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Health and Fitness

Find valuable information and blogs about health and fitness and keep yourself fit & active and live a healthy lifestyle.

Good Quality of Life

A person suffering from long term physical or mental health problems that severely restrict normal daily life cannot have a fulfilling life even though he may live for hundreds of years. Do you want the secrets to good quality of life & ways to live long? Read this article on ways to improves the quality of life.

Effects of Fast Food on Health

What is fast food and why are the doctors so much against eating it? How are fast food and health related. To help you we have put together all this information in a quick guide, check it out from here harmful effects of fast food.


Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is Better than Cure

There is a famous saying, “prevention is better than cure”, but most people realise it when it is too late. Many people suffer from various diseases due to their own carelessness and negligence; whereas, it is quite possible to avoid those diseases by observing a little precaution. Read the full article from here prevention is better than cure and get valuable information.


Chickenpox Treatment at Home

Chickenpox Treatment at Home

Chickenpox is a highly contagious viral infection that causes itching and a mottled rash. It mainly affects children, but adults can get it too. Some early symptoms of Chickenpox are loss of appetite, anxiety, fatigue, weakness, and a sore throat. These are usually followed by the onset of fever before red spots appear on the skin.

What is Cholesterol?

Due to an unhealthy diet, a person gains weight and it also increases cholesterol levels which cause different diseases in the future. Cholesterol either narrows blood veins or completely blocks them. It stops the heartbeat and can lead to death. What are the types of cholesterol and what diseases caused by cholesterol, you can read it in this article so that you can stay away from this disease.

Obesity | Causes of Overweight | Home Remedies for Obesity

What is obesity?

Obesity refers to one of the conditions of the human body. A person's body accumulates fat and increases their weight. Obesity is a disease itself and can sometimes become the cause of many other diseases, to such an extent that in many countries it is considered a cause of death. Read more information from here Obesity


Memory Issues | Multi Infarct Dementia | Treatment For Dementia Patients

Memory Issues | Multi Infarct Dementia | Treatment For Dementia Patients

Memory Issues and Dementia

Forgetting is a natural process; We all tend to forget certain things from time to time. Around the age of fifty, everyone is affected to some extent. Dementia is a disease that negatively affects the brain and nerves of older people. Due to this disease which develops in old age, a person's brain and nerves weaken. 20% of peoples who are aged over 80 suffer from memory problems.


Calcium | Signs Of Calcium Deficiency | Foods High In Calcium

Calcium | Signs Of Calcium Deficiency | Foods High In Calcium

A human body is similar to a machine. There are many factors that play a key role in the maintenance of human machines. Factors that support body health, food, and items filled with nutrition are very significant. Calcium is a natural nutrient, is also included in these nutritional components. This is very important and necessary to ensure a healthy and proactive life. Calcium plays an essential role in strengthening bones, maintaining heart rate, and muscle expansion and contraction.

Since 99% of the calcium in our body is found in the bones and teeth, hence calcium deficiency mostly affects the bones and teeth. The natural way of attaining calcium is more beneficial for health. Sometimes, however, after the diagnosis of calcium deficiency, doctors prescribe medicines to replenish this deficiency. These medicines should be used in accordance with the guidelines of the doctor; one should not consume them on his own accord because increased usage could damage the kidneys.

Depression | Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

From time to time, all of us suffer from sorrow and anxiety. However, if this sorrow and anxiety do not leave us in one or two weeks and it begins to affect our way of life, then it is classed as depression. Sometimes, it is due after the occurrence of certain matters of life which consist of difficult events. For instance, the death of a close relative, the occurrence of divorce, loss of a job, etc.
Sometimes a person suffers from major depression that cannot be cured without treatment. Just as patients who suffer from other illnesses are deserving of sympathy and treatment, likewise, these patients are also deserving of help instead of being ridiculed and criticized.

Read the article and find more valuable information about what are the causes and symptoms of depression and its treatment.


Pneumonia - Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

Pneumonia - Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

The infection in the lungs causes inflammation which is called pneumonia. Due to swelling in the lungs, it becomes difficult for the air to reach the lungs and the patient faces great difficulty in breathing. Due to this, the airbags in the lungs, which are called alveoli, are affected. In this disease, sometimes one lung is affected, and sometimes both are affected. Read more information from here pneumonia symptoms, types, and treatment.