smart homes are a term used for a wide range of solutions to monitor, control, and automate purpose in a home. The smart home system needs a smartphone application or web portal to interact with an automated system as a user interface. Smart homes appliances and devices can be perpetually controlled, far away from any internet-connected place using a mobile or other networked device. With the smart home's arrival, the desire for convenience has created a revolutionary new market in the United States. According to Renub Research, the United States Smart Home Market is expected to reach US$ 70,126.7 Million by 2026.

United States Generic Drugs Market By Segment, Company Analysis

Generics are an off-patented drug that is pharmaceutical equivalents to branded medicines in term of administrative dosage, quality, effect, intended use and side effects. In the United States, generic drug production has increased because it is cheaper than any branded medicine. From the last 3 decades, U.S generic drug market has transformed from less than 20% of generic drug prescription to 80% of dispensing generic medicine prescriptions. As per the Renub Research report, United States Generic Drugs Market will be US$ 239.5 Billion by 2026.

Global Plywood Market By Countries, Company Analysis, Forecast

Plywood is a type of wood panel manufactured from thin sheets of wood veneer. It is used as a beat substitute to the wood boards due to its durability to shrinkage, cracking and twisting. Different plywood types are available in the market, designed with low toxicity, enhanced durability, aesthetics and environmental sustainability. Due to these properties plywood’s are used in construction and flooring applications for enhanced mechanical strength. It also provides enhanced insulation properties to the final product and is mostly weather and waterproof. According to the Renub Research report, the Global Plywood Market is projected to reach US$ 64.4 Billion by 2027.

United States Cheese Market by Product, Distribution Channels, Company Analysis, Forecast

United States Cheese Market will be US$ 38.4 Billion by 2027. Forecast by Product (Parmesan, Swiss, Asiago, Fontina, Romano, Mascarpone, Gorgonzola, Feta, Cheddar, Others), Distribution Channels, Company Analysis.

Milk Powder Market Global Forecast By Segment, Application, Regions, Company Analysis

Milk Powder Market will be US$ 42 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast By Segment (Whole, Skimmed, Dairy Whitener, Butter, Fat Filled, Others), Application, Regions, Company Analysis.

United States Anaphylaxis Market, End Users, Forecast By 2027

Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction. It is a life-threatening reaction with respiratory, cardiovascular, cutaneous, or gastrointestinal manifestations. The bulk habitual anaphylactic reaction is caused by foods, insect stings, medications and latex. People with hypersensitive to things in their environment, their immune responses overreact to an antigen by discharging chemicals that cause allergy reaction. Anaphylaxis food reaction could be vital and cause death if the prior management not taken. According to Renub Research, United States Anaphylaxis Market was 5.3 Billion in 2027.

Global Tea Market By Type, Region, Companies, & Forecast By 2026

Tea is one of the prevalent and lowest costs of beverages consumed globally. The rising demand for tea is considered one of the significant components for the worldwide beverage market growth. The major tea producing countries are China, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya and Indonesia. These countries are the most important producers globally, representing almost 75% of world production. According to Renub Research, the Global Tea Market is expected to be US$ 71.784 Billion by the year 2026.

United States Home Decor Market by Product, Companies, Forecast By 2021 - 2026

Home decor is the art of designing the internal and external part of a house, making them functionally useful for residents. Home decor items include floor covering, textiles, Carpet & Area Rugs, Bedroom & Kitchen Furniture, Lamp & Lighting Pots, Candles, Artifacts etc. The United States is mostly an urbanized society with high disposable income, making the home decor industry a bright future. According to the Renub Research report, United States Home Décor Market is expected to be USD 283 Billion by the end of the year 2026.

Hemp Seeds Market By Product, Companies, Global Forecast By 2027

Hemp seeds or hemp hearts are seed produced by cannabis Sativa or hemp plants. Hemp is often confused with marijuana as they belong to the same family. Hemp seeds contain 1% of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Hemp seed has nutritional benefits; they have the most balanced amino acids, essential fats, vitamins, iron and antioxidants. Its protein offers optimal health and well-being of life. Fresh hemp helps in weight loss, sustain energy, recovery from injury, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improved circulation, immune system, reduced inflammation, and control sugar level in the body. Hemp seed used for both pharmaceuticals and industrial purpose and is driving the hemp market globally. According to Renub Research report, Global Hemp Seed Market is expected to be US$ 544.93 Million by 2027.

Soybean Market & Volume By Countries, Companies, Global Forecast By 2027

Soybean is a vegetable crop & edible seed of the pea family (Fabaceae) .Its scientific name is Glycine max. It is one of the most valuable and inexpensive crop available in the world. Soybean is considered a great source of protein in the human body as it has large nutritional values and contains a significant amount of phytic acid, Vitamin E, and Dietary minerals. Globally, Soybean is premier the most economically important crop; it is not only an oilseed crop and feed for livestock but also ingredients for a lot of chemical products. It has large nutritional values and contains a significant amount of phytic acid, Vitamin E and Dietary minerals. As per Renub research, Global Soybean Market would be US$162.36 Billion by the end of the year 2027.

Global Desalination Market by Regions, Application, Forecast By 2027

Desalination is an approach where the excess salts are removed from seawater or brackish water, converting it into safe potable or usable water. It has emerged as a vital part of the water industry in Middle East, North African and small islands. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Israel, Kuwait Singapore Oman and Maldives are some countries where desalination is a big business. World over the water desalination industry is predicted to have a bright future. According to the Renub Research report, The Global Desalination Market will be US$ 32.1 Billion by 2027.

China Baby Food Market By Categories, Companies, Forecast By 2026

China's one-child policy replaced with a two-child policy in 2015; there was a registered peak of 17.5 million births the same year. This boom has significantly impacted the baby food industry, especially on standard milk formula intended for infants. According to China's National Bureau of Statistics, 30% of urban household expenditure are spent on children. In 2020, the rise in spending made China Baby Food & Drink Market worth US$ 30.1 Billion. Much of this spending concentrated on everyday baby feeding and food-related to the small children. According to our research report, China Baby Food Market will grow at a steady pace and will reach US$ 52.3 Billion by 2026.

Plant Based Meat Market By Source, Companies, Forecast By 2027

Plant-based meat offers an alternative combining ingredients in novel ways. It delivers the complete culinary experience of meat without the need for any single animal. Plant-based meat fits seamlessly into consumers’ due to culinary traditions. Globally, apprehension regarding healthy diet surge coupled with the increasing awareness about animal rights is driving the plant-based meat industry. According to Renub Research, the Global Plant Based Meat Market will grow and arrive at US$ 14.9 Billion by 2027.

United States Plant Based Food Market By Segments, Comapnies, Forecast By 2027

Plant-based food is derived from plant, including vegetables, fruits, grains, seed or legume, beans, and oil. Plant-based products considered to be more digestible as compared to animal-based food. In the United States, people are shifting towards plant-based foods, which attributes to the U.S. non-vegetarian or dairy industry's impact. According to Vegan news, 2020 Americans following plant-based diets was up nearly 9.6 million over the last 15 years. This was a 300% increase and almost 3 percent of the population in the United States. According to Renub Research, the United States Plant-Based Food Market will increase to US$ 10.7 Billion in 2027.

Palm Oil Market By Importing, Exporting Countries, Companies, Global Forecast By 2026

Palm Oil Market will reach US$ 105.97 Billion by 2026. Global Forecast by Top Consuming, Producing, Importing, Exporting Country, Company Analysis.

China Cinema Market Forecast by Movies, Companies, Forecast by 2026

China Cinema Market is expected to reach US$ 16.5 Billion by 2026. Forecast by Movies, Film Production, Tier City, Movie Industry, Ticket Pricing Analysis by City, Companies.

Europe Tire Market & Volume by New Vehicle, Companies, Forecast by 2026

Europe Tire Market is projected to be valued at US$ 67.73 Billion by 2026. Forecast by New Vehicle, Replacement (Consumer, Truck & Bus, Agriculture, Motor Cycle), Region, Company Analysis.

United States Dairy Market Will Be 52 Billion Pound by 2026

Cows supply the great bulk of milk and nearly all of the milk produced in the United States. Cows mainly bred for milk for human consumption are kept and milked on dairy farms throughout the United States and account for about 1/10th of all cattle raised. Milk production per cow had increased steadily after World War II, noteworthy since the 1960s when advanced production technologies began to be used by dairy: runners. Milk is produced in a relatively uniform seasonal pattern in the United States. According to Renub Research, the United States Dairy Market is expected to reach 52 Billion Pound by the end of 2026.

United States Specialty Pharmaceutical Market will be US$ 387 Billion by 2026

The growing ageing population fuels the United States Speciality pharmacy market. More than 20% of the U.S. population is above 65 years of age, and this aged number is expected to rise by 2026. Apart from that, increasing purchasing power and access to quality healthcare and pharmaceuticals to poor and middle-class families also drive the growth of the U.S. speciality pharma industry. The growth drivers of speciality pharmacy include new medications on the market, hospital pharmacy expansions and more chronic condition diagnosis. According to Renub Research Analysis, it is expected that United States Specialty Pharmaceutical Market will be US$ 387 Billion by 2026.

United States Vaccine Market will be US$ 11.4 Billion by 2026

Vaccination is an easy, standard, secure, and practical way to protect people from dangerous diseases before they become infected. The vaccine works as a defensive tool in the body to increase the individual's resistance so that the immune system would get stronger. After taking the vaccine, the human immune system acts as an antibody, and if the person gets exposed, it hardly affects him or her. However, vaccines are made of killed or weakened forms of germs like viruses or bacteria, and it doesn't cause the disease and is evenly put at risk. According to Renub Research, United States Vaccine Market is poised to reach US$ 11.4 Billion by 2026.

Asia Pacific Data Centre Market by IT Infrastructure, Companies, Forecast by 2027

Asia-Pacific’s is one of the most agile developing data centre regions in the world. The growing importance of smart technologies, IoT-powered devices, Big Data, Industry 4.0, 5G and cloud computing has led to Data Centers (DC) taking on a more prominent role in businesses in recent times in the region. The factors driving the growth of the APAC data centre market are the implementation of 5G network triggering edge data centre investments, procurement of renewable energy, installation of innovative data centre technology, and artificial intelligence enhancing liquid immersion & direct-to-chip cooling adoption. According to Renub Research, the Asia Pacific Data Centre Market is expected to grow with a double-digit CAGR of 12.91% during 2020-2027.

Olive Oil Market Global Forecast By Type, Companies, Forecast by 2027

Olive Oil Market will be US$ 17.73 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast By Type, Industry, End-User, Consumption, Production, Import, Export Countries, Company Overviews, Recent Developments, Revenue Analysis.

Europe Cyber Security Market by Segment, Companies, Forecast by 2027

Europe Cyber Security Market is estimated to reach US$ 22.67 Billion by 2027. Forecast by Segment, Component, Country, Company Initiatives, Overview, Sales Analysis.